My Multifaceted Life Gives Me Special Expertises to Thrive in This Chaotic World

Trading for a Living

I started out trading at the Toronto Stock Exchange as a floor trader. What I thought was a short stint ended up being a life long career in professional trading, managing funds and mentoring traders worldwide.


Healing the Traditional Way

Being a kid who was sick very often, I was lucky that my great grandfather generation chose to force me learning our family’s martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine and healing arts. I have forgotten most of what I learned but what I still remember are very useful.


Modernizing Chinese Astrology

Due to family ties, an unavoidable consequence was the responsibility to learn from some of the masters in Chinese astrology when I was young. Being a very scientific person, however, I prefer to look at Chinese and Western astrology differently. I call this critical skepticism at the traditional approaches to forecasting our fate.


Facing the Inevitable

My partner was diagnosed with terminal cancer that metastasized into both of her lungs. Doctors thought she had only a few months left. After her diagnosis, she lived a near normal life for 10 years. This journey of caring for the terminally ill and spiritual growth transformed me into a different person today.