TLC Weekly Update February 24, 2024


February is almost over and we are seeing another all time high with the stock market indices thanks to the strong earning report from NVidia. I even get multiple messages from non-active market participants asking for opinions about the stock market and what is going on with NVidia. This is kind of interesting because it reminded me of what happened back in 1999-2000 and 2007-2008 that I got similar sudden flood of messages asking about the stock market.

Do I know where the stock market is heading now? Nope.

Do I know where the stock market is heading eventually this year? For sure. It will go down below 50% from its all-time-high because we are going through a blow-off top phase. Historically, the best case scenario after such a move is a drop of 50% for the major indices and the worst case scenario for an individual stock is bankruptcy.

Can we time the top? No. Year 1999 is a great example on how long and how far the indices can keep going that even the famous gurus from that time like Jim Rogers went bankrupt before the top was finally in place.

Here is a good video on the current financial landscape with Brent Johnson. His key point is that US Dollar is shaping up as the only game in town now and that will drive the near term money flow and affects all the financial markets drastically.

If you do not believe in Jesus, you can skip this recommendation. It is a video talking about Father Chad Ripperger’s warning that there is a rise of demonic possession all around the world of late. My take on the subject is quite complex so it is hard to explain that here.

A short clip on an exercise protocol that can improve a person’s heart functions so much that it looks like you have cut years of aging off the heart. It has a lot of buzz because in the Western world it is like a big discovery. In ancient China, yes, ancient and not modern, that’s called the original Tai Chi training. Yes, it has a sequence very similar to 4×4 but somehow no one know of its existence anymore …

As usual, back to work for me.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 18, 2023


The option expiration Friday yesterday was a perfect example how the MSMs always bullshit their way to put a story on what happened after the fact. There is really no need to do so. But then if all they do are telling the truth, there is no need of them at all, right?

Charlie Munger spoke at the Annual Shareholders Meeting of the Daily Journal Corporation. It is a long video of 2.5 hours. He answered many questions and if you are an investor, you will want to know what he thinks. At 99 years old, his mind is sharp and his ability to answer questions with maximum clarity is just amazing. You may not agree with everything he says though …

Thinking of Charlie Munger’s old age, here is a video on broad overview of anti-aging methods. If you want to see the hardcore testings he has done on himself, you can watch this.

Many people do not know about this simple fact that US Department of Defense has a very serious audit issue. I’ve seen many people condemning CCP of China for pillaging the country. Well, no matter how much they actually took, it is a peanut compare to what happens in the United States. Maybe that’s why US politicians are so mad at CCP – they are looking at a mirror of themselves.

Back to work as usual. And I have a long weekend to catch up too.

Have a great long weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update November 19, 2022


This option expiration Friday we got this whiplash move within 10 minutes from close on all the major indices. I’ve read that another $2.1 trillion dollar worth of options to be settled on Friday. What a way to end the week.

I did not forget to write my weekly blog last week. I couldn’t because of some freak accident and most of the week I could only work a few hours a day. I am much better now but it will take some time before I fully recover.

Here is a clip of Andrew Huberman talking about testosterone. If you think you are low on testosterone, you may want to try out some of the suggested supplements in the video.

For those of you interested in crypto, you all are aware of the FTX scandal. Patrick Boyle made a great video summarizing the situation. It is a bit longer than the other videos Patrick made because the story of FTX is indeed very complex.

Lately I have seen a disturbing trend of big firms coming out to say people can buy into this bear market rally because it may have legs. And there are all these active traders who claim that the bear market is over already. Whenever the big firms telling us something, their motive is to drum up business and it is never about having the correct call of the future. At the same time, there are reports that dark pools are seeing size players unloading their stocks at record speed these past two months when the stock market has been rising.

I refer you to this video on Michael Burry’s latest tweet. What I think Burry believes is that we will see the stock market go lower a lot more from the current level. Many people do not believe that’s the case. Many even calls Burry a broken clock because they think he always call for market crash. This particular belief about Burry is wrong. From his track record, Burry’s calls are often early, by 6 months to a year. The reason why he is always early is that when all the factors are in place leading to some disruptive changes down the road, you still need a catalyst to end the current trend.

For example, even though the current stock market environment is ready for a dive, without some external forces the stock market can stay range bounded for a long time. It does not need to go higher or lower by much. In fact, throughout history of the US stock market, there are many years in the past where the indices went nowhere.

After typing this up, I am already drained. Will go back to rest.

Have a great weekend all!

And an early Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!

TLC Weekly Update October 29, 2022


Another week of crazy swings in the stock markets worldwide. As of today, the only things I read and watch everywhere is that the stock market can go higher from here. Notice that so far, there is no panic selling from the retail side yet. We are talking about ten months of stock market decline that there is no net outflow from the stock market. Given this is a game of majority lose it all, I will not be surprised that the bulls’ resolve will be tested soon.

A great recap of what happened this week in the financial world. The video is long and the outlook is dark. But then we already know what it is.

For a funnier take of the current situation, no one tops Hugh Hendry. Enjoy!

Some friends asked if it is a good time to buy a house now since the price has dropped quite a lot in some part of the country. Here is an interesting take on the current situation in the real estate market. If what the guest of the show said materialize in coming months, it will take a long time for any major cities in North America to see the bleeding stop in their real estate markets.

To give an example about the real estate markets here in outer area near Toronto here. I have seen houses that were sold at like $1.8 to $2 mil Canadian dollars back in February / March at the peak, have their neighbours selling at $1.6 mil and below lately. Same size, same area, just lower prices. The interesting part of this dynamics is the bullwhip effect where those buyers who bought at the top are trying to rent their properties out at a price level that makes no sense.

In short, these buyers have no idea that you can’t price a rental property based on what you want to make from the property. Renters cannot and will not need to pay up unless they think your property is a good deal. Only those reasonable landlords who understand the responsibility of a landlord know how to attract good tenants.

For those landlords who have not read the laws on how to be a landlord here in Canada, here is a friendly reminder – you better catch up now or you will be punished by law very soon when the tenants are getting frustrated in coming years.

I have a very bad cough for almost two weeks now. Can’t sleep well when one has to cough every few minutes. That affect my work progress a lot.

Don’t like it but I rarely get sick … may as well enjoy the feeling of being unhealthy until I recover.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update October 15, 2022


The S&P500 index closed at its lowest level for the year even after European Central Bank came out with their lies about much lower anticipated interest rate going forward on Thursday. Some people may call me spreading misinformation about ECB. But I stand by my words – the timing of the announcement is exactly the same way as what they did in the past financial crisis situations. I have seen enough after decades of dealing with their b.s.

Next week is option expiration week for the month on many stocks related markets. So another roller coaster ride is likely. And now we have seen many companies are guiding lower their future earning estimates. The sell pressure will continue to build up.

A very important video for everyone to learn from. I always talk about how dumb these pension funds are. Once you understand more about this drama in UK, you will wonder how long it is going to take for pension funds in other countries to blow up …

A funny video from The Babylon Bee. Since I do have mustache, maybe I need to shave that asap to avoid being picked on.

As expected, even though truth finally coming out slowly about Pfizer and its product, why are we not seeing any criminal investigations against the company, and more importantly, no arresting of those politicians who cooperated with them yet?

I am very busy working on my various projects as usual. If you have sent me email this week and I haven’t replied yet, don’t worry. I will work on my replies later on today.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update October 1, 2022


Finally, after a whole week of struggle near the year low made back in June, it was taken out the last minute going into close on Friday. Majority of the trading world was calling for a bounce due to oversold. Seriously, do they know that month end have strong bias for going lower? One has to wonder how little these people know.

Instead of just summarizing what happened last week, for those of you who are into investing and trading, here is a hint of what is coming this week – Non-Farm Payroll. You can make a lot of money from this.

I have been telling people around me to stay healthy as we age because our bodies do not function the same way as we get older. This video is a good summary of what to do to stay healthy as we age.

A good history lesson about WW2 German Nazis from Thoughty2. We are so close to WW3 at this point in time … maybe everyone should pay attention to what happened back then so that we do not made the same mistaken in supporting crazy dictators. Ooops, Biden was elected, Trudeau was elected. I guess we are doomed after all.

There is a big scandal in the chess world and an interesting take on the issue by Hikaru. It is a long video and only interesting if you like playing chess.

The back breaking storage move was a great success and now I get to go over these old stuff from eons ago. It is a long term plan though so I am not in a rush to finish the job quickly. It is quite scary though that one can accumulate so much paperwork, records and stuff that I haven’t seen in 10 years. Amazing.

Got to catch up with my work this weekend as usual.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update June 4, 2022


The Non-Farm Payroll report released early this morning has stopped the US stock market from making a second week of positive gain. For perma bears, it is a sign of market weaknesses and next week everything may fall off the cliff. Objectively, however, we have the biggest one week rally just a week ago. Isn’t it normal that the stock market may need to take a breather before making its next move?

For doomsayers, the paper published by Gaya Herrington back in 1972 and an update done some 30 years later, has made quite a buzz lately. More and more people mention this work as the projection of our collective future can turn real bad starting pretty much now. For those of you who are not familiar with the work, here is an article trying to explain what the paper is all about.

If you are still not doing exercise regularly, may I convince you with this video clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast with Peter Attia? You don’t need to do crazy level of exercise to get things going. Starts with only a few minutes a day and you will see the difference.

I know many people who have problems sleeping. There are so many things that can affect us to get a good sleep that countless studies are done to figure out what helps. This short video caught my attention because the gadget mentioned is not expensive and can help one quantify the sleeping environment being good or bad instantly. I will actually get one of these devices and test it out.

Mercury retrograde since May 10th is now finally over. Over this period of time, I have one monitor died and countless paperwork delayed by third party for no reason. I expected that and did my best to avoid initiating any new projects. Now that it is over, I will schedule new projects again.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 18, 2022


There is a first time for everything. So I have completely forgotten to write this weekly update last week for the first time. I am so overwhelmed by work that I don’t even recall that I missed the writing until this Wednesday. Time flies.

The biggest news here in Canada is the abuse of power by Justin Trudeau for declaring emergency state due to the protests by the truckers. Everyone in Canada knows that he is a corrupted little weasel. Now, we know that he is not only corrupted but also a coward and disgrace to the human species. Sad to see the police forces here not arresting him instead of the truckers.

Congratulation to Hikaru for winning the first leg of the FIDE Grand Prix 2022 classical chess competition. The last game is epic, check it out.

For those of you thinking chess is a game for people who just sit a lot, check out this video on GM Dubov doing pull ups. This is super human strength.

Many traders who jump into trading without learning much about the industry can learn a lot from this video. Jane Street being one of the biggest liquidity providers are often taking the opposite side of your trade. Very interesting take on the crypto markets too.

Back to work again.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update January 7, 2022


It is first post of year 2022. I like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous new year!

This morning my surface pro suddenly failed to connect to my bluetooth mouse. I ended up spending half an hour to figure out what happened. It turns out that somehow Microsoft Windows 10 made the decision that my bluetooth mouse driver was outdated and hence shutdown all bluetooth functions. I was then forced to update my Windows for over an hour before I can start my working day.

The machine was working perfectly fine yet Windows 10 can just decide to mess up my computer this way. It is kind of scary. On a second thought, the most evil person on Earth at the moment, Bill Gates, created Windows. This crazy behaviour of Windows should be expected … f$#k you Microsoft!

Since it is the beginning of a new year, there are all these astrology forecasts coming out. Let’s play a game of forecast here.

I am going to make one prediction about a situation that many of you are dealing with at the moment. Yep, I am talking about the lockdowns we are facing worldwide. Putting on my astrologer hat, I predict that by end of first quarter of 2022 majority of the lockdowns will be gone. And by third quarter of 2022 there should be no more lockdowns, maybe with the exception of one or two countries with really messed up politicians.

Is this prediction really based on astrology stuff? No. It is common sense.

Since we already know these dumbass lockdowns do not work, they will backfire. For some countries, it will mean the removal of the existing governments for good. For some other countries, it will be the forced resignation of these elected officials for not doing their jobs. So, it is pretty obvious to me that we are seeing the last episode of this lockdown drama everywhere.

We will see if my prediction works out in a few months.

I watched this video and couldn’t help thinking how broken the medical system is all around the world. Yet, many people are so lacking in basic understanding of science and other fundamental knowledge they become harmful to themselves when they seek for solution to heal themselves …

Here is an interview of Elon Musk with Babylon Bee. It is a very interesting interview unlike those MSM waste of time stuff. You may not agree with what Musk thinks but knowing his thoughts can help you understand and better prepared for a future of mankind that is likely to be greatly influenced by him.

Given the situation with Omicron, I think that it is time for people to take the time to listen to the podcast of Joe Rogan with Dr. McCullough on spotify. I actually signed up with spotify just for this interview and the one with Dr. Malone. Stop sticking your head in the sand. Learn all you can so that you are better prepared to deal with the disease should you be infected one day.

I will go back to do my work now. So much more need to get done yet I have only 24 hours a day. LOL.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update November 26, 2021


US Thanksgiving week has always been a positive bias time window. However, thanks to the event shock of the world concerning about yet another variant of covid, S&P dropped to the downside target of 4600 for next week already. The market has its way in making fools out of its participants …

As explained in past weekly updates, there are ways to protect yourself by improving your immune system. Do just some exercise everyday, avoid all forms of sugar, minimize intake of carbohydrate and take supplements that are known to reduce risk of serious outcomes with covid. All these can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

That said, this “nu variant”, officially named “omnicron” can be a real threat if its mutations are so bad for the vaccinated (confirmed), it will be bad for those who are healthy and not vaccinated too. The big question is then whether it is more deadly or not. We won’t know until a few more weeks of data becoming available. So, good hygiene practice plus avoiding crowded places could be a good safety precaution in coming weeks.

I just found out that University of Toronto here is offering continuing education programs that can be useful for people from all walks of life. For those of you who want to acquire the tools you need to build a career in tech, check them out.

Another great physics lesson from Veritasium about electricity. Now, watch an answer to the explanation. Personally, I don’t know what to think. I need time to digest the information.

Why we can’t trust the so called medical research we see nowadays. Patrick is trying to be polite in this video but the point is clear – when everyone only cares about their financial future, integrity of science is thrown out of the window for a long long time.

I am using this long weekend to catch up with various projects and crazy level of paperwork before the year end. But then my inbox is flooded with Black Friday sales emails. It is hard not to check out some of those deals though because I know it will be hard to get such good prices next year, especially if the supply chain situation gets worse.

Have a great weekend all!

Happy Thanksgiving to my US followers!