TLC Weekly Update November 26, 2021


US Thanksgiving week has always been a positive bias time window. However, thanks to the event shock of the world concerning about yet another variant of covid, S&P dropped to the downside target of 4600 for next week already. The market has its way in making fools out of its participants …

As explained in past weekly updates, there are ways to protect yourself by improving your immune system. Do just some exercise everyday, avoid all forms of sugar, minimize intake of carbohydrate and take supplements that are known to reduce risk of serious outcomes with covid. All these can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

That said, this “nu variant”, officially named “omnicron” can be a real threat if its mutations are so bad for the vaccinated (confirmed), it will be bad for those who are healthy and not vaccinated too. The big question is then whether it is more deadly or not. We won’t know until a few more weeks of data becoming available. So, good hygiene practice plus avoiding crowded places could be a good safety precaution in coming weeks.

I just found out that University of Toronto here is offering continuing education programs that can be useful for people from all walks of life. For those of you who want to acquire the tools you need to build a career in tech, check them out.

Another great physics lesson from Veritasium about electricity. Now, watch an answer to the explanation. Personally, I don’t know what to think. I need time to digest the information.

Why we can’t trust the so called medical research we see nowadays. Patrick is trying to be polite in this video but the point is clear – when everyone only cares about their financial future, integrity of science is thrown out of the window for a long long time.

I am using this long weekend to catch up with various projects and crazy level of paperwork before the year end. But then my inbox is flooded with Black Friday sales emails. It is hard not to check out some of those deals though because I know it will be hard to get such good prices next year, especially if the supply chain situation gets worse.

Have a great weekend all!

Happy Thanksgiving to my US followers!

TLC Weekly Update November 19, 2021


Another option expiration Friday. Another new all-time-high for Nasdaq 100 and S&P500. It is not a surprise because we know hyperinflation is here. But when will the world accept this reality?

Saw this news that Austria is going to lockdown next week and also go for mandatory vaccination by next year. I have couple of Austrian friends over there. This is another prime example of a country refuses to provide real treatments for their citizens. How hard is it to admit that you can pretty much prevent any form of serious covid cases using prohylaxis treatment and inform the citizens to do that?

Obviously I do not understand why all these crazy politicians and their so called medical experts choose to kill their people instead of protecting them. I am just too dumb to see what’s the endgame they are planning with such immoral decisions.

The real science is all there and has been published since almost a year ago. Just that WHO and other official medical bodies never made the information available to the mass public. To make the situation worse, MSM and major online platforms are blocking these information from being known. The other day when I was talking to a friend, he has no idea that you can protect yourself from covid or serious covid issues by simply being more healthy.

Even this doctor who is quite respected by the vaccination proponents has admitted there could be ways to help. And if you think FDA’s actions of forbidding existing drugs from being “repurposed” to treat another illness is correct, watch this video and it will blow you away.

So what kind of world are we living in, really?

Maybe we are indeed living in a lie. If your background is more in line with “basic” scientific thinking, what Donald Hoffman said in the video makes no sense. But what if I tells you that in more advanced physics, with our most basic model of the universe, it takes at least 10 dimensions to describe it?

Then you have to question yourself how does the reality looks like in those other dimensions?

What if our consciousness exists in one or more of those dimensions instead of the 4 dimensions we experience everyday?

Well, that will put science in line with the wisdoms from the ancient spiritual leaders …

Here is an interesting topic that can have very significant economic and societal impact in the near future. I never thought of potash as something that plays such important role in the world. This is an eye opener that helps me think deeply on what the consequences will be in coming few years.

This is yet another busy week coming to an end. With so much work piled up, my guess is that I have to utilize the Christmas holidays to catch up. What a nice way to spend the holidays …

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update November 12, 2021


Another week of roller coaster ride with Tesla shares plunging more than 15% thanks to Musk declared that he is selling his shares. Tesla never stops amazing me that it moves like a penny stock all the time. How can a company with market valuation ranking as one of the top ten worldwide havs its stock price moving like crazy?

According to Nassim Taleb, Bitcoins worth zero by valuation because its price is so unstable that it is impossible to valuate it properly given the risk it presents. His argument also includes many more factors but what I like to say is that using the same argument, Tesla also worth near nothing given the fact that it is selling nothing more than thin air. None of its promises are delivered so far and all its so called profits are really the dividends from government subsidies as pointed out by Michael Burry.

I have no position on Tesla at all so it is not a hit piece on Tesla. If Tesla were a charity like those dotcom stocks that declare themselves having no intention to become profitable ever, I would understand the noble intention. But I don’t think Tesla wants to become a charity. My guess is that Tesla will have a tough time ahead going into year 2022 if it continues to deliver nothing but empty promises. For those Tesla fans, if you have profit on the stock it is time to consider your exit plans.

A deep conversation between Tom Bilyeu and Ian McGilchrist on youtube. I like the fact that McGilchrist pointed out the majority of Nobel Prize winners in physics are religious. Yet the woke crowd and less knowledgeable people think that they know more than these hard science deep thinkers …

Jordan Peterson just made his first public speech over a long period of time. This time the topic is about free speech which is of great concern to all of us given the current political environment where almost all western governments turn into woke machines and tyranny.

Since I am throwing two videos out here with “controversial” topics why not including a third one on climate change. I was able to predict with pretty good accuracy on the extreme weather changes just based on astrological calculations of the net electromagnetic influence on Earth. I even mentioned in my past newsletters several years ago than we should see food prices and fuel prices going through the roof due to these expected changes.

I am not trying to claim that I know more than the so-called climate scientists. But hiding facts and deleting key data to fit the narrative of what you want to say is not science. That only makes them liars.

After the podcast with Better System Trader, I find that I am quite comfortable with the format and maybe I can add new materials to daytradingbias site this way. After all, I have prepared a bunch of topics to be added but never get the time to complete them. I will have to take a look at them and figure out how to procced within my tight schedule.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update November 5, 2021


All time high magic continues to dazzle everyone in the market. No one knows how long this will last and how much further the markets can push. Some market veterans and bearish gurus keep calling for a crash for months now yet the stock markets are proving them wrong. Maybe they should remember that Fed is printing money non-stop 7/24 everyday at lightspeed … until that changes, welcome to hyperinflation.

There are so many idiot TV talking heads trying to talk down the impact of the hyperinflation we are dealing with now. Just spend some time walking inside a Walmart and ask people how things are getting more expensive. You will get all the answers you need. Many items are now at least 40-50% more expensive than 6 months ago. Since wages do not catch up with these price hikes, the impact is huge on many people here in North America.

The other day I watched a video about how all modern humans have the same ancestors some point in the distant past due to the fact that the DNA changes and Mitochondrial DNA inheritance properties allow us to “guess” accurately. But I recall that is not true and found the video to prove it. Based on my rough calculation, we can all throw out the bullshit theory that is in place for more than a decade. As usual though, established academia will destroy anyone who raise the question.

Ben Greenfield on butter vs. other oil products. Well, there is a movement going on for some time now since Jordan Peterson’s diet was a hot topic. The movement is about going for clean keto diet eating only beef, lamb, butter and eggs. What I learned from some of my friends is that they are “healed” from decades of ailments and chronic medical issues without any other changes to their lifestyle. It is quite amazing.

One interesting thing just happened in Europe that many of you may not be aware of. Due to the potential energy crisis this coming winter in many European countries, plans are put in place to shut down all the EV charging stations. So if you have a Tesla or whatever, your car is as good as a metal brick if the power grids there get into serious trouble. If you must drive this winter, have a backup plan.

After the “server crisis” was over, I can finally focus on my work in developing new auto trading models. My focus now switches to automate my forex trading strategies. Coding up on Emini S&P and Nasdaq 100 for so long over the past two years really gets boring. Nice to have a change working on other markets now.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update October 29, 2021


This week has been the most peaceful one I’ve experienced since August. From total chaos all piled in a few short weeks to now that everything seems to go back to normal, it feels surreal.

Watched this interesting video on blood viscosity. Timely video for those of us living in very cold region. This winter if flu and covid make a big wave here, just being more prepared will improve our odds of a safe and healthy passage over the next few months.

This year we have a late daylight saving time switch over by November 7 due to the fact that Halloween happens on this Sunday. I wonder how this Halloween will be celebrated given that I do not see many houses in my area decorated for the event … what a difference from two years ago.

RT did this clip of Putin’s speech about the current issues faced by many Westernized countries. This makes me think deeply on how much the world has fallen that it takes Putin to point such things out? Yet, these people deep in their psychosis will never be able to snap out of it because I rarely seen anyone nowadays willing to admit “they are wrong”.

Someone sent me this video that exposes a very serious problem with the the current covid vaccine companies. The way they leverage their power over the countries with terms that indicate something must be very wrong with their products is beyond evil. Yet, many countries chose to sleep with the devil. I now seriously worried what these companies know that they have to structure the terms this way.

Time to stop worrying about these things … so much is going in the world and that my close ones are all doing alright makes me more grateful everyday.

Happy Halloween!

TLC Weekly Update October 22, 2021


What a week for the stock market to challenge its all-time-high right by the end of the week and only to be disrupted by Fed chair Mr. Powell’s comments. Seriously, do these government officials time their statements right at these critical price levels? Conspiracy theory anyone?

Someone sent me this video about Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupid and told me he is thankful that I did not give up on him years ago as suggested by the video. To me, it is really him who determined that he could not live the same way anymore that induced the transformation. However, it takes a lot of courage for those who have this realization to take the steps necessary to turn around their lives …

I could not believe that there is a YouTube channel called Canadian Prepper. I was looking for backup power and emergency items in case of power outage this coming winter. And it is very amusing to see how far preppers can go to prepare for survival. This video talks about storing dry food powder that can last for 20 years.

Bought my son a compact hunting knife as birthday gift and taught him some basics on using one. Basic survival skills are rarely taught anywhere these days. In an emergency, they put the odds on your side. I am grateful I got the chance to learn them when I was young.

For those of you astronomy fans, I found this stunning video of Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter.

Right on the last day of Mercury retrograde, my VPN server completely broke down and I have to replace the computer. I thought my nightmare was over until the next morning I found my stock market historical data server frozen. Although I have full backup of everything, I still need to get the machine working again. After days of observation, it is now clear that it is a hardware failure issue as the computer just freeze up randomly. So my other projects have to be put on hold until I setup a new server to replace this computer too.

I agreed to do a podcast with Better System Trader coming Monday night. For those of you interested in trading, tune-in by then or wait for the video on YouTube. Actually I don’t know if you can tune-in live …

Back to my painfully slow process of setting up a new server here.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update October 15, 2021


We’ve got an early option expiration week due to the first of the month landed on Friday. No one seems to care about China’s potential financial crisis nor the skyrocketing gas prices as the stock markets have recovered much as of today. The earnings of the major companies, however, are lined up next week. So expect volatility to return then.

Watched this disturbing news regarding Biden’s mental health. What’s most disturbing is not that Biden looks completely disoriented and can’t even speak coherently.  The most disturbing issue is that none of the mainstream media and major media platforms have any reporting about this in US and Canada. I thought China was the evil communist country that sensor this kind of news …

Imagine a world with tires that do not require pumping. I will definitely replace my car with these tires when they become available.

A lot of people do not know that they are lactose intolerant. The reaction to drinking milk is not always that serious for many people if the amount they drink is small. Many people have low awareness of their bodies’ internal reactions to food. Hence it is difficult to help people understand this issue which has huge impact on their overall health.

In Toronto, the Autumn season is real short. Sometimes it is just a few weeks and the temperature will drop to below zero. The street I walk by has this interesting scene where trees growing on one side of the road are still green and on the other side, all turned yellow.

Hopefully this winter we don’t need to deal with too much snow.

Have a nice weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update October 8, 2021


Another Non-Farm Payroll week gave the world a head scratching rally while the media bullshit with all sorts of explanations. This is how funny the world has become – fewer and fewer people have a brain on their head thanks to continuous feeding of sensational news and information. Is there a thing called detox your thought process?

An interesting talk about the supplement N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC). It is something useful to keep ourselves healthy in this era of everything shortages. One thing I don’t understand why US chooses to ban the supplement. Well, I guess I know why but I can’t sa it out loud …

One of the biggest news this week is the release of the Pandora papers. Very interesting peek into the world of hidden wealth.

Found this old video from Ben Greenfield that allows you to exercise your whole body in one move. Nice exercise to start your day!

This week we have twice experienced data outage in the middle of the trading sessions. Just this morning our eSignal feed got a crazy level delay of 20 seconds before it catches up again. Not that I like to promote superstition but seriously, Mercury retrograde ends on 18th. So 2 more weeks of technical problems like this will get me on the edge!

I’ve got lots of paperwork to catch up with this week. Someone asked when will I write another post for the trading automation series. I will try to fit that into the schedule this week. Don’t hold me on that though.

Have a nice weekend all!

For my fellow Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful long weekend!

TLC Weekly Update October 1, 2021


What a quarterly end we got this Thursday! The congress tug-of-war sideshow is really getting old – deal or no deal based on lies and deceptions. It is still a budget to spend the future money they will never have. Bots acting on the no deal b.s. hammered the stock markets lower before open and then the stock markets magically rally all the way back up thanks to Powell and gang’s hardworking team.

Can’t help with the sarcasm. Maybe I have been trading for way too long.

Here is an interesting comment made by South China Morning Post’s editor. Maybe, just maybe, that the younger generations no longer care about the “real world” out there anymore?

Nassim Taleb taking a jab at a psychology research paper referred to by Adam Grant. It is a good lesson to learn from because Nassim pointed out an important point in statistics that is often ignored by people applying statistical analysis. Again, the lack of understanding the probability world led to conclusions that are obviously wrong.

An interview of Jordan Peterson on current matters. It is an hour long discussion so plan ahead if you intend to watch it. His take on the current situations around the world really worries me much. How low will the Western politicians sink before we see common sense and responsibilities return?

Mercury retrograde started this week and has already claimed casualties against our computer network. One of the major components of our servers is the tunneling through PureVPN. Our dedicated IP server suddenly went offline during market hours. Took us a while to figure out what happened. And then reporting the problem to PureVPN led to more frustration because they said it would take 12 hours to get the server up and running. This has never happened before …

If you are a long time reader you may recall that the start and end of Mercury retrograde can be a great time for research breakthrough. Since I am well prepared to utilize this opportunity, I managed to solve the final piece of the puzzle to my price discovery theory. We are talking about decades long journey that comes to an end. Since I feel so great that I will celebrate this with a short break over the weekend.

Have a great weekend all!

Maximum Chaos with Many Planets Going From Retrograde Back To Direct In October 2021


With Mercury turned retrograde September 27, we now have quite a number of planets in retrograde, a rare event by itself. However, it is even more rare that quite a number of them will go direct in October. This signifies potential drastic changes to the world. Buckle up for the ride.

Pluto is the first one going direct on October 7.

Then Saturn will go direct October 12.

Jupiter is next on October 18.

Mercury will join Jupiter going direct the same day.

These days are not that precise and various camps of astrology use slightly different definitions.

The point is that when a planet is in retrograde, its influence will be messed up or weaken.

When a planet comes out of its retrograde, there could be a sudden surge in people’s emotions and energy on the specific areas in their life affected by the planet.

Compound that with new moon happening on 6th and full moon on 20th, both near a planet going direct, will magnify the effect even more.

So do some house keeping by listing out what is bothering you at the moment. Learn to not act on your impulse or your emotion for these troubling areas in this coming October. Things will be easier to deal with after the changes settle down.

I am not those “sky is falling” people who proclaim that October will be very bad, or very good, depending on your belief. Call me eternally optimistic, I believe awareness is the key to handle life as it is. If you haven’t done so, you may start by learning some breathing exercises to improve your awareness.

Good luck!