TLC Weekly Update May 15, 2022


It is Sunday afternoon, and I just started writing this.

I was bombarded by many questions from many people I know this week. I ended up talking with so many people for countless number of hours. The main themes are basically the situation in Ukraine, the current interest rate environment and the stock market outlook.

As a summary, Ukraine situation will only get worse as NATO (it is really just USA) continues to force the world to accept its dominance even though it is really a relic from the past. For the current interest rate up trend, it will continue until majority of the people in the world die from hunger. And finally for the US stock market, it will go to zero because US will be nuked by Russia and other countries.

No one wants to hear what I wrote above and keep asking questions round and round so that they can get a different answer. Hence my time was wasted with no impact whatsoever in helping these people to prepare for the future.

The bottom line is, the future of our world is much more uncertain at this point. By thinking about the worst case scenario, one can be better prepared should that scenario actually happen. This thought exercise is brutal for people who do not have training in higher awareness as they will not be able to sleep and will dig into all kinds of conspiracy theories to satisfy their appetite in fear so that they will do nothing productive.

For those with higher awareness, they will do what they can and not worry about what they can’t control. In fact, knowing that the future can be so chaotic means we should enjoy our lives even more when it is still functional …

For one, if you are in the dating game, checkout this interesting article from Wired on how dating apps are leading people to sure misery. Well, it is my interpretation of the article. You may see this differently.

Or you can learn to make your own perfect soft boiled egg. This guy has done all the hard work so you don’t need to. Just learn it from him and you will be able to enjoy perfect soft boiled eggs all the time.

And if you are hoping aliens will come to save this world from the current trend of self destruction, don’t hold your hope high as these scientists pointed out, the chance can be very low.

For those of you who has access to open space, the total lunar eclipse tonight will be a nice treat.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

TLC Weekly Update May 6, 2022


What a roller coaster week with the stock market … for experienced day traders, this is golden opportunity to make good money while casual players got slaughtered without knowing why.

Interesting view about the rate hikes by Sam Zell. If he is right, then the bears of the stock market will be crushed hard pretty soon.

Lately the stock of Teladoc Health (TDOC) was quite the talk of the town thanks to Cathie Wood’s perfect timing to buy this stock at such a good price that it is now 90% lower from its all-time-high. I guess her call of the stock to 10x may now be possible if it trades back up to its peak. That, of course, depends heavily on whether it will go to zero first.

Here is a short article by Mark Manson on how we judge others. It is a good read.

I am happy that my two new trading servers are now working. Time to move onto the other projects.

Happy Mother’s Day!

TLC Weekly Update April 29, 2022


Can’t believe end of April is already here. And we are going to end it with a solar eclipse. How interesting it is.

Read an interesting article about micronations. I wonder, what if, that all these natural disasters depicted in movies happen in real life. Then the so-called nations we have around the world will be meaningless as law and order cannot be enforced. In fact, we are seeing the early sign of that in many parts of United States and Canada where crimes of all kinds are rising. Should things get really bad, I guess forming gangs and tribes with military capacity protecting one’s turf will be necessary.

Just like the TV show Walking Dead …

Ray Dalio is repeating his message again in this interview by Tom Bilyeu. That subtle hint of geographic risk means so much as he moved to Singapore. His actions tell us how serious it is.

For those of you interested in spiritual world, I bump into this video of a dying human being scanned in his final moment. I’ve heard some people call this flash back of one’s entire life as “soul review”. If you are interested in the subject, you can search that up and knock yourself out with many hours of videos.

The selloff in the stock markets we’ve seen in April is not really as bad as many people think. Why? The insane level of rise in big tech stocks over the past two years created “pockets” of weaknesses that has to be taken care of first. Whether this selloff will turn into something more serious will heavily depends on geopolitical issues.

Time to get back to work.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 22, 2022


I am late posting again. No excuse this time. I just completely forgotten to write this until I wake up late this morning on Saturday. I was setting up two new computers as trading servers. It took so long for Windows 10 to update itself until the computers are ready for use. Before I knew it, it was already well after midnight …

I never thought the ability to scream can lead to a career doing exactly that. Interesting read indeed.

A funny take on Musk’s Twitter takeover drama. Despite Tesla’s latest cooked earning performance, given Musk questionable state of mind, any reasonable investor should seriously question the viability of this whole concept of “electric cars” and “solar power” meme.

I have seen quite a number of astrologers even claiming electric cars must be the future …

Based on my years of observing such speculations of the development of future technologies (using astrology or whatever tools), is that all such speculations when agreed upon by majority of these “gurus”, had all failed.

Hence, my interpretation of our future that we will be using clean energy because of whatever astrological setup that are going to happen several years down the road, is that there will be a new energy source discovered by then, not now. That’s the golden rule or astrology – disruptive changes do not happen before the astro setup.

It also implies all electric vehicles will be rendered useless.

Consider yourself warned by a “non guru” astrologer.

Given the crisis at Ukraine is still on-going, and that Musk calls the West to restart their nuclear reactors, I guess this video is a timely one. Remember nuclear power plants with ancient designs from 30-50 years ago dominate the nuclear power plants that were shutdown by the West across Europe since the horrible Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

Musk’s idea has not put into consideration of human factors. Since the close down of these reactors, the experienced engineers and operators of nuclear power plants all move on. There is no acceptable level of expertise to re-open these nuclear power plants. That implies the chance of major incidents like nuclear melt down would be 100 times higher, if not 1 million times higher (420 joke).

I urge all European leaders to ignore Musk. Otherwise, it is a guarantee that we will see large part of Europe contaminated by radiation, millions will die horribly and destroy the world as we know.

Time to get back to work.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 15, 2022


This is Easter Friday so stock markets are closed. This particular Easter Friday is special though as it is also the option expiration Friday. Hence, the stock markets have to complete the option expiration process on Thursday instead. As expected, hard swing back down all day such that the indices are forced back to near the midpoint since the last option expiration. But MSM will continue to make you believe something otherwise …

An interesting read of MacKenzie Scott and her charity work since her divorce from Jeff Bezos. Her approach to charity is very different from those billionaires we’ve come to known over the past two decades. I wish her work will make a difference for this world.

For those of you keep putting off your plan to exercise more, here is a video to motivate you to get started today. This video explains the difference between slow and fast twitch muscle fibers and how you can train them properly. Be warned though the video shows actual real human corpse.

Along this same fitness theme, if you are interested in training your body effectively, check out Dr. Huberman’s podcast with Dr. Andy Galpin on how to build strength, muscle size and endurance.

I am taking a break today as I rarely get a long weekend where I can sit down and relax a bit.

I will resume working on my projects tomorrow.

Have a great Easter long weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 8, 2022


This is Sunday April 10th that I got the chance to sit down and write about the week. Totally lost track of time …

The talk of the market (and the world) this week obviously goes to Elon Musk accumulated significant percentage of shares of Twitter. Twitter stocks got a boost of like 25% and more right after he announced his move. So, the big question is whether a fucked company like Twitter could be fixed with Musk sitting in the board. My guess is …. it will take a long time.

But the way Musk interacted with Michael Burry is priceless, enjoy!

I was told to check out this website for their very interesting world model. Pay attention to figure 4 in the article. It has done a great job forecasting the future so far.

I watched this video, a clip from the podcast by Tim Ferriss with Susan Cain, on inheriting the grief of ancestors. I find the idea very interesting because in Chinese astrology, if you collect multiple generations of birth data from within a family, one will notice that certain recurring patterns exist. If you like what they talked about, you may as well watch the complete podcast.

It is first time ever since Magnus Carlsen became World Champion in classical chess that there are so many strong players emerged to participate in the 2022 candidate tournament. It will be very interesting who will be the winner to challenge Carlsen next year. Here is a video of Carlsen winning a game in such a way that it destroyed a specific line of chess from being played ever since.

More work and not enough time seems like something I am stuck with in coming weeks. Workflow from a completely rearranged work environment has its unintended consequences. For example, my trusted compact printer was fried after 10 years of working daily. After unplugging it for a few days and reconnected it at a new spot, it died on me.

Another 10-year cycle thing?

Enjoy the rest of this weekend everyone!

TLC Weekly Update April 1, 2022


I can’t believe that it is already second quarter of 2022. Last day of 2022 Q1 ended in a down day and suddenly all MSM financial gurus jump on it. Don’t they know the last two days of a month has a strong tendency to close lower? There is really nothing to speculative about this, move on!

Another good video by Patrick Boyle on Putin’s move to force the West to pay in rubles. It is a great summary of the situation and how it affects Russia in various aspects.

Many of you know that I am a watch collector. One specific series of watches that I have been collecting all these years is the Omega Speedmaster special decennial editions of the Apollo 11 mission. Can’t help when the event is associated with one’s own birthday. What surprises me is this crossover MoonSwatch by Omega and Swatch. Check it out, they are cool looking and I may end up buying them.

When I went through my re-organization of my home, I learnt that common furniture are no longer common. Grabbing simple household items from Ikea for quick and dirty fix up is no longer possible because they are out of stock on so many items. In addition to that, more and more items are no longer in stock from Amazon when you just need something overnight. This logistic / supply-side shortage issue is not going away anytime soon. Don’t believe that? Check out this documentary and be prepared to a world that’s much different from the one we have before covid.

My huge undertaking to re-org my place is mostly done. Things will go back to normal and I will focus on various projects for my ventures. For my daytradingbias premium members, that means more videos for you so that you can better prepare for this extremely weird era in trading.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 25, 2022


A relatively quiet week in the financial markets when people have learned to live with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

A very interesting take on the college education landscape in United States. I wonder when this video will be considered as misinformation and banned from YouTube.

If you have not heard about the chaos caused by the nickel market, you should watch this video so that you have a basic understanding of the metal markets in general. What happens to them not only affect the trading communities, they also have indirect impact on everyone.

A discussion about the near future with Brent Johnson, who is famous for his “dollar milkshake theory”. If you do not know what the theory is about, check out this video.

This week I am again late to post my weekly update. Reorganization of my home space is now mostly done. So hopefully everything will go back to normal schedule soon.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 18, 2022


Today is option expiration Friday. For some, they can’t believe the stock market has rallied so much these few days. However, if they pay attention, the indices are really just moving back towards the midpoint of the year. Nothing special.

A funny sci-fi writer’s take on the simulation hypothesis is quite amusing if you are into this type of thoughts.

I have seen quite a number of video on YouTube in Chinese that are clearly against Russia in this current conflict with Ukraine. The funny thing is that these so called knowledgeable people all sounds like idiots to me because they are obviously expressing their opinions in a way that are deeply influenced by right-wing Western propaganda.

Well, it is sad to see such narrow minded people being called the “thought leaders” in Hong Kong and other Chinese speaking communities.

Here is a more balanced view of the root problem.

If you are losing sleep often you may want to watch this video. Interesting information that may help you get better rest.

This weekend and early next week I will be extremely busy to complete my home reorganization. I have been working on this for almost two weeks now. Age really plays a factor in doing all these heavy lifting. It is clear that I can’t do this all by myself anymore. Lucky that I have my son and close friends to help out.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 11, 2022


Another week of extreme volatility across all financial markets led investors and traders into deep confusion on what to expect in the future. Big name like Zoltan Pozsar even floating the idea of Bretton Woods III is coming. That definitely scares the sh*t out of many long term investors. But isn’t that what Ray Dalio has been telling everyone over the past two years?

If you want to understand the perspective of Pozsar, here is a video of him talking about the economy and financial markets.

Another crazy act coming from Canadian politicians again – the introduction of Bill 67. It is essentially making “critical race theory” the centre of all education from kindergarten to college kids. If you try to search online looking up what CRT is, majority of them, including Wikipedia, will give you words coming from mentally dysfunctional people. You won’t get the truth.

If you are interested to understand the subject, here is a video from Bret Weinstein and another one from Jordan Peterson.

Here is a great video coming from someone who took on the task of learning 10 different languages. His insights should be a good guidance to anyone who has a desire to become a better person.

Coming few weeks starting now, I have major home reorganization to do. I am sure lots of heavy lifting and hard labour will be involved. Let’s see how long it takes for me to recover after it is all done.

Hence, I may not be able to answer emails quickly as I will be away from my computers most of the time. If you are sending me any messages, expect turn around time of a day or two later.

Have a great weekend all!