TLC Weekly Update February 4, 2022


Non-Farm Payroll announcement earlier today plus all these earning surprises over the week has nudged the traders crazy all week. But seriously it is really just another earning season week with way too many retail players playing roulette before all these earning announcements. Don’t take my word for it, check out tradingview and see all these so called pros dishing out their analysis of the stocks. I am not blaming these people because the financial industry has always been doing this to keep the casino participants excited. The retail players have no one to blame but themselves for believing in such predictions that are way worse than astrology forecasts.

Why? Chinese astrology reading on Cathie Wood clearly points to her so-called ability in picking the right stocks is a one-off 10 year cycle event. So just like all the other momentum buyers before her, she looks like a star when things going her way. If you pay attention to this knowledge, you would have avoided her picks last year let along buying or holding ARKK.

Many successful Chinese speculators use this approach to either fade or join the famous fund managers or rich tycoons on their speculations. It works so well that these speculators even spread lies to ensure retail players stay ignorant of this concept. Some people really sworn by these alternative method of market timing. For me, it is just another party trick for fun.

This is Chinese New Year week and the astro new year starts today (Feb 4th), a few days after the new moon that happened back on Feb 1st, which is the official Chinese New Year. Many Chinese people loves to buy these annual astrology forecast books written by the famous gurus around this time to figure out what to expect this year. These books often suggest what to do to improve one’s luck by buying special decorative items to be put in specific places within your home or office.

Whenever I see people I know doing that, I often suggest buying a Pokemon to “get the job done”. I was told it works very well!

Tim Ferriss did a great interview of John List who just came out with a new book. Packed with useful info and ideas if you want to improve your life and scale up your business and trading.

For those of you find this year 2022 giving you a headache on what to do with your investment, check out this video with David Hunt. I find his conjecture reasonable given the extremely crazy level of emotions among the market participants. How the world will eventually unfold is everyone’s guess but being prepared for various scenarios is always a good thing.

If you still do not take care of yourself and believe is the b.s. of the garbage put out by CDC and similar organizations, you need to watch this video. A simple change to your life style will help protect against all kinds of diseases. Going forward, I suspect that really deadly diseases will rampage the world unlike the fake covid. No existing medical system will save you if you do not take care of yourself based or what the medical communities have done so far in handling covid.

Another weekend with –20C temperature here in Toronto. Staying indoor looks like a great idea until it gets warmer.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Have a great weekend all!

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