My Experience with Palm Leaf Reading


As my new venture going from preparation stage to execution and production stage, I did what Chinese people usually do – go for a round of future reading hoping for good omen and a bright future for the venture. It was job not just for myself but also for my business partners. This time, however, out of the blue that I thought why not give Palm Leaf Reading a try since I have never done that.

Here is a short explanation about palm lead reading for those of you who don’t know what it is. Palm leaf reading is a form of astrology / psychic service that has to be done in India. There are more than 10 palm leaf libraries, each was passed down from different schools originated at least 2000 years ago. From these libraries, there are many pre-written manuscripts, each made specifically for one person, that, according to these libraries, who will come in the future to make the request for a reading. Once the specific bundle of palm leaves for that particular person is found, it will be presented to the person and be removed from the library forever.

Isn’t it interesting?

In order for someone to get a reading done, unlike regular astrology asking for your exact birth date and time, they ask for your thumb print. Based on the properties of your thumb print, they will search the library to locate some kind of index palm leaves. These index palm leaves contain the identifications of a number of people. The guru who can read from the ancient language written on the palm leaves will then read the identification out loud while a translator will translate that to English so that you can confirm whether the identification information is matching yours.

And here is the interesting part of the process. The identification information does not limit to your own personal information. For some people, it can include a current event that just happened to you. Like, you are in legal trouble. Or, you had a serious accident lately. It can also include specific information about your parents. For example, both of your parents are alive, or, your father’s name is XYZ. As you see, reading through all these identification facts takes time. In my case, during the first appointment, they could not find a match for me after going through two index bundles with probably identifications for some 50-60 people.

In my case, it is especially difficult because Chinese names can be pronounced in many ways. I see that it may lead to potential misunderstanding should I think a specific identification does not match based on, say, my mother’s name, but in fact it can be the right one. The nice lady who organize the reading, Vera, assures me that if there is a bundle for me, it will be found and I will not have any doubt that the bundle is in fact written for me. In the next session, eventually, we found one identification that matches all the personal information about me from my parents’ names to my own name and other intricate details.

Vera has done a good job to make sure the reader does not even know my name so that the search for my bundle is done “properly”. That is, without any hint of my personal information, the reader can only read what is written on the leaves and only when the right identification comes up, we would proceed to the presentation part.

For the actual presentation of the palm leaves about me, it is not as details as I hope for. To me it is quite general in nature. I guess it can be compared to reading a transit chart based on Western astrology to see what may happen to you every few years. I can say that with a good astrologer, no matter Western, Chinese or Indian school, will be able to provide similar guidance, if you are seeking for such information.

On the other hand, maybe the sage from the past who wrote my bundle knows I am just having fun with the process, he chose to not waste his time on me. It makes a lot of sense because I do not really have any doubt about my future and I do not worry about things I have no control of.

One good thing with palm leaf reading is that the reader does not need to “hold back” which happens in a lot of astrology reading sessions even with a very good astrologer. “Hold back” means that knowing something bad is going to happen to a client often made the astrologer hesitates to tell more details about that. For example, telling your client “a potential serious accident or illness is coming soon” can be very difficult to deal with. It is especially true when you also know the person’s personality quite well. Thus, many astrologers will skip that and focus on the happier things to avoid making the session awkward or difficult.

Since palm leaves are pre-written, the reader does not need to make judgement calls on what to read and what not to read. Hence one will get a more balanced information about the future. You can then choose to pay attention to the area you think matters most and act on that.

Overall I am happy with the experience. It is fun to go through the process. Vera has been very helpful throughout the process. I can recommend her service to anyone interested in getting their palm leaf reading done. This is her website,

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with her service and I do not profit from including the link here. I am just a satisfied customer.

And here is a nice short video about palm leaf reading made by Vera.

Since there are many libraries of palm leaf reading, one can keep going back to ask for another reading by letting the organizer know that which library was used in your past readings. I guess some people just want to know more about their own future to get some kind of assurance that everything will be fine.

And for those of you interested in knowing what is in store for my new venture – well, the palm leaf reading did call that I am going into a new venture and it will be a very successful one.

TLC Weekly Update July 3, 2022


Long weekend for both Canada and United States this year. I finally take a break yesterday to enjoy an afternoon with some friends. Then the news came my father caught Covid and was hospitalized in Hong Kong. Don’t know what to say … just hope my father tough it out.

A good read about the Beer Game. It is an old article about this MIT tradition. If you are interested in trading or management of your own business, this article gives you a glimpse of how our world really is – a very complex sets of dynamic systems for which no one has real control over what happens around them.

Not many of you are believer in astrology, but this video about the coming development of the world based on the combined reading of major countries and their leaders painted an ugly picture that we should all be aware.

A nice chess game between Magnus Carlsen and Anna Cramling. And of course, Magnus won.

For my fellow Canadians, belated Happy Canada Day!

For my US readers, Happy July Fourth!

TLC Weekly Update June 4, 2022


The Non-Farm Payroll report released early this morning has stopped the US stock market from making a second week of positive gain. For perma bears, it is a sign of market weaknesses and next week everything may fall off the cliff. Objectively, however, we have the biggest one week rally just a week ago. Isn’t it normal that the stock market may need to take a breather before making its next move?

For doomsayers, the paper published by Gaya Herrington back in 1972 and an update done some 30 years later, has made quite a buzz lately. More and more people mention this work as the projection of our collective future can turn real bad starting pretty much now. For those of you who are not familiar with the work, here is an article trying to explain what the paper is all about.

If you are still not doing exercise regularly, may I convince you with this video clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast with Peter Attia? You don’t need to do crazy level of exercise to get things going. Starts with only a few minutes a day and you will see the difference.

I know many people who have problems sleeping. There are so many things that can affect us to get a good sleep that countless studies are done to figure out what helps. This short video caught my attention because the gadget mentioned is not expensive and can help one quantify the sleeping environment being good or bad instantly. I will actually get one of these devices and test it out.

Mercury retrograde since May 10th is now finally over. Over this period of time, I have one monitor died and countless paperwork delayed by third party for no reason. I expected that and did my best to avoid initiating any new projects. Now that it is over, I will schedule new projects again.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update May 15, 2022


It is Sunday afternoon, and I just started writing this.

I was bombarded by many questions from many people I know this week. I ended up talking with so many people for countless number of hours. The main themes are basically the situation in Ukraine, the current interest rate environment and the stock market outlook.

As a summary, Ukraine situation will only get worse as NATO (it is really just USA) continues to force the world to accept its dominance even though it is really a relic from the past. For the current interest rate up trend, it will continue until majority of the people in the world die from hunger. And finally for the US stock market, it will go to zero because US will be nuked by Russia and other countries.

No one wants to hear what I wrote above and keep asking questions round and round so that they can get a different answer. Hence my time was wasted with no impact whatsoever in helping these people to prepare for the future.

The bottom line is, the future of our world is much more uncertain at this point. By thinking about the worst case scenario, one can be better prepared should that scenario actually happen. This thought exercise is brutal for people who do not have training in higher awareness as they will not be able to sleep and will dig into all kinds of conspiracy theories to satisfy their appetite in fear so that they will do nothing productive.

For those with higher awareness, they will do what they can and not worry about what they can’t control. In fact, knowing that the future can be so chaotic means we should enjoy our lives even more when it is still functional …

For one, if you are in the dating game, checkout this interesting article from Wired on how dating apps are leading people to sure misery. Well, it is my interpretation of the article. You may see this differently.

Or you can learn to make your own perfect soft boiled egg. This guy has done all the hard work so you don’t need to. Just learn it from him and you will be able to enjoy perfect soft boiled eggs all the time.

And if you are hoping aliens will come to save this world from the current trend of self destruction, don’t hold your hope high as these scientists pointed out, the chance can be very low.

For those of you who has access to open space, the total lunar eclipse tonight will be a nice treat.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

TLC Weekly Update April 22, 2022


I am late posting again. No excuse this time. I just completely forgotten to write this until I wake up late this morning on Saturday. I was setting up two new computers as trading servers. It took so long for Windows 10 to update itself until the computers are ready for use. Before I knew it, it was already well after midnight …

I never thought the ability to scream can lead to a career doing exactly that. Interesting read indeed.

A funny take on Musk’s Twitter takeover drama. Despite Tesla’s latest cooked earning performance, given Musk questionable state of mind, any reasonable investor should seriously question the viability of this whole concept of “electric cars” and “solar power” meme.

I have seen quite a number of astrologers even claiming electric cars must be the future …

Based on my years of observing such speculations of the development of future technologies (using astrology or whatever tools), is that all such speculations when agreed upon by majority of these “gurus”, had all failed.

Hence, my interpretation of our future that we will be using clean energy because of whatever astrological setup that are going to happen several years down the road, is that there will be a new energy source discovered by then, not now. That’s the golden rule or astrology – disruptive changes do not happen before the astro setup.

It also implies all electric vehicles will be rendered useless.

Consider yourself warned by a “non guru” astrologer.

Given the crisis at Ukraine is still on-going, and that Musk calls the West to restart their nuclear reactors, I guess this video is a timely one. Remember nuclear power plants with ancient designs from 30-50 years ago dominate the nuclear power plants that were shutdown by the West across Europe since the horrible Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

Musk’s idea has not put into consideration of human factors. Since the close down of these reactors, the experienced engineers and operators of nuclear power plants all move on. There is no acceptable level of expertise to re-open these nuclear power plants. That implies the chance of major incidents like nuclear melt down would be 100 times higher, if not 1 million times higher (420 joke).

I urge all European leaders to ignore Musk. Otherwise, it is a guarantee that we will see large part of Europe contaminated by radiation, millions will die horribly and destroy the world as we know.

Time to get back to work.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 8, 2022


This is Sunday April 10th that I got the chance to sit down and write about the week. Totally lost track of time …

The talk of the market (and the world) this week obviously goes to Elon Musk accumulated significant percentage of shares of Twitter. Twitter stocks got a boost of like 25% and more right after he announced his move. So, the big question is whether a fucked company like Twitter could be fixed with Musk sitting in the board. My guess is …. it will take a long time.

But the way Musk interacted with Michael Burry is priceless, enjoy!

I was told to check out this website for their very interesting world model. Pay attention to figure 4 in the article. It has done a great job forecasting the future so far.

I watched this video, a clip from the podcast by Tim Ferriss with Susan Cain, on inheriting the grief of ancestors. I find the idea very interesting because in Chinese astrology, if you collect multiple generations of birth data from within a family, one will notice that certain recurring patterns exist. If you like what they talked about, you may as well watch the complete podcast.

It is first time ever since Magnus Carlsen became World Champion in classical chess that there are so many strong players emerged to participate in the 2022 candidate tournament. It will be very interesting who will be the winner to challenge Carlsen next year. Here is a video of Carlsen winning a game in such a way that it destroyed a specific line of chess from being played ever since.

More work and not enough time seems like something I am stuck with in coming weeks. Workflow from a completely rearranged work environment has its unintended consequences. For example, my trusted compact printer was fried after 10 years of working daily. After unplugging it for a few days and reconnected it at a new spot, it died on me.

Another 10-year cycle thing?

Enjoy the rest of this weekend everyone!

TLC Weekly Update February 4, 2022


Non-Farm Payroll announcement earlier today plus all these earning surprises over the week has nudged the traders crazy all week. But seriously it is really just another earning season week with way too many retail players playing roulette before all these earning announcements. Don’t take my word for it, check out tradingview and see all these so called pros dishing out their analysis of the stocks. I am not blaming these people because the financial industry has always been doing this to keep the casino participants excited. The retail players have no one to blame but themselves for believing in such predictions that are way worse than astrology forecasts.

Why? Chinese astrology reading on Cathie Wood clearly points to her so-called ability in picking the right stocks is a one-off 10 year cycle event. So just like all the other momentum buyers before her, she looks like a star when things going her way. If you pay attention to this knowledge, you would have avoided her picks last year let along buying or holding ARKK.

Many successful Chinese speculators use this approach to either fade or join the famous fund managers or rich tycoons on their speculations. It works so well that these speculators even spread lies to ensure retail players stay ignorant of this concept. Some people really sworn by these alternative method of market timing. For me, it is just another party trick for fun.

This is Chinese New Year week and the astro new year starts today (Feb 4th), a few days after the new moon that happened back on Feb 1st, which is the official Chinese New Year. Many Chinese people loves to buy these annual astrology forecast books written by the famous gurus around this time to figure out what to expect this year. These books often suggest what to do to improve one’s luck by buying special decorative items to be put in specific places within your home or office.

Whenever I see people I know doing that, I often suggest buying a Pokemon to “get the job done”. I was told it works very well!

Tim Ferriss did a great interview of John List who just came out with a new book. Packed with useful info and ideas if you want to improve your life and scale up your business and trading.

For those of you find this year 2022 giving you a headache on what to do with your investment, check out this video with David Hunt. I find his conjecture reasonable given the extremely crazy level of emotions among the market participants. How the world will eventually unfold is everyone’s guess but being prepared for various scenarios is always a good thing.

If you still do not take care of yourself and believe is the b.s. of the garbage put out by CDC and similar organizations, you need to watch this video. A simple change to your life style will help protect against all kinds of diseases. Going forward, I suspect that really deadly diseases will rampage the world unlike the fake covid. No existing medical system will save you if you do not take care of yourself based or what the medical communities have done so far in handling covid.

Another weekend with –20C temperature here in Toronto. Staying indoor looks like a great idea until it gets warmer.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update January 7, 2022


It is first post of year 2022. I like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous new year!

This morning my surface pro suddenly failed to connect to my bluetooth mouse. I ended up spending half an hour to figure out what happened. It turns out that somehow Microsoft Windows 10 made the decision that my bluetooth mouse driver was outdated and hence shutdown all bluetooth functions. I was then forced to update my Windows for over an hour before I can start my working day.

The machine was working perfectly fine yet Windows 10 can just decide to mess up my computer this way. It is kind of scary. On a second thought, the most evil person on Earth at the moment, Bill Gates, created Windows. This crazy behaviour of Windows should be expected … f$#k you Microsoft!

Since it is the beginning of a new year, there are all these astrology forecasts coming out. Let’s play a game of forecast here.

I am going to make one prediction about a situation that many of you are dealing with at the moment. Yep, I am talking about the lockdowns we are facing worldwide. Putting on my astrologer hat, I predict that by end of first quarter of 2022 majority of the lockdowns will be gone. And by third quarter of 2022 there should be no more lockdowns, maybe with the exception of one or two countries with really messed up politicians.

Is this prediction really based on astrology stuff? No. It is common sense.

Since we already know these dumbass lockdowns do not work, they will backfire. For some countries, it will mean the removal of the existing governments for good. For some other countries, it will be the forced resignation of these elected officials for not doing their jobs. So, it is pretty obvious to me that we are seeing the last episode of this lockdown drama everywhere.

We will see if my prediction works out in a few months.

I watched this video and couldn’t help thinking how broken the medical system is all around the world. Yet, many people are so lacking in basic understanding of science and other fundamental knowledge they become harmful to themselves when they seek for solution to heal themselves …

Here is an interview of Elon Musk with Babylon Bee. It is a very interesting interview unlike those MSM waste of time stuff. You may not agree with what Musk thinks but knowing his thoughts can help you understand and better prepared for a future of mankind that is likely to be greatly influenced by him.

Given the situation with Omicron, I think that it is time for people to take the time to listen to the podcast of Joe Rogan with Dr. McCullough on spotify. I actually signed up with spotify just for this interview and the one with Dr. Malone. Stop sticking your head in the sand. Learn all you can so that you are better prepared to deal with the disease should you be infected one day.

I will go back to do my work now. So much more need to get done yet I have only 24 hours a day. LOL.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update October 22, 2021


What a week for the stock market to challenge its all-time-high right by the end of the week and only to be disrupted by Fed chair Mr. Powell’s comments. Seriously, do these government officials time their statements right at these critical price levels? Conspiracy theory anyone?

Someone sent me this video about Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupid and told me he is thankful that I did not give up on him years ago as suggested by the video. To me, it is really him who determined that he could not live the same way anymore that induced the transformation. However, it takes a lot of courage for those who have this realization to take the steps necessary to turn around their lives …

I could not believe that there is a YouTube channel called Canadian Prepper. I was looking for backup power and emergency items in case of power outage this coming winter. And it is very amusing to see how far preppers can go to prepare for survival. This video talks about storing dry food powder that can last for 20 years.

Bought my son a compact hunting knife as birthday gift and taught him some basics on using one. Basic survival skills are rarely taught anywhere these days. In an emergency, they put the odds on your side. I am grateful I got the chance to learn them when I was young.

For those of you astronomy fans, I found this stunning video of Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter.

Right on the last day of Mercury retrograde, my VPN server completely broke down and I have to replace the computer. I thought my nightmare was over until the next morning I found my stock market historical data server frozen. Although I have full backup of everything, I still need to get the machine working again. After days of observation, it is now clear that it is a hardware failure issue as the computer just freeze up randomly. So my other projects have to be put on hold until I setup a new server to replace this computer too.

I agreed to do a podcast with Better System Trader coming Monday night. For those of you interested in trading, tune-in by then or wait for the video on YouTube. Actually I don’t know if you can tune-in live …

Back to my painfully slow process of setting up a new server here.

Have a great weekend all!

Maximum Chaos with Many Planets Going From Retrograde Back To Direct In October 2021


With Mercury turned retrograde September 27, we now have quite a number of planets in retrograde, a rare event by itself. However, it is even more rare that quite a number of them will go direct in October. This signifies potential drastic changes to the world. Buckle up for the ride.

Pluto is the first one going direct on October 7.

Then Saturn will go direct October 12.

Jupiter is next on October 18.

Mercury will join Jupiter going direct the same day.

These days are not that precise and various camps of astrology use slightly different definitions.

The point is that when a planet is in retrograde, its influence will be messed up or weaken.

When a planet comes out of its retrograde, there could be a sudden surge in people’s emotions and energy on the specific areas in their life affected by the planet.

Compound that with new moon happening on 6th and full moon on 20th, both near a planet going direct, will magnify the effect even more.

So do some house keeping by listing out what is bothering you at the moment. Learn to not act on your impulse or your emotion for these troubling areas in this coming October. Things will be easier to deal with after the changes settle down.

I am not those “sky is falling” people who proclaim that October will be very bad, or very good, depending on your belief. Call me eternally optimistic, I believe awareness is the key to handle life as it is. If you haven’t done so, you may start by learning some breathing exercises to improve your awareness.

Good luck!