TLC Weekly Update June 25, 2022


Can’t believe I have forgotten to write my weekly update last week. I don’t even remember what I did last week over the weekend until I checked my daily notes. It turned out I was doing all kinds of chores from fixing up my cottage to building a storage facility in the basement. I guess this is what happen when I do not put this writing task on my schedule …

The most time consuming task, though, was that my internet access was very unstable for weeks. Not until I use hardcore network packet tracing I could not pinpoint the problem. It just happens that the two major internet service providers in Canada are engaging in packet snoping and mess with my connections to my servers. I am not even having a server at home for outside connections. I know they block that since many years ago.

This is a whole new level of f**k up by these companies. And obviously calling these companies resulted in no help at all. So, instead of wasting more time, I chose to have these companies install the commercial version of their internet services through their business division. Fast forward to today, I am paying double for pretty much exactly the same freaking service and all the bullshit problems are now gone.

Of course, anyone trying to put blame on these companies will be labelled misinformation spreader and than they are honorable companies that never engage in illegal activities or invading your privacy …

While waiting on the phone for countless hours, I watched this video on fight scenes with spear in movies. I like the guy’s comments. It is hard to find action movies correctly depicting the proper use of these long range weapons.

I was asked a lot about the current geopolitical situation and my response is something no one wants to hear. I told everyone that given the current trajectory of how things are developing everywhere, the outcome is pretty much set in stone – US and all those countries that choose to be its goons will fall economically and politically. It does not matter what these countries do now, the way how they conduct themselves over the past two years already planted the seed of their ultimate decline.

I am not someone who gains anything from saying this. I live in Canada with a f**king idiot elected as the prime minister. Everything he does is against any lowest level of common sense. I have no business ties with Russia or China, unlike Dalio. I do not stand to gain anything telling the world that these hated countries by the West are the ones likely coming out ahead in a few years time. I hate what I see is coming but it is better to be prepared for the future than to live in an illusion.

Let’s get off this heavy topic and watch an interesting game of chess here. These two grandmasters duel it out in the FIDE Candidates 2022 tournament and according to computer analysis, both of them achieved like 99% accuracy in the way they carry their games. Super human indeed!

Here is a video explaining something I told my premium subscribers for a long time. And may I add the quantity needed to break the world right now – 2%. That’s all it takes to completely collapse the world financial system at this point.

Enough dark thoughts from me.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update June 11, 2022


Another hectic week ended and I am very glad that it is over – I completely forgotten one video meeting which is something that never happens before, then my trusted router fried and Amazon don’t know where my package has gone …

Many investors around the world are wondering what to expect in coming months as the US stock markets have erased all its gains made just 2 weeks ago. Well, for a longer term outlook, you can watch this discussion by Joseph Wang “Fed Guy”. One thing why it is so hard to understand what is going on is that it is not the usual interest rate going up or down situation. Joseph Wang gave a very detail explanation of what Fed is going to do. With a better understanding of the mechanism behind, I hope you will be prepared.

Don’t know how I bumped into this story. Interesting read about two girls born together yet leading completely different lives. Good example of awareness and having the right mental model will determine the outcomes in life … not your birth time.

For those of you who is interested in human history, you can check out this video. What is presented poses a serious challenge to the so-called “accepted science” of human history. Whether you think what he said is correct is a separation discussion though.

I was asked a lot lately about my view on bitcoin and crypto space as a whole. My take is simple. All ground breaking technological breakthroughs go through the boom and bust cycle. Go read up about the mass production of calculators or more recently the public adoption of internet. It will take time before the crypto space mature and who knows how it will look like in the future.

One thing for sure is that I don’t like people comparing crypto with gold. Physical gold does not need electricity to “exist” like crypto. Gold is a universal medium of exchange. Gold is also a form of insurance when the government cannot be trusted.

Got to play catch up this weekend.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update June 4, 2022


The Non-Farm Payroll report released early this morning has stopped the US stock market from making a second week of positive gain. For perma bears, it is a sign of market weaknesses and next week everything may fall off the cliff. Objectively, however, we have the biggest one week rally just a week ago. Isn’t it normal that the stock market may need to take a breather before making its next move?

For doomsayers, the paper published by Gaya Herrington back in 1972 and an update done some 30 years later, has made quite a buzz lately. More and more people mention this work as the projection of our collective future can turn real bad starting pretty much now. For those of you who are not familiar with the work, here is an article trying to explain what the paper is all about.

If you are still not doing exercise regularly, may I convince you with this video clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast with Peter Attia? You don’t need to do crazy level of exercise to get things going. Starts with only a few minutes a day and you will see the difference.

I know many people who have problems sleeping. There are so many things that can affect us to get a good sleep that countless studies are done to figure out what helps. This short video caught my attention because the gadget mentioned is not expensive and can help one quantify the sleeping environment being good or bad instantly. I will actually get one of these devices and test it out.

Mercury retrograde since May 10th is now finally over. Over this period of time, I have one monitor died and countless paperwork delayed by third party for no reason. I expected that and did my best to avoid initiating any new projects. Now that it is over, I will schedule new projects again.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update May 30, 2022


I started writing this on the 28th and now it is already the 30th. I definitely have time management issue lately.

This US long weekend gives me the chance to do more clean up of my messy workspace. Paper works, research documents, etc. all pile on while the leftover boxes I cleared from my workspace are hiding in plain sight outside. They are still there. It is still necessary to figure out what those boxes are and put them away properly.

A funny (and sad) story of how the modern gem theories were validated by bullshit experiments. No wonder nothing we see from the medical research over the past 50 years making any real breakthrough. Garbage in, garbage out.

Great video on the subject of Russian Oligarch for those who want to understand how these people became so rich and powerful.

If there is one thing people like Bill Gates or the World Economic Forum really want to do to improve the well being of people around the world, it is not developing vaccines or other expensive medical treatments. It is simply stop obesity today. But do they really have the best interest of the people in their minds?

It’s been a long time since I write about specific subjects that I am interested in. Maybe it is time to write on a random topic to get things rolling. Let’s see what idea I can come up with today.

But first, I have to finish my chores.

Happy Memorial Day to my US readers!

TLC Weekly Update May 21, 2022


Yet another option expiration week ended with the indices doing what seems crazy swings that drive the MSM bullshit even more trying to explain what happened. It is simply option expiration market dynamics, nothing more!

A glimpse into the psyche of those who believe in “web3” and cryptos – it is no difference from those who believed in the internet back in year 1999-2000. None of these young adults involved in the current crypto craze would remember what happened back then. And I am sure none of them read history over the past 2000 years in detail to understand the rise and fall of technologies.

On the other hand, there are people who go “all-in” just because they think they understand how it works.

A year ago the world has started to question the energy consumption dilemma of crytpos. My take is simple as I know about this problem for several years already and could not find anyone in the crypto space talking about it or at least address the issue head on. As long as a crypto has this fundamental problem, it is worth nothing.

This means, if you are getting into crypto trading or speculation, and that you have this knowledge about the energy consumption problem, you will do fine because you know the risk is complete wipeout anytime and scale your risk properly.

So much babbling from me on crypto, time to switch the subject.

Another great video from Patrick Boyle. This time it is addressing the important issue of food shortage coming across the globe. For those who has the space and cash reserve, it may be a good idea to stock up food for the coming months.

For those of you who invest in the stock markets, here is a video summarizing Michael Burry’s point of view of what to expect in coming years. He is bearish for different reasons from mine but it is always a good idea to hear what other experts think about the current market environment. Keeping an open mind is essential in navigating the chaotic market moves these days.

We are experiencing a thunderstorm here at the moment. That disrupted my plan to clean up my outdoor space. So, what’s better than writing this and reading some books until the storm is over?

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update May 15, 2022


It is Sunday afternoon, and I just started writing this.

I was bombarded by many questions from many people I know this week. I ended up talking with so many people for countless number of hours. The main themes are basically the situation in Ukraine, the current interest rate environment and the stock market outlook.

As a summary, Ukraine situation will only get worse as NATO (it is really just USA) continues to force the world to accept its dominance even though it is really a relic from the past. For the current interest rate up trend, it will continue until majority of the people in the world die from hunger. And finally for the US stock market, it will go to zero because US will be nuked by Russia and other countries.

No one wants to hear what I wrote above and keep asking questions round and round so that they can get a different answer. Hence my time was wasted with no impact whatsoever in helping these people to prepare for the future.

The bottom line is, the future of our world is much more uncertain at this point. By thinking about the worst case scenario, one can be better prepared should that scenario actually happen. This thought exercise is brutal for people who do not have training in higher awareness as they will not be able to sleep and will dig into all kinds of conspiracy theories to satisfy their appetite in fear so that they will do nothing productive.

For those with higher awareness, they will do what they can and not worry about what they can’t control. In fact, knowing that the future can be so chaotic means we should enjoy our lives even more when it is still functional …

For one, if you are in the dating game, checkout this interesting article from Wired on how dating apps are leading people to sure misery. Well, it is my interpretation of the article. You may see this differently.

Or you can learn to make your own perfect soft boiled egg. This guy has done all the hard work so you don’t need to. Just learn it from him and you will be able to enjoy perfect soft boiled eggs all the time.

And if you are hoping aliens will come to save this world from the current trend of self destruction, don’t hold your hope high as these scientists pointed out, the chance can be very low.

For those of you who has access to open space, the total lunar eclipse tonight will be a nice treat.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

TLC Weekly Update May 6, 2022


What a roller coaster week with the stock market … for experienced day traders, this is golden opportunity to make good money while casual players got slaughtered without knowing why.

Interesting view about the rate hikes by Sam Zell. If he is right, then the bears of the stock market will be crushed hard pretty soon.

Lately the stock of Teladoc Health (TDOC) was quite the talk of the town thanks to Cathie Wood’s perfect timing to buy this stock at such a good price that it is now 90% lower from its all-time-high. I guess her call of the stock to 10x may now be possible if it trades back up to its peak. That, of course, depends heavily on whether it will go to zero first.

Here is a short article by Mark Manson on how we judge others. It is a good read.

I am happy that my two new trading servers are now working. Time to move onto the other projects.

Happy Mother’s Day!

TLC Weekly Update April 29, 2022


Can’t believe end of April is already here. And we are going to end it with a solar eclipse. How interesting it is.

Read an interesting article about micronations. I wonder, what if, that all these natural disasters depicted in movies happen in real life. Then the so-called nations we have around the world will be meaningless as law and order cannot be enforced. In fact, we are seeing the early sign of that in many parts of United States and Canada where crimes of all kinds are rising. Should things get really bad, I guess forming gangs and tribes with military capacity protecting one’s turf will be necessary.

Just like the TV show Walking Dead …

Ray Dalio is repeating his message again in this interview by Tom Bilyeu. That subtle hint of geographic risk means so much as he moved to Singapore. His actions tell us how serious it is.

For those of you interested in spiritual world, I bump into this video of a dying human being scanned in his final moment. I’ve heard some people call this flash back of one’s entire life as “soul review”. If you are interested in the subject, you can search that up and knock yourself out with many hours of videos.

The selloff in the stock markets we’ve seen in April is not really as bad as many people think. Why? The insane level of rise in big tech stocks over the past two years created “pockets” of weaknesses that has to be taken care of first. Whether this selloff will turn into something more serious will heavily depends on geopolitical issues.

Time to get back to work.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 22, 2022


I am late posting again. No excuse this time. I just completely forgotten to write this until I wake up late this morning on Saturday. I was setting up two new computers as trading servers. It took so long for Windows 10 to update itself until the computers are ready for use. Before I knew it, it was already well after midnight …

I never thought the ability to scream can lead to a career doing exactly that. Interesting read indeed.

A funny take on Musk’s Twitter takeover drama. Despite Tesla’s latest cooked earning performance, given Musk questionable state of mind, any reasonable investor should seriously question the viability of this whole concept of “electric cars” and “solar power” meme.

I have seen quite a number of astrologers even claiming electric cars must be the future …

Based on my years of observing such speculations of the development of future technologies (using astrology or whatever tools), is that all such speculations when agreed upon by majority of these “gurus”, had all failed.

Hence, my interpretation of our future that we will be using clean energy because of whatever astrological setup that are going to happen several years down the road, is that there will be a new energy source discovered by then, not now. That’s the golden rule or astrology – disruptive changes do not happen before the astro setup.

It also implies all electric vehicles will be rendered useless.

Consider yourself warned by a “non guru” astrologer.

Given the crisis at Ukraine is still on-going, and that Musk calls the West to restart their nuclear reactors, I guess this video is a timely one. Remember nuclear power plants with ancient designs from 30-50 years ago dominate the nuclear power plants that were shutdown by the West across Europe since the horrible Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

Musk’s idea has not put into consideration of human factors. Since the close down of these reactors, the experienced engineers and operators of nuclear power plants all move on. There is no acceptable level of expertise to re-open these nuclear power plants. That implies the chance of major incidents like nuclear melt down would be 100 times higher, if not 1 million times higher (420 joke).

I urge all European leaders to ignore Musk. Otherwise, it is a guarantee that we will see large part of Europe contaminated by radiation, millions will die horribly and destroy the world as we know.

Time to get back to work.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 15, 2022


This is Easter Friday so stock markets are closed. This particular Easter Friday is special though as it is also the option expiration Friday. Hence, the stock markets have to complete the option expiration process on Thursday instead. As expected, hard swing back down all day such that the indices are forced back to near the midpoint since the last option expiration. But MSM will continue to make you believe something otherwise …

An interesting read of MacKenzie Scott and her charity work since her divorce from Jeff Bezos. Her approach to charity is very different from those billionaires we’ve come to known over the past two decades. I wish her work will make a difference for this world.

For those of you keep putting off your plan to exercise more, here is a video to motivate you to get started today. This video explains the difference between slow and fast twitch muscle fibers and how you can train them properly. Be warned though the video shows actual real human corpse.

Along this same fitness theme, if you are interested in training your body effectively, check out Dr. Huberman’s podcast with Dr. Andy Galpin on how to build strength, muscle size and endurance.

I am taking a break today as I rarely get a long weekend where I can sit down and relax a bit.

I will resume working on my projects tomorrow.

Have a great Easter long weekend all!