TLC Weekly Update April 13, 2024


A wild week for the stock market ended lower a little only but hidden behind was 2% swings intraday everyday. I am not sure how this uptick in volatility will play out next week but as long as intraday volatility finally come back, we will have better day trading opportunities.

A great video with doomberg talking about their take on current market developments. Very insightful snapshots on market conditions and geopolitical situations. Enjoy!

I find the central theme of this video kind of something we all know already yet no one really tried hard enough to produce the evidence pinpointing why these crazy leftists acting the way they do.

This video summarizes a study on everyday cooking oil. I think all of you should watch this and decide for yourself on what to do with this new information.

We are now at the middle of the Mercury retrograde time window. Anyone experienced unnecessary miscommunications and sudden electronic equipment breakdown?

As usual I am way behind on my schedule with my projects.

Have a great weekend all!

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