TLC Weekly Update April 20, 2024


After many weeks of continuous buying by the retail traders, the stock market finally cracked, just a little, last week. Could this be the start of a more serious decline? Could be. All depends on those people who are in control of the game.

Well, I warned last week with a roller coaster picture, isn’t that timely?

I know many of you are investors with a portfolio in the stock market. And the latest round of events shaking up the market may cause you anxiety. Well, for whatever reasons, all these FURUs are coming out with their bearish outlooks. Here is one and and another that will give you heart attack. Enjoy!

Personally, I believe we are in a critical time window for which the world will experience major trend changes on many areas that humanity has taken for granted over the past 100 years. I am no new ager who believe in bullshit like we are ascending to whatever XYZ dimension. Practically speaking, majority of the new agers are delusional and lying to themselves that they can do some voodoo shit and automatically upgrade themselves to a status that they will have a better life comparing to others.

Here is a good video on this subject of what major changes are coming, through the lens of astrology.

If you do believe in astrology or similar disciplines, here is a warning – don’t go to Japan in 2025. don’t go to New York city or nearby area in coming few months. There are other places also in serious danger but I am not going to mention that here since I don’t want to see more death threats. Have reasonable emergency preparation done including food, water and other essential supplies. You can thank me later.

Back to work on my projects.

Stay safe!

TLC Weekly Update April 13, 2024


A wild week for the stock market ended lower a little only but hidden behind was 2% swings intraday everyday. I am not sure how this uptick in volatility will play out next week but as long as intraday volatility finally come back, we will have better day trading opportunities.

A great video with doomberg talking about their take on current market developments. Very insightful snapshots on market conditions and geopolitical situations. Enjoy!

I find the central theme of this video kind of something we all know already yet no one really tried hard enough to produce the evidence pinpointing why these crazy leftists acting the way they do.

This video summarizes a study on everyday cooking oil. I think all of you should watch this and decide for yourself on what to do with this new information.

We are now at the middle of the Mercury retrograde time window. Anyone experienced unnecessary miscommunications and sudden electronic equipment breakdown?

As usual I am way behind on my schedule with my projects.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update April 6, 2024


A trigger event this week took S&P down about 100 points on Thursday and then on Friday, we got a bounce that recovered most of the losses. Is it the start of the long awaited “pullback” for the stock market? I don’t know. It is fun to watch though as the bull and bear bots duel it out.

An interesting take on China’s economy and potential impact on the rest of the world. Good overview of the whole automobile scene and related industries.

Someone finally produced a video comparing Canada with Australia. It is a great video telling people to think twice before immigrating to these two countries.

This video is not the only one that mentioned a similar theme of this solar eclipse, or the whole eclipse season, will change humanity’s fate. Some new age people even say that those with “higher vibration” (whatever that is) will ascend to another dimension, etc. Given how majority of the people are so ignorant, I always wonder if these believers are lying to themselves and to others with the hope that they will be saved or chosen …

Personally, as someone trained in traditional Chinese astrology stuff, will do one thing for sure during the solar eclipse. That is, I will stay home, not looking up the sky, no matter where I am, because this coming solar eclipse is of the “bad omen” type. According to the ancient teachings, those who look up at the sky during this event will induce extreme bad luck for at least two and a half year. Why? Because the actual solar eclipse will last about 2.5 minute.

There is a huge misunderstanding that the events affecting the world will be happening exactly on the day of the solar eclipse. That can happen but the lasting disruptions / changes to individual lives often happen later when the eclipse angle being visited by the individual’s transiting astro bodies.

As usual, back to work on my projects.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 30, 2024


Good Friday holiday turned last Thursday into end of month trading day. Of course, given the stock market being so bullish, it is hard for the indices to go lower much before the late bulls all jumping in while the frustrated bears forced to give up their shorts once again. It is not an unexpected outcome because lack of a bearish trigger event, bears can keep trying and they will continue to turn into fuel to push this higher.

However, if indeed an external shock happens in the near future, it is impossible for the stock market to find any support within the nearest 10-15%. What it means is that all the late bulls who are driven by greedy will be trapped and turn into fuel driving this dive down much more than just 10-15%. If you are long this market, taking profit up here and reduce exposure is a necessity to avoid serious damages.

Lately, the astrology communities all buzzing about this coming April being the most important month for this year and the coming years due to the high concentration of various astro setups in the sky all piling on within the month. What this means is that there are multiple longer term cycles that are entering their respective next cycle in April such that everyone will feel the changes in coming months as their impacts will be triggered at slightly different time this year.

Here is a good discussion on the subject.

Sam Harris had a conversation about meditation. I do not agree with everything Sam Harris said, in fact, he’s just another idiot who happened to learn meditative practices early in his life allowing him to ride on this new age craze. However, for majority of the people on Earth, his basic understand of meditation and the effort to promote meditation to more people can be a good thing.

Patrick Boyle jumped on board discussing the effect of Bank of Japan’s declaration of the end of negative interest rate. This topic is important because the negative rate era of Japan is the underlining reason why the major economies can keep printing more money. Although Japan’s interest rate is still near zero, the ability to print money at turbo speed is now dropped back down to normal speed. Would this be the catalyst of the coming financial crisis? Could be.

I took a break yesterday doing absolutely nothing and rested all day. Back to work today.

Have a great Easter weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 23, 2024


Post-FOMC rally sent the stock markets to another new all-time-high before pulling back into Friday close. Bears are crying and bulls are celebrating while the retail investors are going all-in at the highest level ever recorded in history.

A short clip on Douglas Murray commented on what Yuval Harari said. I agree with Murray on this one for sure. Harari is now a proven spoke person for those who want to fuck up the human world. So whatever he tries to put into the minds of the mass public must be a propaganda of some kind …

Jeff Gundlach posted his thoughts on FOMC announcement on Wed.

And for those of you who are interested in astrology, here is a surreal talk of the coming eclipses and the apocalypse. Not that I believe in the prophecies that this world is going to end soon, but it is important to keep track of these things because those in power behind the scene maybe using manmade events similar to what the prophecies said to advance their agenda.

I posted this later than usual thanks to a sudden all night snowfall that requires removal. Shoveling snow is a back breaking task that took time. I better get back to my backlog of work now.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 16, 2024


Quarterly options, index options, index future, index future options all went through expiration Friday and not much happened again. Somehow all attempts to go just a little lower for the broad market always met with one of the big techs going higher like a penny stock to offset all the losses from the other 99% of the stock market. In particular, this Friday we have Nvidia going higher and so the indices just stuck in place and close near their opening prices.

Next week we have line up of many market moving events like WW3, financial system total collapse, etc. but none of that matters until they do. So no point guessing which way it will go … that’s the beauty of day trading – taking it one day at a time.

I came across this video talking about moral code from Immanuel Kant. Pretty good explanation that helps people to at least giving the concept a thought.

I thought about going to Antarctica for a long time. If anything it is definitely on my bucket list. And I found this video talking about a cruise going there in comfort. What a nice surprise.

For those concern much about the financial markets, here is a video of Lyn Alden talking about her take on the current situation. It is an hour long video and many topics are covered. As usual, I do not necessary agree with the opinions in these videos. It is just good practice to observe what influential people think about the markets because they affect the behaviour of many people who follow them.

Here is a great video for those of you young adults or those who have kids. The world is changing and whatever people who are still alive believe in of the social norm or a good path going forward are all wrong. The currently alive 4-5 generations of people have no idea that this 9th phase (20 years starting now) of the 180 years cycle according to Chinese feng shui will do to them all. When I get the chance, I will write something up on the subject.

Back to work as usual.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 9, 2024


Once again, non-farm payroll week did not disappoint – going higher into Friday morning and caught the bears by surprise. After Friday open, however, NVidia dropped 10% from the newly minted all-time-high in the morning. That dragged the indices lower into close.

Could this be the start of a normal pullback over the next few weeks for the stock market? Could be.

Interesting video talking about several stories that really matters these days yet you don’t see MSMs mentioning them. One of these stories reminded me that years ago, when some countries asked for its gold to be sent back to them from the United States, only finding out those gold bars are fake …

Tony Robbins has a new book coming out. Here is Russell Brand talking with him about that.

Nick Crown of the “rich vs. really rich” shorts fame, has this video on side hustles. The idea of having a side hustle is very much every young adults talking about these days thanks to the lack of an income from a regular job that can sustain their basic living needs. However, not all side hustles make sense.

Lately, somehow Uber keeps offering me discount on pets’ products … for which it is totally useless to me. Are they trying to brainwash me into buying a pet?

This is rollover weekend for US index futures. So extra work for my team to get our trading servers ready for next week.

Back to work for me as usual.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 2, 2024


Second month of 2024 bought us to another new all-time-high in the US stock market. Many people keep asking what can bring the market down? These people are asking this question from several camps of thoughts. One being the perma bear camp that are angry why the stock markets are not crashing. Well, the overall stock market never recovered and is crashing. It is the computation method of these indices that lead to their new highs which is totally detached from the overall economy or the stock markets.

There is no point to argue that’s not fair when you are supposed to know how the indices are calculated when you choose to trade them. If you have not done your due diligence, it is your fault.

I find this video very interesting because rarely we see such in-depth dissing of the so-called particle physicists. For majority of the humans on Earth, they only read about the collider and whatever “major discoveries” were made. All they are fed with are rosy bullshit of a bullshit field just like climate science …

Lately, there is this talk of Dave Pascoe because of his biomarkers are even better than Bryan Johnson at an older age of 61. His longevity routines are also much more approachable. Here is a video summarizing what his does.

A clip of Whitney Webb’s talk about the evil plans waiting for us all. I find it interesting that she used the term “neo feudal model” because that’s what I wrote some 10-15 years ago. I remember that I explained the way how the stock markets were “saved” after the 2008-2009 financial crisis implied that going forward there will be no regards of moral standard by those people in charge of governing the world. The end of the road for such discourse is always going back to the feudal state in the not too ancient past, just several hundred years ago.

There is not much one can do to break free of this trend. Seriously, the only hope is mutual destruction if the underclass going for revolt against the ruling class. From the aftermath, maybe, humankind will have a new way of life and renewed respect of each other.

Back to work now for me as usual.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 24, 2024


February is almost over and we are seeing another all time high with the stock market indices thanks to the strong earning report from NVidia. I even get multiple messages from non-active market participants asking for opinions about the stock market and what is going on with NVidia. This is kind of interesting because it reminded me of what happened back in 1999-2000 and 2007-2008 that I got similar sudden flood of messages asking about the stock market.

Do I know where the stock market is heading now? Nope.

Do I know where the stock market is heading eventually this year? For sure. It will go down below 50% from its all-time-high because we are going through a blow-off top phase. Historically, the best case scenario after such a move is a drop of 50% for the major indices and the worst case scenario for an individual stock is bankruptcy.

Can we time the top? No. Year 1999 is a great example on how long and how far the indices can keep going that even the famous gurus from that time like Jim Rogers went bankrupt before the top was finally in place.

Here is a good video on the current financial landscape with Brent Johnson. His key point is that US Dollar is shaping up as the only game in town now and that will drive the near term money flow and affects all the financial markets drastically.

If you do not believe in Jesus, you can skip this recommendation. It is a video talking about Father Chad Ripperger’s warning that there is a rise of demonic possession all around the world of late. My take on the subject is quite complex so it is hard to explain that here.

A short clip on an exercise protocol that can improve a person’s heart functions so much that it looks like you have cut years of aging off the heart. It has a lot of buzz because in the Western world it is like a big discovery. In ancient China, yes, ancient and not modern, that’s called the original Tai Chi training. Yes, it has a sequence very similar to 4×4 but somehow no one know of its existence anymore …

As usual, back to work for me.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 17, 2024


Option expiration Friday stuck in range after another economic data came out stronger than expected. Obviously, it is not enough to cause any serious damage to the indices. Again, without some sort of event triggering fear, the animal spirit of the bulls will keep the stock market from dropping much.

Interesting discussion about bitcoin on David Lin’s show since the introduction of bitcoin ETFs. I wonder what the average investors would do going forward. If everyone is adding bitcoin ETFs to one’s portfolio in small quantity can have huge impact on the price of bitcoin for sure …

Some people compare bitcoin with gold like what you see in the video. I do not have a strong opinion about that myself. But, keep in mind that if there is no internet or a functioning power grid, there is no crypto currencies, while having a gold bar physically will still be a gold bar that you can carry around and make deals with it.

Astrologers on YouTube are all jumping in on the topic of a very rare astrological setup where many planets are all moving into Aquarius this month. Here is one such video trying to dissect the meaning of this interesting pattern in the sky that none of us who are alive have seen this.

I tried to avoid discussion of religion here in my blog because it is a taboo subject that attracts very divided opinions. This time, however, I am making an exception to link to this video of Tammy Peterson and her experience of recovering from her cancer. From my personal experience, which is many times what normal people would have, including doctors, in terms of seeing people dying, that such miracles do occur all the time and almost everyone of them involves the Rosary or some other forms of prayers.

Coming Monday is a US holiday which is great for me to catch up with my work and emails.

Have a great weekend all!