How to Cold Shower


There are many benefits with taking cold shower. I am not going to explain all that here. What I like to do is telling you a way to do it through a process that determination and will power are not needed.

First, if you are a hot shower person, start with ending your shower with “less hot” water for like 30 seconds. It has to be something you can tolerate. No point to make it an unpleasant experience. More on this “tolerance” issue later.

Just by doing this for a week, you would reap a small part of the benefits you get from taking ice cold shower.

Next, dial down the temperature of the water you use in your shower. You do not need to go all the way down to warm water until you are comfortable to do so. And remember to end your shower with water than is cooler. At this point, you can adjust the temperature of the water down quickly every few days.

The goal is to allow yourself to have a shower in just warm water and get yourself used to rinse with cooler water. Eventually you will be able to tolerate ice cold water at the end. It does not take long to do so.

Do not misunderstand that I am against taking hot shower. In fact, hot shower has its place as a way to relax our bodies. So do it occasionally when you really need to.

And there is no point to shower all the way with ice cold water either. I find that some body wash does not rinse well in cold water. So practically, just add 30 seconds to a minute of rinsing yourself in cold water at the end would do the job.

If you have never done cold shower, I can tell you that once you have trained your body to tolerate the coldness, your body would react to the cold water giving you a warmness sensation inside.

I like to point out that everywhere on the net recommends people jump into cold water rinse on day one. This is not a good idea especially for people who have weak immune system or other physical ailments. For young but not healthy people, taking a cold water rinse suddenly may ended up getting sick. For older people, ease into the practice carefully.

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