As a professional trader and CIO of my fund, I have trading techniques and intensive research work done to give me trading advantage over the others. After talking to some peers several years ago, I promised to make available my research work and trading ideas. is the place where I release my research reports, provide trading signals and offer real-time trading tools to traders interested in trading Emini and forex.



Prillach Financial Technologies

This company has a simple mission – make hedge fund level trading models accessible to normal investors. The current low interest rate environment is stealing from those who like to save their money conservatively for retirement. By making my trading models available for anyone who is willing to educate themselves and open up for alternative investments, I can help them achieve their saving goals.


Essence of Trading

I used to write a lot about trading and review trading related products and services. I also like to clip videos from various sources that I found meaningful for traders. I used to organize all these materials within DaytradingBias. As DaytradingBias has evolved into a business, I need to give these contents a new home. The site is a great resource for traders who need guidance on trading and related matters.