TLC Weekly Update August 6, 2021


Another week of all-time-high wild actions by the stock market. This energizer bunny just keeps going and going. Fun to watch but not easy to navigate if you are an active trader. Howard Marks summarizes this nicely in this interview.

I find this video very interesting because of its implications in improving the electricity grid on large scale basis. The hype on Musk’s work on batteries for home use is really impractical compare to this low cost solution. Well, I am bias on anything Musk does right now but that is a separate topic …

Someone sent me this video on cutting up ATM machines as if it is treasure hunting. I never imagine that people would simply leave those money in the ATM machines. Fun to watch!

The world is living in fear again lately due to the surge in cases of covid across the globe. I tried to avoid talking about this topic for a long time because I do not agree to the many propaganda promoted by the mainstream media and various dumb politicians. For example, why the focus of finding treatment for covid using existing drugs not of highest priority for almost two damn years? If it were made the highest priority, I am 100% sure than within 3 months of the spread of the pandemic we would already have an army of medications to deal with the crisis and that countless number of people would be saved, not almost two years later.

The dumbness (or scientific ignorance) of the politicians, giving them the benefit of doubt that it is not their greed and self interest, tells the world that we have to stop electing these people to manage our societies. As long as these clowns are there, the tragedy we are going through now will repeat. Sadly, I think this will not happen anytime soon.

It looks to me that we are at the eye of a storm with financial markets, covid crisis and geopolitical tensions all standing at this delicate balance at the moment. Any one of them going south, all the rest will be in total chaos again.

Buckle up!

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