About Me

A Professional Day Trader Living By the Tai Chi Principles

Finding PEACE of Mind In the Centre of Chaos

I am Lawrence Chan. Thank you for visiting my site.

Being a Professional Trader

I am a professional trader for almost three decades now. My research on trading techniques and mechanical trading models are published in various professional trading journals and websites. I have authored several books on trading. Trading is as natural for me as it can be.

Outside of trading, I provide discrete financial advice to some close friends whose family are extremely affluent. When I was young, I used to work for their families as a hedge fund manager and the relationships turned into life long friendships. As my own capital grows, my trading focus has turned into mainly managing my own money.

For those of you interested in how did it all begin, you can find out more here.

Life Long Practice of Meditation

My approach to trading has always been different from the others. It is influenced greatly by my upbringing. When I was young, I got sick often. Nothing helped until I was put through rigorous training in traditional health exercises. What I did not know back then was that they are not just health exercise but classic martial arts closely related to the modern practice of Tai Chi. The focus on meditation and other training to improve my mind to pay attention at the current moment helped me intensely in becoming a proficient trader.

Over the years I have taught many to do these basic exercises and I have seen marked improvement in their health and, not surprisingly, their job performances. This tells me the health of the mind is in fact important not just in trading and fighting but also in all other areas of life.

A Reluctant Practitioner of Chinese Astrology

I was also lucky, in retrospect, given the opportunities to learn from some of the greatest scholars on Chinese I Chi and its related Chinese astrology methods. These great teachers, however, seldom reveal their skills in this area. Instead, most people who know about them remember them as great scholars of Confucius teachings. Obviously, it was also a taboo in the past for famous scholars to be associated with superstitious practices.

Battled with Cancer

My life experienced its greatest challenge back in early 2000s. My partner was diagnosed back then with a form of cancer called paragaglioma. Her cancer spread to both of her lungs after a huge tumor was removed from her body. Doctors told us she had only months to live. From there, we have the most unforgettable experience in walking down the path to coexist with the cancer. Our effort kept her in good shape for a long time with near normal quality of life. Year after year the doctors are amazed by my partner’s seemingly healthy look. She rarely need to use painkillers at all.

What we’ve learned together are hand-on experience talking with other cancer patients, sifting through all the hoax and bullshit on curing cancer and most important of all, learning to live our lives to the fullest without fear of death or being anxious of what the future holds.

Moving On

After my partner passed away in year 2014, I entered a new stage in my life. I am now at a point in life that I can do whatever I choose to. Yet, just retiring into endless travels and vacations does not suit me well. I am planning to create huge impacts on everyone I encounter so that I will not waste the interesting expertises I’ve acquired.

After reading all this and that you are still interested, enjoy my blog.