TLC Weekly Update February 17, 2024


Option expiration Friday stuck in range after another economic data came out stronger than expected. Obviously, it is not enough to cause any serious damage to the indices. Again, without some sort of event triggering fear, the animal spirit of the bulls will keep the stock market from dropping much.

Interesting discussion about bitcoin on David Lin’s show since the introduction of bitcoin ETFs. I wonder what the average investors would do going forward. If everyone is adding bitcoin ETFs to one’s portfolio in small quantity can have huge impact on the price of bitcoin for sure …

Some people compare bitcoin with gold like what you see in the video. I do not have a strong opinion about that myself. But, keep in mind that if there is no internet or a functioning power grid, there is no crypto currencies, while having a gold bar physically will still be a gold bar that you can carry around and make deals with it.

Astrologers on YouTube are all jumping in on the topic of a very rare astrological setup where many planets are all moving into Aquarius this month. Here is one such video trying to dissect the meaning of this interesting pattern in the sky that none of us who are alive have seen this.

I tried to avoid discussion of religion here in my blog because it is a taboo subject that attracts very divided opinions. This time, however, I am making an exception to link to this video of Tammy Peterson and her experience of recovering from her cancer. From my personal experience, which is many times what normal people would have, including doctors, in terms of seeing people dying, that such miracles do occur all the time and almost everyone of them involves the Rosary or some other forms of prayers.

Coming Monday is a US holiday which is great for me to catch up with my work and emails.

Have a great weekend all!

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