TLC Weekly Update March 9, 2024


Once again, non-farm payroll week did not disappoint – going higher into Friday morning and caught the bears by surprise. After Friday open, however, NVidia dropped 10% from the newly minted all-time-high in the morning. That dragged the indices lower into close.

Could this be the start of a normal pullback over the next few weeks for the stock market? Could be.

Interesting video talking about several stories that really matters these days yet you don’t see MSMs mentioning them. One of these stories reminded me that years ago, when some countries asked for its gold to be sent back to them from the United States, only finding out those gold bars are fake …

Tony Robbins has a new book coming out. Here is Russell Brand talking with him about that.

Nick Crown of the “rich vs. really rich” shorts fame, has this video on side hustles. The idea of having a side hustle is very much every young adults talking about these days thanks to the lack of an income from a regular job that can sustain their basic living needs. However, not all side hustles make sense.

Lately, somehow Uber keeps offering me discount on pets’ products … for which it is totally useless to me. Are they trying to brainwash me into buying a pet?

This is rollover weekend for US index futures. So extra work for my team to get our trading servers ready for next week.

Back to work for me as usual.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update March 2, 2024


Second month of 2024 bought us to another new all-time-high in the US stock market. Many people keep asking what can bring the market down? These people are asking this question from several camps of thoughts. One being the perma bear camp that are angry why the stock markets are not crashing. Well, the overall stock market never recovered and is crashing. It is the computation method of these indices that lead to their new highs which is totally detached from the overall economy or the stock markets.

There is no point to argue that’s not fair when you are supposed to know how the indices are calculated when you choose to trade them. If you have not done your due diligence, it is your fault.

I find this video very interesting because rarely we see such in-depth dissing of the so-called particle physicists. For majority of the humans on Earth, they only read about the collider and whatever “major discoveries” were made. All they are fed with are rosy bullshit of a bullshit field just like climate science …

Lately, there is this talk of Dave Pascoe because of his biomarkers are even better than Bryan Johnson at an older age of 61. His longevity routines are also much more approachable. Here is a video summarizing what his does.

A clip of Whitney Webb’s talk about the evil plans waiting for us all. I find it interesting that she used the term “neo feudal model” because that’s what I wrote some 10-15 years ago. I remember that I explained the way how the stock markets were “saved” after the 2008-2009 financial crisis implied that going forward there will be no regards of moral standard by those people in charge of governing the world. The end of the road for such discourse is always going back to the feudal state in the not too ancient past, just several hundred years ago.

There is not much one can do to break free of this trend. Seriously, the only hope is mutual destruction if the underclass going for revolt against the ruling class. From the aftermath, maybe, humankind will have a new way of life and renewed respect of each other.

Back to work now for me as usual.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 24, 2024


February is almost over and we are seeing another all time high with the stock market indices thanks to the strong earning report from NVidia. I even get multiple messages from non-active market participants asking for opinions about the stock market and what is going on with NVidia. This is kind of interesting because it reminded me of what happened back in 1999-2000 and 2007-2008 that I got similar sudden flood of messages asking about the stock market.

Do I know where the stock market is heading now? Nope.

Do I know where the stock market is heading eventually this year? For sure. It will go down below 50% from its all-time-high because we are going through a blow-off top phase. Historically, the best case scenario after such a move is a drop of 50% for the major indices and the worst case scenario for an individual stock is bankruptcy.

Can we time the top? No. Year 1999 is a great example on how long and how far the indices can keep going that even the famous gurus from that time like Jim Rogers went bankrupt before the top was finally in place.

Here is a good video on the current financial landscape with Brent Johnson. His key point is that US Dollar is shaping up as the only game in town now and that will drive the near term money flow and affects all the financial markets drastically.

If you do not believe in Jesus, you can skip this recommendation. It is a video talking about Father Chad Ripperger’s warning that there is a rise of demonic possession all around the world of late. My take on the subject is quite complex so it is hard to explain that here.

A short clip on an exercise protocol that can improve a person’s heart functions so much that it looks like you have cut years of aging off the heart. It has a lot of buzz because in the Western world it is like a big discovery. In ancient China, yes, ancient and not modern, that’s called the original Tai Chi training. Yes, it has a sequence very similar to 4×4 but somehow no one know of its existence anymore …

As usual, back to work for me.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 17, 2024


Option expiration Friday stuck in range after another economic data came out stronger than expected. Obviously, it is not enough to cause any serious damage to the indices. Again, without some sort of event triggering fear, the animal spirit of the bulls will keep the stock market from dropping much.

Interesting discussion about bitcoin on David Lin’s show since the introduction of bitcoin ETFs. I wonder what the average investors would do going forward. If everyone is adding bitcoin ETFs to one’s portfolio in small quantity can have huge impact on the price of bitcoin for sure …

Some people compare bitcoin with gold like what you see in the video. I do not have a strong opinion about that myself. But, keep in mind that if there is no internet or a functioning power grid, there is no crypto currencies, while having a gold bar physically will still be a gold bar that you can carry around and make deals with it.

Astrologers on YouTube are all jumping in on the topic of a very rare astrological setup where many planets are all moving into Aquarius this month. Here is one such video trying to dissect the meaning of this interesting pattern in the sky that none of us who are alive have seen this.

I tried to avoid discussion of religion here in my blog because it is a taboo subject that attracts very divided opinions. This time, however, I am making an exception to link to this video of Tammy Peterson and her experience of recovering from her cancer. From my personal experience, which is many times what normal people would have, including doctors, in terms of seeing people dying, that such miracles do occur all the time and almost everyone of them involves the Rosary or some other forms of prayers.

Coming Monday is a US holiday which is great for me to catch up with my work and emails.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update February 10, 2024


Another week of S&P500 edging out a new high again but this time without Dow Jones Industrial Average doing the same. So where are we heading from here, you may ask. My guess is that FOMO is in full force now, so every small dip will be bought and when we run out of buyers, this melt up will turn into melt down.

David Hunter suddenly show up on my regular YouTube browsing. First of the 2 part interview can be found here. As a so-called contrarian, his view is always controversial. But then listening to what others are paying attention to can help one develop a more comprehensive view of the market environment we are facing. After all, markets are made of people.

Bryan Johnson has a new video on how he managed to regrow his hair. Personally I would not go that distance to regrow my hair. Maybe just the red light part so that I don’t lose as much that quickly… the more fascinating thing to me is that those products he listed in the video are all sold out now. The power of these super star influencers is amazing.

The latest rage in the stock market now are AI stocks. This interview of Alexander Wang can help many people who have no idea what “real” AI companies are to understand what kind of problems these companies are solving. My take is that those existing public companies claiming their AI involvement is no different from what happened back in 1999-2000 where all those scams claiming they are part of the internet revolution …

If you are a man who are reasonably fit but somehow not full of energy and can get tired quite easily, watch this short clip. Proper intervention without medications can make a huge difference in your life.

Lately I am tasked to look into some very exotic financial markets to see if my team can build trading algos for them. I can say that it is a real challenge and I like it. So back to work for me as usual.

Happy Chinese New Year!

TLC Weekly Update February 3, 2024


Another Non-Farm Payroll week ended to close at all time high for the S&P500. Now that the stock market has gone straight up for many weeks, a correction is due. However, the bears are still very loud proclaiming a crash is coming. Maybe, they must be crushed into hiding first.

As usual I have no idea where the market is heading next until my STOPD rules are triggered.

Now that we are seeing riots and protests happening everywhere worldwide, the message from Neil Howe is worth watching again. The trend developing now will shape the future so knowing what to expect is useful for our personal planning.

Finally a good long discussion of the hidden risks of meditation. Even though I am a life long meditator, I don’t usually tell people casually to practice meditation. Instead, I recommend people to do breathing exercises first so that they have a proper foundation before they attempt meditation.

I find this interesting video talking about the Royal DNAs. Fascinating history lessons indeed. Why I smell a conspiracy theory in the making here …

This coming Sunday around 3 am Eastern Time is the official start of the next solar year. It is also the official start of the 9th (also last) phase of the Chinese feng shui 180 years cycle. I suspect something surreal will happen starting this week.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update January 27, 2024


Another week the US stock market closing higher and it looks like January will close positively by next week if FOMC does not want to ruin the bull party. But who knows. Given the geopolitical mess we are seeing everywhere … we just don’t know when and where a shock may happen to upset the current bullish outlook.

Here is a video trying to piece together the economy of the Roman Empire. The focus of the video is to compare the Roman Empire’s GDP against the modern era USA. This comparison makes no sense as technologies we have nowadays did not exist say, just 200 years ago or even just 100 years ago.

For those who are concerned about the current economic conditions and what may happen this year, here is Gundlach discussing his take with Charles Payne. His takes on the situation may not agree with what the MSMs are saying.

I find this interview of Patrick Boyle very interesting. He talks about the past how hedge funds are so different from the modern day version of them. He also touches on quite a number of interesting subjects. Hope you enjoy this.

As someone who eats eggs almost everyday, here is a video talking about eggs that tried to settle the arguments around the quality and taste of eggs across all kinds of eggs. I do not agree with the conclusion of the video because I know a lot about eggs and the studies he quoted are not done properly. Why? Industrialized high-end eggs offered by big companies are just another elaborate scheme to make more money from the “organic” movement.

Back to work now.

Have a great weekend all!

My Predictions of this Pluto in Aquarius Era Starting 2024


While I am waiting for my team to restore our servers thanks to some hackers trashed them over the weekend, I have some time on hand and I think I must write this piece to explain what it really means, given my background in Chinese astrology. I think many astrologers on the internet misinterpret the meanings of Pluto moving into Aquarius. In short they got it all wrong.

At the same time, I am going to trash the Chinese astrologers too because they also read the 9th phase of the 180 years feng shui cycle wrong. Only rarely, I see some of these masters showing a clear sign of holding back their views and hinted that the main stream views may be too rosy.

Pluto is the destroyer of everything that it touches. Pluto is the name of the Roman god who ruled the underworld. And his former name in Greek mythology is Hades. Pluto brings destruction and will lead to major changes after the destruction is completed.

With Aquarius being an air sign and that it rules technology and community, it is obviously that from now on, for 20 years, the air related technologies like airplanes will be in so much trouble that people will no longer be able to fly on them after the first half of this transit. The interesting thing with this direct interpretation is that it matches the feng shui 9th phase trigram meaning, separation.

So beware of more accidents with flying, more flights getting grounded and that being stuck at a remote location from your home and can’t go back due to airplane problems will become the norm.

Another clear direct interpretation points to the internet because it is the technology that created a global community. But that will change. The disruptive nature of Pluto will likely destroy this trend with the world getting less connected as a minimum and the potential of the whole concept of internet will be destroyed and replaced by something else.

And also in a general way, all technologies will be in some form of difficulties. I can see this happening because all these big companies force upon us with auto updates of our cell phones, our TVs and computers. All it takes is these companies are no longer around, or, the internet is broken enough, then all your tech based equipment will become useless.

Yep, I do suggest that if you are a prepper, get a basic cell phone. It may save you one day. Oh, you may need a faraday bag to keep it safe too.

Onto the feng shui front, one of the key themes of 9th phase of this 180 year cycle is that the “middle age women” will be in power. First, the term “middle age” women” means those women who are mothers with young kids. What these feng shui masters forget is that why a woman of this type becomes the head of the household?

That’s because their husbands died or that these men have to go far away like, to fight in a war. This 9th phase last 20 years. So 20 years of “middle age men” population decline is in the card.

Just want to point out the obvious. Don’t get high on a new age of hope and dreams. Be prepared.

TLC Weekly Update January 20, 2024


US stock market finally made it to new all-time-high on Friday after multiple attempts at clearing the resistance zone. All those bears who thought we are going to get a major double top are now forced to give up. So how high will it go? I have no idea.

But remember this – the large financial institutions love to game the system by forcing a positive close for January so that they can claim that this year will go higher due to the “January Effect”. It is another example of lies told enough times will make people believe in them.

I find this video very interesting that all of us living in North America should be aware of. The power grid here being overloaded in deep winter and also in mid summer is a well known fact. Brownout happens all the time during those periods. If the analysis in the video is correct, then AI will “do us in” this year … I suggest everyone to get at least some kind of backup power handy. I hope that the expected blackout does not happen this winter because a lot of people will be killed.

Because of the official Chinese New Year is coming (Feb 10), all kinds of fortune telling videos are popping up. Chinese calendar system is a solar-lunar system. This year is one of those years for which the solar new year (Feb 4) happens before the lunar one (Feb 10). In Chinese traditional beliefs, this coming year of the dragon will be a blind year and can bring bad luck to many. But I think the more important astrological event is the transit of Pluto into Aquarius which dictates the themes of several major areas of our lives in the coming 20 years.

There are tons of videos on this Pluto transit that you can search online and watch as much as you want. Here is one with some detail explanation about the subject.

Interestingly, Chinese feng shui system also have a “shift of energy” into the 9th phase, the last phase, of its 180 years cycle. Since majority of these feng shui videos are done in Chinese, I am not going to link to them here. In short, the feng shui masters believe that in the 9th phase we will see a lot more natural disasters, wars and diseases. So it can be a very difficult time in coming years for humankind.

And for those who are financially minded, here is Brent Johnson’s take on what to expect from the markets in 2024.

My insane schedule is now slowly going back to normal but then I still have a huge pile up of tasks to complete. Better get back to work now.

Have a great weekend all!

TLC Weekly Update January 14, 2024


Second week of January managed to recover all losses made in the first week for the US stock market. Sentiment survey also posted the fourth week of very bullish sentiment. Can this keep going and force a breakout to the upside this week? Hard to say when the whole stock market has transformed into meme stocks like GME …

It is mesmerizing to watch the Chess Puzzle World Championship. Even if you don’t have time watching the whole thing, skip to the end and watch the final showdown. I am amazed how they can solve these puzzles at such high speed.

One of the hottest topics last week was the Miami alien event. Many videos popped up on YouTube and X. Here is one claiming to have new photos.

This is the winter season and a timely video on how to prevent and treat colds and flu from Dr. Huberman was uploaded a few days ago. You don’t need to watch the whole video if you don’t have the time. He is nice enough to have all the links for each chapter in the description section so you can skip to the parts that interest you.

My schedule was so messed up this week I ended up breaking all my normal routines that now affect my sleep badly. Hopefully this week things will return to normal.

Have a great weekend all!