The 10 and 12 Year Cycles That Shape Our Lives


Many people interested in astrology would have experienced “a reading” done for them by astrologers. The routines are similar for both Western and Eastern astrology by telling the person something about their personalities, what is happening now and what may happen in the future. After all, majority of those who want a reading are not doing it out of curiosity. Many of these individuals are standing at a crossroad for which some major decisions have to be made. Yet, these people are so confused and worried that they have to resort to ask for help from astrologers …

Note: Following writing assumes that you believe somehow astrology works.

Reliability of Asking for Divine Clues Through a Third Party

One of the weaknesses of having astrologers reading your charts is that they may not be able to understand your situation enough to project the possible outcomes based on your birth date and known conditions.  Here is a good example. If the astrologer is not knowledgeable enough to know that there exists technologies in the near future that your medical issues can be cured, based on limited understanding, the astrologer has to conclude that you may not be able to live through the ordeal.

By similar reasoning, how worldly the astrologer is will determine how good the interpretations of your charts will be. Your future are many possible outcomes based on your actions and decisions today. The more logical and knowledgeable the astrologer is, the more likely you will get sage advices. But that holds true too if you talk to someone who is not an astrologer. As long as this person is logical, knowledgeable about your situation and has deep understanding of human psyche, you are likely to get very good advice as well.

Suggestions from Expert Astrologers vs. Knowledgeable People We Respect

Most of the time, the problem of finding a solution is not that we do not have the answers. The problem is that we choose not to take the path that we know will solve the problem. Seeking for better understanding of a situation is a good move for solving all kinds of issues. However, seeking for approval of our choice from others is a form of evading responsibilities.

That’s why it is so appealing to look for help from astrologers. People will choose to listen to the astrologers because they represent clues from divine sources which can help those people seeking for help to overcome their irrational biases. It is kind of blame the others attitude should things goes wrong.

When we get advices and suggestions from people we respect on major issues, many people will eventually choose what they feel comfortable with, ignoring the warnings and good advices anyway with the additional bonus of creating false memory in their own minds so that they can blame on these people who offered their opinions in the future. I have seen so many people doing this type of self sabotage to themselves. They cannot help it because they lack awareness of their own weaknesses in the first place.

When You Need to Make a Big Decision Do This First

If you are at least 30 years old, here is a simple thing that you can do to get consistent answers to your tough questions about your life altering issues.

Just look back 10 years ago to see if you are affected by a similar situation. Sometimes the issue is not affecting the same area in your life but the overall scenario will pin you to the same position. For some people, it can be something that happened 20 years ago or even 30 years ago. The important thing is that you should be able to tell at once if you can remember what happened in the past because the timing should be very precise.

For example, 10 years ago you may have a troubling relationship with your partner at the time that you have to choose between breaking up or giving up your dream job. The current situation could be that you in a bad relationship with your coworkers who try to take advantage of you while the boss turning a blind eye.

Think of what you did back then. Reflect on the situation to see if you have chosen the right decision. Most important of all, did you make the decision back then that you are still regretting about. This will give you a good idea what not to do this time.

In short, you do not need an astrologer to tell you what to do. You can figure it out by yourself as long as you can be truthful to yourself.

10 Year vs. 12 Year Cycle

Majority of people are more sensitive to the 10 year cycle while others see repeating patterns in their lives on a 12 year cycle. Usually just one of these two cycles dominate a person’s life. It is easy to figure out which one affects you more. If you have married or that you have a child, just look back and forth 10 years and 12 years from those dates to see if other major events happening to your life. This will give you a baseline on how things happening to you in a cyclical basis.

In case you wonder, these cycles do not start from the day you are born. Everyone has a slightly different starting point up to 8 years old. The later the starting point in life, the more likely the person has a wandering mind before then. This starting point affects how people mature into adulthood as it usually takes 2 cycles before a person finally start to think about the future.

After 3 full 10 years cycles, if a person has not progressed enough in awareness, Eastern astrology points out the person will likely be locked-in by fate. What it means is that astrology will work so well on these people that they are expected to repeat all the mistakes they have made before. Notice that it has nothing to do with good fortune or bad fortune. It is just that what may happen in the future to these people are more predictable.

The Power of Virtues in Breaking the Cycles

When we choose to live by a set of virtues at all cost, we program our minds in a way different from the one driven by our character traits and emotional burdens that we know are a mix of our genetics and our upbringing during our childhood. Choosing to live by our virtues helps us to make hard choices and better decisions when fear and greed are affecting us the most. In short, we simplify our lives while improving them significantly in all areas by just following a set of ground rules we choose to believe in.

I am not saying we will make the best decisions in all situations we encounter in life if you follow your set of virtues. What I am saying is that having a set of virtues in place is like having a consistent strategy to manage our lives so that we can have consistent outcomes that we can count on so that we do not need to worry about every decision we make are good or bad. We know on average we will come out doing fine. That’s all that matters.

It is easy to see how such strategy can impact the outcomes from all the cycles a person has to go through.  Normally, a person reacts to the events in life with emotional swings. Many important decisions are made on-the-fly, at least partially driven by the emotions experienced. Such decisions are often made without considering all the facts hence are more likely to be bad ones with negative consequences. In contrast, someone lives by a set of virtues can limit the options to choose from and eliminate the ones that does not follow the principles. With fewer important decisions made badly, the so-called fate or cycles can no longer limit a person’s achievement and success.

Think about it – just the anxiety and worries you saved yourself from by having a good strategy in place to manage your life can do magic already. Being able to sleep without all these wandering thoughts put you way ahead of many others in terms of quality of life. With reduced stress, better clarity of mind becomes possible and in turn better decisions are made more often. Cycles, whether they exist or not, no longer matters.

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  1. I’ve been searching for an answer to it as to why it’s happening. I’m going thru third cycle and getting ready for forth one in2025 March 1st- 6th. Yes I was able to narrow it down to a day. My cycles come in 12 years and 4 months with few days.
    It’s a terrible thing, anytime cycle renews something terrible happens and I’m dreading to what 4 th one is gonna bring.
    I was born in March 88 and first cycle ended in July of 2000. It flipped my life totally and claimed my grandmothers life. Anyways! I don’t wanna feed details but with every cycle my life flips and claims someone’s or something’s life that’s dear to me that’s the worst part of it. I figured it had something to do with Chinese Zodiac just based on 12 year thing. If someone can tell me why or that’s happening that be a great help .
    Thank u.

    1. Most of the time, there are lessons to be learned from our experience. Being aware of the cycle is a part of it. But being aware of what you are supposed to accomplish or achieve in life in terms of self improvements is more important. When you manage to change your own path for the better, many around you will experience the same.
      If you have not done so, start from learning more about yourself through psychological profiling. e.g.
      Life is suffering. End game for everyone is the same. What you do before that to improve the quality of life for yourself and those you care about makes all the difference.

  2. I made a dramatic change twelve years ago….and twelve years before that….now I am undergoing another. It is only now on this third occasion I realise there is a cycle.

  3. In every every six years a series of scams happened to me. In 7 days everything that i have in my life is gone and every time i was on the age of brake down. That 6 year cycle is part od 10 years cycle in my life. Last time 2016 i was able to fell it coming. Every thing is fine but I felt a strange upset one night 3 days later every thing was going to hell. I had panick at the first than i said to my self You tried every posible thing to stop it before,you only made it more painfull with your push,let it go, just watch and do nothing. It was hell of the raid for abouth month, In one time i was on the adge of my nervs, my brain was in 150% overload in trying to figure out what is that. Than I cracked. I was able to feel it,i heard her sound,i seen time flow in the spiral covered with some green mist,sound is pure mechsnick, i cant describe the feel. First that crosed my mine is idea to kill my seff. I was not shure did i just lost my mine,had a brake down or wtf is that. But from that i see it every where i understsnd how that works Its a spiral cycle,posible more than one that reflect our emotional discharge s by vibrations from moments when our emotional charge was too large. Its spiral not a true cycle thats why thing do not reapeat it sef identicly. It has two phazes + and – positive and negative. I thing rotation of the earth have something with polarization but i am not shure. Point is If last time you had – phaze and had some ruff time Neht time it will be + phaze Chanse not just to over come that loop but for real boost in your life. But if fear and panick took controle over you again you will go in one more bad ride. Come down as mutch as you can. Dont panick and have relakse it will look bat at the start it is just test for your faith. Be strong and if after third punch you still standing solid on your way you will finde something amezing,that will change you from your core

  4. Hello,
    I am interested to read this. I was reflecting on everything going on in life and I realized this has been about a 10 year cycle coming up for me of events that are kind of crossroads. Around 10 years ago, I moved to the city I live in now, with not too many well thought out plans, but I lived with my aunt, got a substitute teaching job, eventually got a good full time teaching job and made it work. At one point though I got very frustrated with my aunt and stormed out of her house and drove away ( a little too fast) down her street, ( very immature) and she got offended ( understandably). I went back and apologized. We made up and I was still able to stay,, I believe that was the right thing for me to do and I was glad I stayed. She is a wonderful person, but it was hard sometimes living with someone and we see things differently and I was figuring out my life and I felt frustrated with all the questions and scrutiny. Fast forward, I moved out of her house have been living on my own and teaching for almost 10 years. I still have a good relationship with that aunt. I am in a job now, teaching in public school and it is very difficult for me. I got put on a performance plan ( kind of plan to try to help you improve but if you do not, you are let go) for my lack of classroom management skill and it has been a tough year because I felt a lot of pressure and fear that I would lose my job and have been working hard to improve. I did all the things listed on the plan, and was observed by administration a few extra times. I got some positive and some negative feedback, I still have some struggles but I do not think its all negative, but the last time my boss was giving some negative feedback I just lost it, and quit. I should not have done it that way, I was frustrated and hasty, but there is not much of the year left I feel I could have made it if I would have held back from speaking my peace and quitting ( giving two weeks) that dau. I feel like the situations are similar in which I made a rash decision and then went back and apologized, but I feel I don’t know if I’m making the right desicion in leaving this job. Its kind of too late, but everyone including my boss has been gracious and understanding. I kind of wanted to leave because of stress and pressure, but it never seems wise to quit, especially without another job. I don’t want to be turning down a path of being super prideful and unable to take correction, or continuing some kind of cycle that I’m meant to break. It is a weird place to be. But partly my heart it like you just didn’t wanna do it, and that is ok.

  5. Fear of uncertainty sometimes makes us not able to think clearly. Now that you have chosen to quit, isn’t it time to calm down and dig deep to see what you want to do in life? There are many government programs helping people to go back to school or grants to help people to start their own businesses. Don’t limit yourself to what you think are the only options … look around and you will be surprised how many people figured their way out in very creative ways.

  6. I’m dealing with a 12 year cycle of illness. Every 12 years, I suffer a physical breakdown and become seriously ill. I have no idea how to break it.

    1. You can’t just break a cycle without understand what went wrong. The realization of the existence of the cycle is just the starting point. For many people, doing their part to improve their lives from basic mental health to physical health will add up over time.

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