TLC Weekly Update November 26, 2022


US Thanksgiving week ended with the US stock markets edged higher a little, just like most of the past Thanksgiving weeks. What is interesting is that next week we will get early reporting on retail sales figures over the Black Friday weekend which can set the tone for the stock market or create a rush higher that turns out to be an important swing top. Powell will speak next week so volatility will return. I think this December will be a very interesting one for the financial markets.

As someone who has been telling the climate change crowds that they are being used by politicians and large companies, it is interesting to see this video available on YouTube. I wonder if it will be taken down soon …

I told my team working on our trading algos that I will update our core engine with C++ myself so that the performance can be many times better. Most people do not understand how important it is when one is doing intensive computations to research on any subject, the performance of the algos will directly affect the productivity. Here is a video talking about a friendly competition among coders and the difference in performance they can made. I tried to hire C++ programmers with experience working with several common trading platforms for like months now and every single one of them turns out to be not qualified.

Some idiots with fancy degrees even claim that what I am trying to do will not have much performance gain. Seriously? I wonder if they cheated to get their degrees in the first place …

Since we are so close to the end of year 2022, inevitably people ask what’s my outlook for year 2023. The outlook is that chaos is coming whether you are prepared for that or not. A new multi-polar world is very different from the single polar one we lived in over the past two decades. This video provides a good overview of the problems surfacing right now.

A nice change of pace as we enter the year-end holiday season. We all know it has already started because the radio stations here are playing Christmas songs 24 hours a day. Time to do all kinds of chores to wrap up this hectic year and prepare for the next.

Have a great weekend all!

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