TLC Weekly Update July 5, 2019

Well, sh*t happens. My Yoga 920 laptop died on me since Tuesday. Tried everything I can think of to “fix” the damn thing but hours wasted with no clarity whatsoever what went wrong. The symptoms include random crashes that force itself to restart, battery refuses to be charged and data files corrupted. I thought I bought a great laptop that will last at least five years.  Not even at two years mark the machine already died.

So my progress in completing the Emini day trading course is disrupted. Luckily, I have backup of my TradeStation stuff so it is a matter of installing it on my other laptop (Surface Pro 6) and restore the backup there and I will be back in business. The more frustrating thing is that some of the spreadsheets I have created for the course have to be re-created from scratch …

While I was waiting for the computers doing their things like backup and restore, I get to read more chapters of the book The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene. The book is huge and really takes time to read. It is also a great exercise to reflect upon the concepts to see how myself and people I know are bounded by these laws.

For those of you who email me over the past few days, you have to wait a bit longer until I have my laptop ready for that. I can only do limited online stuff at the moment. I have added a new item in my list of things to optimize in life after this incident. I will find a way to reduce my dependency of my everyday computer, or at least have a way to make the replacement process much more speedy.

For my premium members, I will travel to Asia starting next Friday. Due to time zone difference I will not be able to participate in the real-time commentary. I will see what I can do once I regain internet connection.

Have a nice weekend all!


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