TLC Weekly Update April 8, 2022


This is Sunday April 10th that I got the chance to sit down and write about the week. Totally lost track of time …

The talk of the market (and the world) this week obviously goes to Elon Musk accumulated significant percentage of shares of Twitter. Twitter stocks got a boost of like 25% and more right after he announced his move. So, the big question is whether a fucked company like Twitter could be fixed with Musk sitting in the board. My guess is …. it will take a long time.

But the way Musk interacted with Michael Burry is priceless, enjoy!

I was told to check out this website for their very interesting world model. Pay attention to figure 4 in the article. It has done a great job forecasting the future so far.

I watched this video, a clip from the podcast by Tim Ferriss with Susan Cain, on inheriting the grief of ancestors. I find the idea very interesting because in Chinese astrology, if you collect multiple generations of birth data from within a family, one will notice that certain recurring patterns exist. If you like what they talked about, you may as well watch the complete podcast.

It is first time ever since Magnus Carlsen became World Champion in classical chess that there are so many strong players emerged to participate in the 2022 candidate tournament. It will be very interesting who will be the winner to challenge Carlsen next year. Here is a video of Carlsen winning a game in such a way that it destroyed a specific line of chess from being played ever since.

More work and not enough time seems like something I am stuck with in coming weeks. Workflow from a completely rearranged work environment has its unintended consequences. For example, my trusted compact printer was fried after 10 years of working daily. After unplugging it for a few days and reconnected it at a new spot, it died on me.

Another 10-year cycle thing?

Enjoy the rest of this weekend everyone!

TLC Weekly Update April 1, 2022


I can’t believe that it is already second quarter of 2022. Last day of 2022 Q1 ended in a down day and suddenly all MSM financial gurus jump on it. Don’t they know the last two days of a month has a strong tendency to close lower? There is really nothing to speculative about this, move on!

Another good video by Patrick Boyle on Putin’s move to force the West to pay in rubles. It is a great summary of the situation and how it affects Russia in various aspects.

Many of you know that I am a watch collector. One specific series of watches that I have been collecting all these years is the Omega Speedmaster special decennial editions of the Apollo 11 mission. Can’t help when the event is associated with one’s own birthday. What surprises me is this crossover MoonSwatch by Omega and Swatch. Check it out, they are cool looking and I may end up buying them.

When I went through my re-organization of my home, I learnt that common furniture are no longer common. Grabbing simple household items from Ikea for quick and dirty fix up is no longer possible because they are out of stock on so many items. In addition to that, more and more items are no longer in stock from Amazon when you just need something overnight. This logistic / supply-side shortage issue is not going away anytime soon. Don’t believe that? Check out this documentary and be prepared to a world that’s much different from the one we have before covid.

My huge undertaking to re-org my place is mostly done. Things will go back to normal and I will focus on various projects for my ventures. For my daytradingbias premium members, that means more videos for you so that you can better prepare for this extremely weird era in trading.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 25, 2022


A relatively quiet week in the financial markets when people have learned to live with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

A very interesting take on the college education landscape in United States. I wonder when this video will be considered as misinformation and banned from YouTube.

If you have not heard about the chaos caused by the nickel market, you should watch this video so that you have a basic understanding of the metal markets in general. What happens to them not only affect the trading communities, they also have indirect impact on everyone.

A discussion about the near future with Brent Johnson, who is famous for his “dollar milkshake theory”. If you do not know what the theory is about, check out this video.

This week I am again late to post my weekly update. Reorganization of my home space is now mostly done. So hopefully everything will go back to normal schedule soon.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 18, 2022


Today is option expiration Friday. For some, they can’t believe the stock market has rallied so much these few days. However, if they pay attention, the indices are really just moving back towards the midpoint of the year. Nothing special.

A funny sci-fi writer’s take on the simulation hypothesis is quite amusing if you are into this type of thoughts.

I have seen quite a number of video on YouTube in Chinese that are clearly against Russia in this current conflict with Ukraine. The funny thing is that these so called knowledgeable people all sounds like idiots to me because they are obviously expressing their opinions in a way that are deeply influenced by right-wing Western propaganda.

Well, it is sad to see such narrow minded people being called the “thought leaders” in Hong Kong and other Chinese speaking communities.

Here is a more balanced view of the root problem.

If you are losing sleep often you may want to watch this video. Interesting information that may help you get better rest.

This weekend and early next week I will be extremely busy to complete my home reorganization. I have been working on this for almost two weeks now. Age really plays a factor in doing all these heavy lifting. It is clear that I can’t do this all by myself anymore. Lucky that I have my son and close friends to help out.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 11, 2022


Another week of extreme volatility across all financial markets led investors and traders into deep confusion on what to expect in the future. Big name like Zoltan Pozsar even floating the idea of Bretton Woods III is coming. That definitely scares the sh*t out of many long term investors. But isn’t that what Ray Dalio has been telling everyone over the past two years?

If you want to understand the perspective of Pozsar, here is a video of him talking about the economy and financial markets.

Another crazy act coming from Canadian politicians again – the introduction of Bill 67. It is essentially making “critical race theory” the centre of all education from kindergarten to college kids. If you try to search online looking up what CRT is, majority of them, including Wikipedia, will give you words coming from mentally dysfunctional people. You won’t get the truth.

If you are interested to understand the subject, here is a video from Bret Weinstein and another one from Jordan Peterson.

Here is a great video coming from someone who took on the task of learning 10 different languages. His insights should be a good guidance to anyone who has a desire to become a better person.

Coming few weeks starting now, I have major home reorganization to do. I am sure lots of heavy lifting and hard labour will be involved. Let’s see how long it takes for me to recover after it is all done.

Hence, I may not be able to answer emails quickly as I will be away from my computers most of the time. If you are sending me any messages, expect turn around time of a day or two later.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 4, 2022


Can’t believe it is March already and this Non-farm Payroll week could not follow its usual script anymore as geopolitical issues now the focus of many traders and investors. But seriously, who can predict the outcome?

My advice to casual traders and day traders is to avoid trading during this time. You may not be able to handle the extreme volatility both psychologically and technically. It takes good understanding of the nature of volatility to thrive in this environment.

Ray Dalio uploaded a video that is timely for everyone to think deeply on what is happening now. Given the fact that he has diversified his portfolio away from United States, it sends a clear message that he sees a very different world going forward …

For those of you who are prepping for WW3, this is a video you must watch. Canned corned beef can taste / smell very bad if you choose the wrong brand.

I find this video on AI’s way to win the Monopoly game very interesting. In fact, more than two decades ago, that’s how I first started using trading bots in simulations to study market dynamics. One can learn so much about the financial markets by just understanding what other participants do in the markets. Yet, every retail traders are in a hurry to make money so they always focus on beating the market without first understanding what their opponents are doing in the game.

I am way behind schedule on my projects again. I lost a day thanks to power outage for many hours. Not even my uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) can last that many hours. And then I have all these new discoveries in price discovery behaviour that I have to manually verify. I guess it will be another month of crazy work hours.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 26, 2022


This week we’ve witnessed one of the most powerful reversal in the stock market within two trading days. Some people claim that it is due to the long term players who bought put options as a hedge to their portfolios selling the puts to collect the profit. In turn the market makers are forced to unwind their hedges which push the stocks and the stock indices higher. Some others claim that it is the middle of the Venus Mars conjunction leading to the stunning reversal.

Maybe that’s true. Maybe not. Who knows?

Dr. Van Tharp passed away this Thursday. It is a huge loss to the trading communities worldwide. Personally I was deeply affected by his work. My rigorous approach to trading is a result of following his philosophy. Here is a link to Dr. Tharp’s youtube channel. For those of you interested in trading, I am sure you will benefit from his work.

I came across this interesting article about Joe Bailey “Aurora Hunter”. Since I am very interested in seeing the Northern Lights at least one more time, it looks like using Joe’s service would be the best bet.

For those of you concern about the Russia Ukraine situation, a good video put out by Patrick Boyle on the effectiveness of cutting off Russia from SWIFT.

This week I am again not able to keep my schedule to post this weekly update on Friday. My schedule is getting even more hectic going into March. Let’s see if I can squeeze out more productivity under the condition.

It is going to be a good challenge to take on.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 18, 2022


There is a first time for everything. So I have completely forgotten to write this weekly update last week for the first time. I am so overwhelmed by work that I don’t even recall that I missed the writing until this Wednesday. Time flies.

The biggest news here in Canada is the abuse of power by Justin Trudeau for declaring emergency state due to the protests by the truckers. Everyone in Canada knows that he is a corrupted little weasel. Now, we know that he is not only corrupted but also a coward and disgrace to the human species. Sad to see the police forces here not arresting him instead of the truckers.

Congratulation to Hikaru for winning the first leg of the FIDE Grand Prix 2022 classical chess competition. The last game is epic, check it out.

For those of you thinking chess is a game for people who just sit a lot, check out this video on GM Dubov doing pull ups. This is super human strength.

Many traders who jump into trading without learning much about the industry can learn a lot from this video. Jane Street being one of the biggest liquidity providers are often taking the opposite side of your trade. Very interesting take on the crypto markets too.

Back to work again.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 4, 2022


Non-Farm Payroll announcement earlier today plus all these earning surprises over the week has nudged the traders crazy all week. But seriously it is really just another earning season week with way too many retail players playing roulette before all these earning announcements. Don’t take my word for it, check out tradingview and see all these so called pros dishing out their analysis of the stocks. I am not blaming these people because the financial industry has always been doing this to keep the casino participants excited. The retail players have no one to blame but themselves for believing in such predictions that are way worse than astrology forecasts.

Why? Chinese astrology reading on Cathie Wood clearly points to her so-called ability in picking the right stocks is a one-off 10 year cycle event. So just like all the other momentum buyers before her, she looks like a star when things going her way. If you pay attention to this knowledge, you would have avoided her picks last year let along buying or holding ARKK.

Many successful Chinese speculators use this approach to either fade or join the famous fund managers or rich tycoons on their speculations. It works so well that these speculators even spread lies to ensure retail players stay ignorant of this concept. Some people really sworn by these alternative method of market timing. For me, it is just another party trick for fun.

This is Chinese New Year week and the astro new year starts today (Feb 4th), a few days after the new moon that happened back on Feb 1st, which is the official Chinese New Year. Many Chinese people loves to buy these annual astrology forecast books written by the famous gurus around this time to figure out what to expect this year. These books often suggest what to do to improve one’s luck by buying special decorative items to be put in specific places within your home or office.

Whenever I see people I know doing that, I often suggest buying a Pokemon to “get the job done”. I was told it works very well!

Tim Ferriss did a great interview of John List who just came out with a new book. Packed with useful info and ideas if you want to improve your life and scale up your business and trading.

For those of you find this year 2022 giving you a headache on what to do with your investment, check out this video with David Hunt. I find his conjecture reasonable given the extremely crazy level of emotions among the market participants. How the world will eventually unfold is everyone’s guess but being prepared for various scenarios is always a good thing.

If you still do not take care of yourself and believe is the b.s. of the garbage put out by CDC and similar organizations, you need to watch this video. A simple change to your life style will help protect against all kinds of diseases. Going forward, I suspect that really deadly diseases will rampage the world unlike the fake covid. No existing medical system will save you if you do not take care of yourself based or what the medical communities have done so far in handling covid.

Another weekend with –20C temperature here in Toronto. Staying indoor looks like a great idea until it gets warmer.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update January 28, 2022


All the major big techs have already reported their earnings. However, it seems like people couldn’t decide if interest rate hikes will destroy the future growth or not. Crazy wild swings every hour at 1 to 2% everyday all week while the normal average range for a whole trading day being 1% to 1.5%, you know people are very emotional and not likely to be thinking clearly.

For those of you who is open minded to listen to a more reasonable narrative about the current market situation, check out this video with Jeremy Grantham. Grantham is famous for his calls of the major bubbles in history with his distinctive career in the financial industry for more than 50 years. Many retail investors who has no patience nor the aptitude to understand Grantham’s philosophy in investing will probably hate his approach because he does not provide precise timing which is a dumb idea in the first place for any longer term investments.

But for those of you willing to listen and reflect deeply, you will gain a lot of insights into the current market environment.

The biggest news in Canada at the moment is the Canadian Truckers rally against the Trudeau government’s tyranny of vaccine mandate. Personally, I can tell that Trudeau, a perfect example of a man child who knows nothing but scamming and lying to the public, should resign now. The future world will be very unforgiving to these politicians who messed up the world for two whole years.

Good news though in other countries that more are dropping all restrictions related to covid. My conjecture that this scam will be over pretty soon looks good.

Another great video coming from Patrick Boyle explaining the current situation in China. He makes several good points about what to expect economically in the near future for China. For those of you thinking that investing in China as a diversification from the US markets, you should definitely watch this before making a rushed decision.

Snow storm is expected this weekend and extreme cold warning is issued here in Toronto. So I am stuck at home again. What’s better than focus on work?

Have a great weekend all!