TLC Weekly Update February 24, 2024


February is almost over and we are seeing another all time high with the stock market indices thanks to the strong earning report from NVidia. I even get multiple messages from non-active market participants asking for opinions about the stock market and what is going on with NVidia. This is kind of interesting because it reminded me of what happened back in 1999-2000 and 2007-2008 that I got similar sudden flood of messages asking about the stock market.

Do I know where the stock market is heading now? Nope.

Do I know where the stock market is heading eventually this year? For sure. It will go down below 50% from its all-time-high because we are going through a blow-off top phase. Historically, the best case scenario after such a move is a drop of 50% for the major indices and the worst case scenario for an individual stock is bankruptcy.

Can we time the top? No. Year 1999 is a great example on how long and how far the indices can keep going that even the famous gurus from that time like Jim Rogers went bankrupt before the top was finally in place.

Here is a good video on the current financial landscape with Brent Johnson. His key point is that US Dollar is shaping up as the only game in town now and that will drive the near term money flow and affects all the financial markets drastically.

If you do not believe in Jesus, you can skip this recommendation. It is a video talking about Father Chad Ripperger’s warning that there is a rise of demonic possession all around the world of late. My take on the subject is quite complex so it is hard to explain that here.

A short clip on an exercise protocol that can improve a person’s heart functions so much that it looks like you have cut years of aging off the heart. It has a lot of buzz because in the Western world it is like a big discovery. In ancient China, yes, ancient and not modern, that’s called the original Tai Chi training. Yes, it has a sequence very similar to 4×4 but somehow no one know of its existence anymore …

As usual, back to work for me.

Have a great weekend all!

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