More Trouble from Hackers


I spent at least 20 hours this week working with my team to defend DaytradingBias from all kinds of attacks by hacking robots. It is mentally exhausting when we think that we have fended off the hackers already and then another class of attackers swamped the site again. And again.

We ended up using multiple layers of defense to protect the site but even now these bots are still knocking at the door.

Although they failed to hack the site so far (touch wood), they are causing inconvenience to my site members.

These bot attacks overwhelm the server from time to time affecting the normal services provided by the site.

I cannot understand why the bots like my site so much.

Very frustrating but I am still hopeful that we will contain the problem soon.

And for those of you curious like where the hacking bots are coming from …. they come from everywhere. If you guess that the majority of these bots are coming from Russia or China, you are wrong.

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