TLC Weekly Update March 13, 2020


People everywhere I bump into asked if I am doing alright when the stock markets worldwide falling apart. Obviously they are not traders. And depending on their tone,I can tell some of them have this schadenfreude high. Schadenfreude means pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune. I think you get the point. There are always people like that.

In order to avoid a lengthy discussion of the topic, I would just say, “Oh, really? I am busy with other things lately.”

It is already difficult to tell a beginner trader about the current trading environment. It is even more difficult to get the point across with someone who has all kinds of incorrect beliefs about trading and investing in general. And if any part of the explanation includes me making a handsome profit during this time, it will open a big can of worms …

So I kept my mouth shut to have some peace.

Interesting read on fasting that may help you to get better sleep. Some of my friends always have to eat something round the clock. I just sent them this article. I will follow up to see if any of them would give it a try. I am eager to see what the results are.

Will take a break this weekend after a week long hectic trading. In high volatility environment, when the stock market is swing hundreds of points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average every few minutes, lots of concentration is needed to do things right. And that takes a toll on the brain. It is important to keep a clear head if you choose to trade in this environment. You can make a lot of money quickly, but you can also lose as much money, if not more, in even shorter period of time.

Good news is that I am finally wrapping up one project this week. Although there are many more to go, I can see a few more will be done in coming two months. Very happy with the progress I made.

Talking about progress, I managed to double my pull-ups but it really hurts. At my age, it is much harder to recover from injuries. I guess I have to take it slow. Train smarter, not harder.

Have a great weekend all!

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