TLC Weekly Update February 10, 2024


Another week of S&P500 edging out a new high again but this time without Dow Jones Industrial Average doing the same. So where are we heading from here, you may ask. My guess is that FOMO is in full force now, so every small dip will be bought and when we run out of buyers, this melt up will turn into melt down.

David Hunter suddenly show up on my regular YouTube browsing. First of the 2 part interview can be found here. As a so-called contrarian, his view is always controversial. But then listening to what others are paying attention to can help one develop a more comprehensive view of the market environment we are facing. After all, markets are made of people.

Bryan Johnson has a new video on how he managed to regrow his hair. Personally I would not go that distance to regrow my hair. Maybe just the red light part so that I don’t lose as much that quickly… the more fascinating thing to me is that those products he listed in the video are all sold out now. The power of these super star influencers is amazing.

The latest rage in the stock market now are AI stocks. This interview of Alexander Wang can help many people who have no idea what “real” AI companies are to understand what kind of problems these companies are solving. My take is that those existing public companies claiming their AI involvement is no different from what happened back in 1999-2000 where all those scams claiming they are part of the internet revolution …

If you are a man who are reasonably fit but somehow not full of energy and can get tired quite easily, watch this short clip. Proper intervention without medications can make a huge difference in your life.

Lately I am tasked to look into some very exotic financial markets to see if my team can build trading algos for them. I can say that it is a real challenge and I like it. So back to work for me as usual.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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