TLC Weekly Update January 14, 2022


Can’t believe it is Saturday already and I failed to post this on last night. I was so tired I went straight to bed and fall asleep at once. What a hectic week.

Here in Toronto Canada we are experiencing extreme coldness these few days. Day time temperature is below –20C. With wind chill effect it feels more like –30C. I guess I am going nowhere this weekend even though I have some chores to take care of.

Not sure how I bump into this video but the hammerhead sharks are indeed very interesting. I always wonder why their heads are so “abnormal” comparing to other sea creatures. Never thought of it being useful …

For anyone who do not know what Trusted News Initiative is, this video is a must watch. Once you get an idea how badly you are affected due to these evil organizations, consider taking the following actions:

1. Ditch your MSM free email accounts and switch to something like protonmail

2. Reduce usage of twitter and youtube by switching over to other open platforms

3. Develop critical thinking based on logic, not copying sound bites offered by experts on MSM

One good example of the woke / liberal authoritarian idiocy is the b.s. we see on Mike Pompeo’s weight loss. All these so called experts on MSM started to call him lying because there is “no way” he could lose 90 pounds in 6 months the way he described. Some others pile on saying that it is unhealthy to lose weight so fast, blah blah blah.

I know quite a few individuals who lose more weight than Pompeo in about the same amount of time using very similar method. And it is very healthy to lose weight quickly if you are doing it correctly. There is no need of special program to achieve this. Everyone with half a brain can find necessary information online these days. But only those who has the determination and discipline like Pompeo whose focus is not about lose weight but to get healthier can do it on their own.

I suspect this video will be taken down soon. I know, I know, yet another video about covid. But this one stir my interest because it analyzes the covid situation in Australia. Much better reporting than the b.s. we see from MSM. One disturbing trend mentioned in the video is the prime age (18-49 years old) mortality in US has spiked much higher (> 40% increase) over the past 12 months ending October 2021 that has nothing to do with covid.

If it were a price chart, my bet is that it is just the start of an explosive move to the upside. For God’s sake, I hope I am wrong.

Got to get back to work.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update January 7, 2022


It is first post of year 2022. I like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous new year!

This morning my surface pro suddenly failed to connect to my bluetooth mouse. I ended up spending half an hour to figure out what happened. It turns out that somehow Microsoft Windows 10 made the decision that my bluetooth mouse driver was outdated and hence shutdown all bluetooth functions. I was then forced to update my Windows for over an hour before I can start my working day.

The machine was working perfectly fine yet Windows 10 can just decide to mess up my computer this way. It is kind of scary. On a second thought, the most evil person on Earth at the moment, Bill Gates, created Windows. This crazy behaviour of Windows should be expected … f$#k you Microsoft!

Since it is the beginning of a new year, there are all these astrology forecasts coming out. Let’s play a game of forecast here.

I am going to make one prediction about a situation that many of you are dealing with at the moment. Yep, I am talking about the lockdowns we are facing worldwide. Putting on my astrologer hat, I predict that by end of first quarter of 2022 majority of the lockdowns will be gone. And by third quarter of 2022 there should be no more lockdowns, maybe with the exception of one or two countries with really messed up politicians.

Is this prediction really based on astrology stuff? No. It is common sense.

Since we already know these dumbass lockdowns do not work, they will backfire. For some countries, it will mean the removal of the existing governments for good. For some other countries, it will be the forced resignation of these elected officials for not doing their jobs. So, it is pretty obvious to me that we are seeing the last episode of this lockdown drama everywhere.

We will see if my prediction works out in a few months.

I watched this video and couldn’t help thinking how broken the medical system is all around the world. Yet, many people are so lacking in basic understanding of science and other fundamental knowledge they become harmful to themselves when they seek for solution to heal themselves …

Here is an interview of Elon Musk with Babylon Bee. It is a very interesting interview unlike those MSM waste of time stuff. You may not agree with what Musk thinks but knowing his thoughts can help you understand and better prepared for a future of mankind that is likely to be greatly influenced by him.

Given the situation with Omicron, I think that it is time for people to take the time to listen to the podcast of Joe Rogan with Dr. McCullough on spotify. I actually signed up with spotify just for this interview and the one with Dr. Malone. Stop sticking your head in the sand. Learn all you can so that you are better prepared to deal with the disease should you be infected one day.

I will go back to do my work now. So much more need to get done yet I have only 24 hours a day. LOL.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update December 31, 2021


Last day for year 2021 also happened to be a Friday today. What a year the world went through.

I took time to reflect on what happened this year and am very grateful that I made good progress in building my proprietary trading firm. So much was done and so many doors are opened thanks to hard work by my team. One area that deserves more of my attention is my health as I tend to eat whatever most convenient when I am extremely focus on hard problems. Yep, that means instant noodle and other fast food.

Need to figure out a way to stop doing that …

This is a great video interviewing a former Fed trader. It is a long video packed with information and it will give you an idea what the Fed may do next.

A drunk Magnus helped a friend to trash the opponent in seconds. I feel sorry for the guy on the opposite side who must be wondering what the hell happened …

Although the US stock markets are printing new all time high over the past few months, Turkey, however, has been facing a disastrously collapse of its currency and stock market. Understanding what happened to Turkey financial system matters because it is what may unfold to other insolvent countries that are facing hyperinflation like Turkey in coming years.

For me, this weekend is the same as other ones as we have lockdown restrictions here so no big parties and no gatherings beyond a few friends. I choose to finish more work thanks to some sudden surge in inspirations I got over the past few nights. It will be a quiet and peaceful night for me to countdown by myself to year 2022.

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

TLC Weekly Update December 24, 2021


Today is Christmas Eve. Stock markets are closed. What to do with the extra time on hand? I’ve decided to cook a turkey and share it with friends.

This is a book I just ordered. Someone recommended the book to me saying that the information exposed by the book should help everyone in the world to wake up and ask some serious questions. If you have children, it is your obligation to know what the governments are doing to make your kids sick.

Here is a great story on how one can build a successful business from scratch without expensive education or big budget. For my young readers, it is an inspiration for you to take actions and really take control of your future. The world no longer reward those with just an undergrad degree a decent salary. You must look out for yourself or things can get real bad before you know it.

Veritasium has a new video that does a great job explaining the difference between analog and digital computers with a very interesting story about a computer that I’ve never heard of.

Merry Christmas!

TLC Weekly Update December 17, 2021


Last option expiration of the year ended with extreme wild swings all day. I thought only Tesla can trade like penny stocks. And now other major index components are going crazy like Tesla. Even the indices themselves are no longer stable. This is not normal and surely not the best time to engage the markets …

Don’t know why I bumped into this article but it is interesting to read and the video is quite funny. A form of escape movement to fight idiocy of our governments and crazy political groups.

Here is a video about classic math vs. Wolfram Alpha. If I were the teacher I would not know what to say too.

Talking about idiocy, that reminds me of the peter principle. Think about all those politicians who are holding onto their seats for many terms AND that they are appointed to lead specific committees and departments of the governments worldwide for which they have no expertise in. And then there are those department heads in the government who are stuck at their positions forever. How can governments function properly at all when Peter Principle working in full force?

Last two weeks of the year is time for us to reflect on what we have accomplished this year and what can we do to improve our lives in the coming year. I will try to do that myself and hopefully come up with a new set of interesting challenges.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update December 10, 2021


What an interesting week that S&P managed to erase the panic selloff since US Thanksgiving close, yet not able to clear that level until last 15 minutes before Friday close. Three days of serious attempt to take out that close but no cigar. Given normal circumstances, the Christmas rally will levitate towards the all-time-high with little to no effort. But are we in normal situation this year?

What about covid scare, geopolitical tensions and Fed tightening?

All these governments coming out right on cue telling their citizens that this winter there will be disaster level of covid cases and paddle everyone to take another jab just in case. Well, I guess that will work on quite a large number of people because the fear and anxiety build up among many people due to the fearmongering has trained so many people to believe that covid is a deadly disease with mortality rate north of 50%. Yes, there are still people believing in that …

Lately I find Google search becoming extremely unreliable. I may find an article about the covid situation and next thing I know I can’t find it anymore. Unless I know exactly which site I was visiting, I can’t find the same page anymore on Google. Of course, these are the articles telling the truth about vaccine injuries, etc. that we need to concern about. Sometimes one has to wonder if Google has a team of people and AI bots that constantly scrubbing their search results just like what the novel 1984 describes.

Magnus Carlsen has successfully defended his World Chess Champion title in classical chess today. Given he is still so young at 31 years old, one has to wonder if he will continue to dominate the classical chess scene for a long long time … sad story for the rest of the top players in the world.

A new machine made for suicide will be available soon in Switzerland. Up to now, for people who choose to end their lives by choice need help from other people which leads to complex legal and technical issues surrounding the operation. With this machine, the final moment of a person is fully controlled by the person which is one step further in ensuring those who assisted the act are not legally liable. But this story reminds me of an old episode of Futurama. Can’t help it!

For those of you aspiring traders, here is a very good podcast from Dr. Huberman on fear and traumas. Trading losses and the circumstances that lead to the losses often traumatize the trader and program them into bad trading behaviours. Understanding how to handle fear and traumas based on science can help you forge a better trading career.

Can’t believe that we are within 3 weeks from 2022. Although I am working around the clock yet more work pile on everyday. The good news is that we are making good progress with our projects. I am optimistic more than ever that we are on track to accomplish our goals in 2022.

TLC Weekly Update December 3, 2021


First time in over a year than we have seen a pullback from all-time-high of almost 5%. None of the retail “traders” or “investors” who opened their brokerage accounts during this covid crisis have seen any kind of correction at all. How are they going to response? Would they keep buying? Is the illusive market bubble burst is finally here?

I have no answer to that because I only day trade the indices. I don’t care where it is heading after market close. Better sleep, better health.

For crypto players, the Bitcoin and Ethereum divergence is a real concern. If in a few short weeks BTC fails to catch up with the new leaders in crypto, it can signal a much more serious correction in store for the crypto space as a whole.

For those of you considering to get vaccinated for covid or really any kind of disease, watch this video so that you know what to do to make sure you are getting your vaccine injection done correctly. I am sure many people are injured by their vaccination against covid already due to this single mistake made by the authorities.

There is no way to reverse the damage at this point but then why aren’t governments worldwide admitting to this deadly mistake so that there is no further harm done to the people? So far the Canadian government of all levels have not changed their protocol as if they don’t know they are hurting people … I am not disappointed though because I know for sure they don’t care if people are badly hurt or killed.

Here is a funny video to poke fun at one of these useless governments. One thing I don’t agree with the video though is that vaccination has always been the wrong solution to any pandemic throughout human history. Frontline treatment that reduces the severity of the symptoms or simply taking care of the patients has always been the best way.

For all those fans from overseas who think USA is the place of freedom and opportunities, watch this video to learn the truth. If you are really longing for a better life and future for your family, rule out USA and majority of the Western countries as the destination. Do you really believe those places that do not treat their own people well will somehow treat you better?

Solar eclipse later on tonight. If you are interested in checking it out, here is the information you need. This will be a full eclipse but it is only visible at several regions including Australia, New Zealand, South America and South Africa. The best viewing place being Antarctica and I don’t think any of you will be in there area tonight.

It used to be the case that during holiday season everything slows down for traders. Trading smaller size, catch up on bookkeeping, etc. was the norm. This year, however, I have big plans for the coming year. So much work has piled up with no time to spare. It will be an interesting year end for me.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update November 26, 2021


US Thanksgiving week has always been a positive bias time window. However, thanks to the event shock of the world concerning about yet another variant of covid, S&P dropped to the downside target of 4600 for next week already. The market has its way in making fools out of its participants …

As explained in past weekly updates, there are ways to protect yourself by improving your immune system. Do just some exercise everyday, avoid all forms of sugar, minimize intake of carbohydrate and take supplements that are known to reduce risk of serious outcomes with covid. All these can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

That said, this “nu variant”, officially named “omnicron” can be a real threat if its mutations are so bad for the vaccinated (confirmed), it will be bad for those who are healthy and not vaccinated too. The big question is then whether it is more deadly or not. We won’t know until a few more weeks of data becoming available. So, good hygiene practice plus avoiding crowded places could be a good safety precaution in coming weeks.

I just found out that University of Toronto here is offering continuing education programs that can be useful for people from all walks of life. For those of you who want to acquire the tools you need to build a career in tech, check them out.

Another great physics lesson from Veritasium about electricity. Now, watch an answer to the explanation. Personally, I don’t know what to think. I need time to digest the information.

Why we can’t trust the so called medical research we see nowadays. Patrick is trying to be polite in this video but the point is clear – when everyone only cares about their financial future, integrity of science is thrown out of the window for a long long time.

I am using this long weekend to catch up with various projects and crazy level of paperwork before the year end. But then my inbox is flooded with Black Friday sales emails. It is hard not to check out some of those deals though because I know it will be hard to get such good prices next year, especially if the supply chain situation gets worse.

Have a great weekend all!

Happy Thanksgiving to my US followers!

TLC Weekly Update November 19, 2021


Another option expiration Friday. Another new all-time-high for Nasdaq 100 and S&P500. It is not a surprise because we know hyperinflation is here. But when will the world accept this reality?

Saw this news that Austria is going to lockdown next week and also go for mandatory vaccination by next year. I have couple of Austrian friends over there. This is another prime example of a country refuses to provide real treatments for their citizens. How hard is it to admit that you can pretty much prevent any form of serious covid cases using prohylaxis treatment and inform the citizens to do that?

Obviously I do not understand why all these crazy politicians and their so called medical experts choose to kill their people instead of protecting them. I am just too dumb to see what’s the endgame they are planning with such immoral decisions.

The real science is all there and has been published since almost a year ago. Just that WHO and other official medical bodies never made the information available to the mass public. To make the situation worse, MSM and major online platforms are blocking these information from being known. The other day when I was talking to a friend, he has no idea that you can protect yourself from covid or serious covid issues by simply being more healthy.

Even this doctor who is quite respected by the vaccination proponents has admitted there could be ways to help. And if you think FDA’s actions of forbidding existing drugs from being “repurposed” to treat another illness is correct, watch this video and it will blow you away.

So what kind of world are we living in, really?

Maybe we are indeed living in a lie. If your background is more in line with “basic” scientific thinking, what Donald Hoffman said in the video makes no sense. But what if I tells you that in more advanced physics, with our most basic model of the universe, it takes at least 10 dimensions to describe it?

Then you have to question yourself how does the reality looks like in those other dimensions?

What if our consciousness exists in one or more of those dimensions instead of the 4 dimensions we experience everyday?

Well, that will put science in line with the wisdoms from the ancient spiritual leaders …

Here is an interesting topic that can have very significant economic and societal impact in the near future. I never thought of potash as something that plays such important role in the world. This is an eye opener that helps me think deeply on what the consequences will be in coming few years.

This is yet another busy week coming to an end. With so much work piled up, my guess is that I have to utilize the Christmas holidays to catch up. What a nice way to spend the holidays …

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update November 12, 2021


Another week of roller coaster ride with Tesla shares plunging more than 15% thanks to Musk declared that he is selling his shares. Tesla never stops amazing me that it moves like a penny stock all the time. How can a company with market valuation ranking as one of the top ten worldwide havs its stock price moving like crazy?

According to Nassim Taleb, Bitcoins worth zero by valuation because its price is so unstable that it is impossible to valuate it properly given the risk it presents. His argument also includes many more factors but what I like to say is that using the same argument, Tesla also worth near nothing given the fact that it is selling nothing more than thin air. None of its promises are delivered so far and all its so called profits are really the dividends from government subsidies as pointed out by Michael Burry.

I have no position on Tesla at all so it is not a hit piece on Tesla. If Tesla were a charity like those dotcom stocks that declare themselves having no intention to become profitable ever, I would understand the noble intention. But I don’t think Tesla wants to become a charity. My guess is that Tesla will have a tough time ahead going into year 2022 if it continues to deliver nothing but empty promises. For those Tesla fans, if you have profit on the stock it is time to consider your exit plans.

A deep conversation between Tom Bilyeu and Ian McGilchrist on youtube. I like the fact that McGilchrist pointed out the majority of Nobel Prize winners in physics are religious. Yet the woke crowd and less knowledgeable people think that they know more than these hard science deep thinkers …

Jordan Peterson just made his first public speech over a long period of time. This time the topic is about free speech which is of great concern to all of us given the current political environment where almost all western governments turn into woke machines and tyranny.

Since I am throwing two videos out here with “controversial” topics why not including a third one on climate change. I was able to predict with pretty good accuracy on the extreme weather changes just based on astrological calculations of the net electromagnetic influence on Earth. I even mentioned in my past newsletters several years ago than we should see food prices and fuel prices going through the roof due to these expected changes.

I am not trying to claim that I know more than the so-called climate scientists. But hiding facts and deleting key data to fit the narrative of what you want to say is not science. That only makes them liars.

After the podcast with Better System Trader, I find that I am quite comfortable with the format and maybe I can add new materials to daytradingbias site this way. After all, I have prepared a bunch of topics to be added but never get the time to complete them. I will have to take a look at them and figure out how to procced within my tight schedule.

Have a great weekend all!