TLC Weekly Update July 13, 2024

Another record high for the SPX at 5655-5656 on Friday. As I explained in real-time to my site’s members, this is a very important milestone due to multiple reasons. Coming two weeks will be very interesting as we enter the election months.

I think we need to spread this video to a lot more people – establishments work for the big pharma and until a new form of government is created replacing these corrupted officials, there is no future in better medical treatments.

Here is a different take on the expected rate cuts by US Federal Reserve. One thing I find funny is that the financial people never really looking at the big pictures like the risk of nukes flying. Instead, everyone building models or making predictions on these economic data that are total bullshit anyway.

An interesting crossover of a famous psychic and a famous astrologer making predictions that can affect everyone in coming months. Enjoy!

It is so annoying that Windows 10 and above always force you to update. If you do not pause that, stupid Windows will disrupt your work suddenly and close down all the open applications destroying everything not saved. As we install more Windows computers, it gets to the point we have to standardize the updates by our system admin once a month across all the machine. This weekend is one of those weekends …

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update June 29, 2024

Second quarter of 2024 ended yesterday with a bang. Highest level of bullish sentiment for the stock market while the volatility index continues to be smashed every day. Now that we are entering the US election months. Things may change.

Finally, the pig butchering scam explained with sarcasm. Nice one from Patrick Boyle again.

A very interesting take on what may happen in July through the lens of astrology. World Astrology Report has demonstrated successfully month after month that the important aspects happening in the sky can give us a glimpse of what may happen in the future. Enjoy!

I was talking with my business partners on exactly this decision from the US Supreme Court. This decision and other related decisions will prevent SEC from using their internal black box system to charge someone and then ruling against that person or entity internally with their in-house judges.

The implication of this decision means that unless US government specifically creating new laws against blockchain technologies, the future of finance will be very different from what we have nowadays. Here is a good video explaining what that future is for the world.

We are rolling out our new trading algos. Hopefully this holiday week will give me time to get this done right.

Have a good weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update May 25, 2024


Stock market closing strong right before this long weekend. Sentiments are going back to the most bullish level. And I saw many funny posts on X that the bears are killed by all kinds of transportations from racing cars to bullet trains.

Will that suddenly change given Jupiter is no longer staying in Taurus as of today?

Another video from Brent Johnson on the current market environment – very good insights for normal investors to learn from.

Doomberg’s take on the markets is always useful and they show up this time on The RO Show. Enjoy!

This video is one of my favorites from the past two weeks on the current situation we are facing worldwide.

Why? Pay attention to what Ms. Baradaran said about the Fed and its counter parts from around the world’s major economies. Ever since 1987, these central banks and regulators have been learning from the past crisis and created new tools along the way so that future problems of similar kind can be avoided. And that’s why the SVB collapse did not turn into a contagious event affecting the whole financial system.

She also pointed out that should something out of the control of these officials, like WW3 or a natural disaster striking some key areas in the world, the financial system worldwide will be destroyed in seconds …

This long weekend gives me a chance to do something else outside of my usual schedule – finding more useless stuff at home to throw away. It is a very satisfying experience seeing more space are recovered.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 27, 2024


Earning week surprises hard swing the indices multiple times all week. What will happen next? The most important event seems to be FOMC announcement coming Wednesday. So we can expect quite Monday and Tuesday then.

By Wednesday, the real fun begins.

I came across this short video that fully illustrate how useless the “nutrition facts” are. So if you are those people who wasted a lot of time reading these panels of b.s. you can stop now.

For a healthier life, it is really not that difficult. However, most people choose to be ignorant and refuse to correct their wrong beliefs leading to continuous bad practices messing up their health and shortening their life span. This video has many good tips on how to improve your health that you can apply onto yourself immediately.

Jeff Snider continues to stay angry on what is happening now to the economy while there is no real solution to the problem. It is nice that someone like Jeff putting out videos explaining what is going on so that more people are aware of the problem. However, politicians and all those people who are in charge of the world do not really care about the well-being of normal people, because if they have the right kind of moral compass, they would have never be a politician in the first place …

Mercury retrograde just ended on Apr 24. So far this year, only one of my uninterruptable power supply “suddenly” having its cooling fan malfunctioning since the beginning of the retrograde. And magically, it stopped giving out loud noise right after.

Back to work as usual.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 20, 2024


After many weeks of continuous buying by the retail traders, the stock market finally cracked, just a little, last week. Could this be the start of a more serious decline? Could be. All depends on those people who are in control of the game.

Well, I warned last week with a roller coaster picture, isn’t that timely?

I know many of you are investors with a portfolio in the stock market. And the latest round of events shaking up the market may cause you anxiety. Well, for whatever reasons, all these FURUs are coming out with their bearish outlooks. Here is one and and another that will give you heart attack. Enjoy!

Personally, I believe we are in a critical time window for which the world will experience major trend changes on many areas that humanity has taken for granted over the past 100 years. I am no new ager who believe in bullshit like we are ascending to whatever XYZ dimension. Practically speaking, majority of the new agers are delusional and lying to themselves that they can do some voodoo shit and automatically upgrade themselves to a status that they will have a better life comparing to others.

Here is a good video on this subject of what major changes are coming, through the lens of astrology.

If you do believe in astrology or similar disciplines, here is a warning – don’t go to Japan in 2025. don’t go to New York city or nearby area in coming few months. There are other places also in serious danger but I am not going to mention that here since I don’t want to see more death threats. Have reasonable emergency preparation done including food, water and other essential supplies. You can thank me later.

Back to work on my projects.

Stay safe!

TLC Weekly Update April 13, 2024


A wild week for the stock market ended lower a little only but hidden behind was 2% swings intraday everyday. I am not sure how this uptick in volatility will play out next week but as long as intraday volatility finally come back, we will have better day trading opportunities.

A great video with doomberg talking about their take on current market developments. Very insightful snapshots on market conditions and geopolitical situations. Enjoy!

I find the central theme of this video kind of something we all know already yet no one really tried hard enough to produce the evidence pinpointing why these crazy leftists acting the way they do.

This video summarizes a study on everyday cooking oil. I think all of you should watch this and decide for yourself on what to do with this new information.

We are now at the middle of the Mercury retrograde time window. Anyone experienced unnecessary miscommunications and sudden electronic equipment breakdown?

As usual I am way behind on my schedule with my projects.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 6, 2024


A trigger event this week took S&P down about 100 points on Thursday and then on Friday, we got a bounce that recovered most of the losses. Is it the start of the long awaited “pullback” for the stock market? I don’t know. It is fun to watch though as the bull and bear bots duel it out.

An interesting take on China’s economy and potential impact on the rest of the world. Good overview of the whole automobile scene and related industries.

Someone finally produced a video comparing Canada with Australia. It is a great video telling people to think twice before immigrating to these two countries.

This video is not the only one that mentioned a similar theme of this solar eclipse, or the whole eclipse season, will change humanity’s fate. Some new age people even say that those with “higher vibration” (whatever that is) will ascend to another dimension, etc. Given how majority of the people are so ignorant, I always wonder if these believers are lying to themselves and to others with the hope that they will be saved or chosen …

Personally, as someone trained in traditional Chinese astrology stuff, will do one thing for sure during the solar eclipse. That is, I will stay home, not looking up the sky, no matter where I am, because this coming solar eclipse is of the “bad omen” type. According to the ancient teachings, those who look up at the sky during this event will induce extreme bad luck for at least two and a half year. Why? Because the actual solar eclipse will last about 2.5 minute.

There is a huge misunderstanding that the events affecting the world will be happening exactly on the day of the solar eclipse. That can happen but the lasting disruptions / changes to individual lives often happen later when the eclipse angle being visited by the individual’s transiting astro bodies.

As usual, back to work on my projects.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 30, 2024


Good Friday holiday turned last Thursday into end of month trading day. Of course, given the stock market being so bullish, it is hard for the indices to go lower much before the late bulls all jumping in while the frustrated bears forced to give up their shorts once again. It is not an unexpected outcome because lack of a bearish trigger event, bears can keep trying and they will continue to turn into fuel to push this higher.

However, if indeed an external shock happens in the near future, it is impossible for the stock market to find any support within the nearest 10-15%. What it means is that all the late bulls who are driven by greedy will be trapped and turn into fuel driving this dive down much more than just 10-15%. If you are long this market, taking profit up here and reduce exposure is a necessity to avoid serious damages.

Lately, the astrology communities all buzzing about this coming April being the most important month for this year and the coming years due to the high concentration of various astro setups in the sky all piling on within the month. What this means is that there are multiple longer term cycles that are entering their respective next cycle in April such that everyone will feel the changes in coming months as their impacts will be triggered at slightly different time this year.

Here is a good discussion on the subject.

Sam Harris had a conversation about meditation. I do not agree with everything Sam Harris said, in fact, he’s just another idiot who happened to learn meditative practices early in his life allowing him to ride on this new age craze. However, for majority of the people on Earth, his basic understand of meditation and the effort to promote meditation to more people can be a good thing.

Patrick Boyle jumped on board discussing the effect of Bank of Japan’s declaration of the end of negative interest rate. This topic is important because the negative rate era of Japan is the underlining reason why the major economies can keep printing more money. Although Japan’s interest rate is still near zero, the ability to print money at turbo speed is now dropped back down to normal speed. Would this be the catalyst of the coming financial crisis? Could be.

I took a break yesterday doing absolutely nothing and rested all day. Back to work today.

Have a great Easter weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 23, 2024


Post-FOMC rally sent the stock markets to another new all-time-high before pulling back into Friday close. Bears are crying and bulls are celebrating while the retail investors are going all-in at the highest level ever recorded in history.

A short clip on Douglas Murray commented on what Yuval Harari said. I agree with Murray on this one for sure. Harari is now a proven spoke person for those who want to fuck up the human world. So whatever he tries to put into the minds of the mass public must be a propaganda of some kind …

Jeff Gundlach posted his thoughts on FOMC announcement on Wed.

And for those of you who are interested in astrology, here is a surreal talk of the coming eclipses and the apocalypse. Not that I believe in the prophecies that this world is going to end soon, but it is important to keep track of these things because those in power behind the scene maybe using manmade events similar to what the prophecies said to advance their agenda.

I posted this later than usual thanks to a sudden all night snowfall that requires removal. Shoveling snow is a back breaking task that took time. I better get back to my backlog of work now.

Have a great weekend all!

My Predictions of this Pluto in Aquarius Era Starting 2024


While I am waiting for my team to restore our servers thanks to some hackers trashed them over the weekend, I have some time on hand and I think I must write this piece to explain what it really means, given my background in Chinese astrology. I think many astrologers on the internet misinterpret the meanings of Pluto moving into Aquarius. In short they got it all wrong.

At the same time, I am going to trash the Chinese astrologers too because they also read the 9th phase of the 180 years feng shui cycle wrong. Only rarely, I see some of these masters showing a clear sign of holding back their views and hinted that the main stream views may be too rosy.

Pluto is the destroyer of everything that it touches. Pluto is the name of the Roman god who ruled the underworld. And his former name in Greek mythology is Hades. Pluto brings destruction and will lead to major changes after the destruction is completed.

With Aquarius being an air sign and that it rules technology and community, it is obviously that from now on, for 20 years, the air related technologies like airplanes will be in so much trouble that people will no longer be able to fly on them after the first half of this transit. The interesting thing with this direct interpretation is that it matches the feng shui 9th phase trigram meaning, separation.

So beware of more accidents with flying, more flights getting grounded and that being stuck at a remote location from your home and can’t go back due to airplane problems will become the norm.

Another clear direct interpretation points to the internet because it is the technology that created a global community. But that will change. The disruptive nature of Pluto will likely destroy this trend with the world getting less connected as a minimum and the potential of the whole concept of internet will be destroyed and replaced by something else.

And also in a general way, all technologies will be in some form of difficulties. I can see this happening because all these big companies force upon us with auto updates of our cell phones, our TVs and computers. All it takes is these companies are no longer around, or, the internet is broken enough, then all your tech based equipment will become useless.

Yep, I do suggest that if you are a prepper, get a basic cell phone. It may save you one day. Oh, you may need a faraday bag to keep it safe too.

Onto the feng shui front, one of the key themes of 9th phase of this 180 year cycle is that the “middle age women” will be in power. First, the term “middle age” women” means those women who are mothers with young kids. What these feng shui masters forget is that why a woman of this type becomes the head of the household?

That’s because their husbands died or that these men have to go far away like, to fight in a war. This 9th phase last 20 years. So 20 years of “middle age men” population decline is in the card.

Just want to point out the obvious. Don’t get high on a new age of hope and dreams. Be prepared.