TLC Weekly Update June 22, 2024

Quarterly expirations of the index futures, options on stocks and indices, etc. this Friday did not produce a bang that many people called for. In fact, the day did almost nothing in terms of intraday volatility. This is all because of the opposite price actions of NVidia and Amazon.

Now that the second quarter of 2024 is almost over, the focus of the financial world will turn to the upcoming all important US election. Since so much drama is happening with the leading candidates, it is hard to tell what twists and turns may come up in coming few months.

This is a good video explaining what grounding is and its benefits. I have been doing grounding for decades following the traditional Chinese protocol like standing outdoors barefoot, etc. But the amount of time we can do that is very limited. Ever since I found these grounding mats, they are definitely one of my best investments for my health.

I love how bulls rationalize their views of the stock markets like this one. His analysis is all bullshit just like any economists out there. The only reason the S&P500 rallied so much is all about that 7 stocks. And since that is not the core argument of his analysis, his understanding of the financial markets is questionable.

Another great video from Patrick Boyle discussing the hot topic of immigration around the world.

My team is all excited with all the new trading models we have completed this quarter. The difficult part of testing them with live trading starts now before serious money is committed to trading them.

So no time to enjoy this summer – more work over the weekends …

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update June 15, 2024

What an eventful week we just experienced. All 3 big techs making new all-time-high while the rest of the world collapsed due to France’s government bonds facing existential crisis. Should this bond crisis of France spread to US, will it break the animal spirit of the tech bulls?

I don’t know. What I know is that my “2 weeks” call was spot on for the Dow index so far. And if we are looking at the equal weighted version of SPX and NDX, both are collapsing fast.

One of the funny things with FURUs is that they are so focus on the financial markets looking for clues of what may happen in the next 6 to 12 months. Yet, everything else are ignored as if the physical world does not exist. This reminds me of year 2000 and 2008 for which greed and ignorance drive the stock markets to crazy level.

Patrick Boyle has a good video on this subject.

How will this end? It does not matter how high this time the stock market can go up to. It is how low it will be in a year or two.

So if you have a stock portfolio in your retirement fund, time to play defense.

This matters way more in coming 6-12 months. There is only so much patience Russia has and once it response, there is no tomorrow for everyone.

Another crisis to watch out for is the slow motion train wreck of US. Should bad things happening to US, the financial world as we know will be destroyed.

In case you are wondering if the leading economists are telling you the truth, here is the definitely answer.

This is rollover week for index futures. As usual, my team is busy taking care of the rollover mess.

Back to work. Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update June 8, 2024

Another non-farm payroll week finished and again successfully pushed higher into Thursday / Friday as usual. What happen after that will be very interesting because we have a late option expiration this quarter end by 21st. So the fight to contain the upside already started. My guess is that option market makers will want to bring SPX back down a bit.

But how they are going to make that happen can be a big surprise. Maybe it also depends on Nancy Pelosi. It was reported that she was long NVidia using options. Given her 100% winning track record, the moment she is out of her position I am sure the stock will have a large correction right after.

Many Canadians are happy to hear the interest rate cut announcement by Bank of Canada. However, the unintended consequence can be very damaging to the country. Here is a short video explaining why it is not a good idea.

And that leads to the question of what the Fed will do. Peter Grosskopf discussed with David Lin on the outlook.

Lately I am experimenting with chia seeds as a way to control my weight and then this video popped up on my youtube top page. How do they figure this out …

My schedule is now back to normal but I have tons of work piled up. So turbo catch up mode it is.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update June 1, 2024


A very interesting week of price actions for which the stock market trying to break out of the tight range it has been stuck in for weeks. A push to the upper boundary ended up with a sharp drop. Yet the lower boundary successfully defended itself last minute on Friday. So the fight continues until one side gives up.

Michael Gayed posted this short video on what he thinks will happen to the global financial system. If his thesis is correct, the talk by Ms. Baradaran that I posted last week becomes very important. The moment the collusion of these central banks failed to keep Japan from doing something for itself, investors worldwide will face a nightmare they will not be able to wake up from.

The biggest news this week was the Trump verdict. This short video simply summarized what I often say over the years.

This week I was helping my friend with a court case all week. I will not discuss the details here but what I observed is that lately, there are many evil people who have done countless bad deeds in their lives all facing extreme adversity against them, stripping away everything they have. Is this really a sign that we are facing the end time era for which there is no more reincarnation, hence payback happening to these people quickly before they die?

This video on Pluto in Aquarius talks about the same subject but on a bigger scale of what can happen to various countries.

I need to catch up with my work all weekend.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update May 25, 2024


Stock market closing strong right before this long weekend. Sentiments are going back to the most bullish level. And I saw many funny posts on X that the bears are killed by all kinds of transportations from racing cars to bullet trains.

Will that suddenly change given Jupiter is no longer staying in Taurus as of today?

Another video from Brent Johnson on the current market environment – very good insights for normal investors to learn from.

Doomberg’s take on the markets is always useful and they show up this time on The RO Show. Enjoy!

This video is one of my favorites from the past two weeks on the current situation we are facing worldwide.

Why? Pay attention to what Ms. Baradaran said about the Fed and its counter parts from around the world’s major economies. Ever since 1987, these central banks and regulators have been learning from the past crisis and created new tools along the way so that future problems of similar kind can be avoided. And that’s why the SVB collapse did not turn into a contagious event affecting the whole financial system.

She also pointed out that should something out of the control of these officials, like WW3 or a natural disaster striking some key areas in the world, the financial system worldwide will be destroyed in seconds …

This long weekend gives me a chance to do something else outside of my usual schedule – finding more useless stuff at home to throw away. It is a very satisfying experience seeing more space are recovered.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update May 18, 2024


Another new all-time-high for the stock markets this week made the bears mad. All the bulls are cheering and optimistic of the outlook. So is it clean sail to a lot higher?

Well, here is my answer – 1973, 2008, 1987, 2 weeks

Here is a new video from David Lin talking about the potential market risk by Chris Vermeulen. Chris has been right about the market outlook over the past 12-18 months. Very good old classic technical analysis, enjoy!

A long video on the potential of a major disruption in the financial world that can wipe out everything a normal person has. It is an interesting take on what’s to come, probably happening quickly.

Here is a new video with Whitney Webb on the Jimmy Dore Show. It is not the usual place to find this video. If you are not following her on X you will not be able to find this easily.

For my fellow Canadians, they are enjoying a long weekend.

But I follow the US stock market schedule so no Monday holiday break for me.

Back to work now.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update May 11, 2024


Another week of stock market going higher magically with sentiment going back up to no fear level. Bears are now crushed and everyone is on board the “new all-time-high is coming” train. Would you want to get on board too?

As I explained many years ago, majority of the financial market participants are delusional. Here is a great summary of what is really happening behind the scene.

Due to the real mechanism in global money flow, magically rally in stock markets and crazy flat line on the volatility index are now the norms. The big question is whether this can keep on going, or, similar to what happened back in 2007, a so-called forever rising stock market suddenly breakdown and collapse?

I found this video very disturbing and more people should watch it and be prepared in case of what Dr. Bossche predicted materializes in coming months.

For those of you who love to watch the financial markets, here is the latest take on the macro front.

This is a busy weekend for me. Preparing a replacement laptop for my current one in case of unpredictable issues happening to my trusted laptop.

I am also monitoring the solar storms hitting Earth as I type. I have disconnected all the important devices that can be disconnected already. Let’s hope this extreme event does not badly damage our power grids.

Have a safe weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update May 4, 2024


Another crazy non-farm payroll week ended with weekly close edged higher above the week before. Is it the start of a rally back to the all-time-high? I am not so sure about this because S&P is really trapped inside the range of the week before last.

I see consolidation until one side find enough fuel to overcome the other side … and without a catalyst, it will be difficult.

Don’t know if I have linked to this video before, it has interesting info about the early days of Bitcoin. For those of you only know Bitcoin being a wild market one can make and lose millions, it is good to learn how it all started.

Many meaningful discussion of important subjects are no longer available on YouTube. Here is a short clip on X with Whitney Webb talking about what the power behind the scene are doing at this point.

Instead of being too serious, here is a video on the tall whites. Enjoy!

Finally weather is getting warmer here. Time to get some sunlight by walking outdoors whenever I can.

Have a good weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 27, 2024


Earning week surprises hard swing the indices multiple times all week. What will happen next? The most important event seems to be FOMC announcement coming Wednesday. So we can expect quite Monday and Tuesday then.

By Wednesday, the real fun begins.

I came across this short video that fully illustrate how useless the “nutrition facts” are. So if you are those people who wasted a lot of time reading these panels of b.s. you can stop now.

For a healthier life, it is really not that difficult. However, most people choose to be ignorant and refuse to correct their wrong beliefs leading to continuous bad practices messing up their health and shortening their life span. This video has many good tips on how to improve your health that you can apply onto yourself immediately.

Jeff Snider continues to stay angry on what is happening now to the economy while there is no real solution to the problem. It is nice that someone like Jeff putting out videos explaining what is going on so that more people are aware of the problem. However, politicians and all those people who are in charge of the world do not really care about the well-being of normal people, because if they have the right kind of moral compass, they would have never be a politician in the first place …

Mercury retrograde just ended on Apr 24. So far this year, only one of my uninterruptable power supply “suddenly” having its cooling fan malfunctioning since the beginning of the retrograde. And magically, it stopped giving out loud noise right after.

Back to work as usual.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 20, 2024


After many weeks of continuous buying by the retail traders, the stock market finally cracked, just a little, last week. Could this be the start of a more serious decline? Could be. All depends on those people who are in control of the game.

Well, I warned last week with a roller coaster picture, isn’t that timely?

I know many of you are investors with a portfolio in the stock market. And the latest round of events shaking up the market may cause you anxiety. Well, for whatever reasons, all these FURUs are coming out with their bearish outlooks. Here is one and and another that will give you heart attack. Enjoy!

Personally, I believe we are in a critical time window for which the world will experience major trend changes on many areas that humanity has taken for granted over the past 100 years. I am no new ager who believe in bullshit like we are ascending to whatever XYZ dimension. Practically speaking, majority of the new agers are delusional and lying to themselves that they can do some voodoo shit and automatically upgrade themselves to a status that they will have a better life comparing to others.

Here is a good video on this subject of what major changes are coming, through the lens of astrology.

If you do believe in astrology or similar disciplines, here is a warning – don’t go to Japan in 2025. don’t go to New York city or nearby area in coming few months. There are other places also in serious danger but I am not going to mention that here since I don’t want to see more death threats. Have reasonable emergency preparation done including food, water and other essential supplies. You can thank me later.

Back to work on my projects.

Stay safe!