TLC Weekly Update February 3, 2024


Another Non-Farm Payroll week ended to close at all time high for the S&P500. Now that the stock market has gone straight up for many weeks, a correction is due. However, the bears are still very loud proclaiming a crash is coming. Maybe, they must be crushed into hiding first.

As usual I have no idea where the market is heading next until my STOPD rules are triggered.

Now that we are seeing riots and protests happening everywhere worldwide, the message from Neil Howe is worth watching again. The trend developing now will shape the future so knowing what to expect is useful for our personal planning.

Finally a good long discussion of the hidden risks of meditation. Even though I am a life long meditator, I don’t usually tell people casually to practice meditation. Instead, I recommend people to do breathing exercises first so that they have a proper foundation before they attempt meditation.

I find this interesting video talking about the Royal DNAs. Fascinating history lessons indeed. Why I smell a conspiracy theory in the making here …

This coming Sunday around 3 am Eastern Time is the official start of the next solar year. It is also the official start of the 9th (also last) phase of the Chinese feng shui 180 years cycle. I suspect something surreal will happen starting this week.

Have a great weekend all!

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