My Predictions of this Pluto in Aquarius Era Starting 2024


While I am waiting for my team to restore our servers thanks to some hackers trashed them over the weekend, I have some time on hand and I think I must write this piece to explain what it really means, given my background in Chinese astrology. I think many astrologers on the internet misinterpret the meanings of Pluto moving into Aquarius. In short they got it all wrong.

At the same time, I am going to trash the Chinese astrologers too because they also read the 9th phase of the 180 years feng shui cycle wrong. Only rarely, I see some of these masters showing a clear sign of holding back their views and hinted that the main stream views may be too rosy.

Pluto is the destroyer of everything that it touches. Pluto is the name of the Roman god who ruled the underworld. And his former name in Greek mythology is Hades. Pluto brings destruction and will lead to major changes after the destruction is completed.

With Aquarius being an air sign and that it rules technology and community, it is obviously that from now on, for 20 years, the air related technologies like airplanes will be in so much trouble that people will no longer be able to fly on them after the first half of this transit. The interesting thing with this direct interpretation is that it matches the feng shui 9th phase trigram meaning, separation.

So beware of more accidents with flying, more flights getting grounded and that being stuck at a remote location from your home and can’t go back due to airplane problems will become the norm.

Another clear direct interpretation points to the internet because it is the technology that created a global community. But that will change. The disruptive nature of Pluto will likely destroy this trend with the world getting less connected as a minimum and the potential of the whole concept of internet will be destroyed and replaced by something else.

And also in a general way, all technologies will be in some form of difficulties. I can see this happening because all these big companies force upon us with auto updates of our cell phones, our TVs and computers. All it takes is these companies are no longer around, or, the internet is broken enough, then all your tech based equipment will become useless.

Yep, I do suggest that if you are a prepper, get a basic cell phone. It may save you one day. Oh, you may need a faraday bag to keep it safe too.

Onto the feng shui front, one of the key themes of 9th phase of this 180 year cycle is that the “middle age women” will be in power. First, the term “middle age” women” means those women who are mothers with young kids. What these feng shui masters forget is that why a woman of this type becomes the head of the household?

That’s because their husbands died or that these men have to go far away like, to fight in a war. This 9th phase last 20 years. So 20 years of “middle age men” population decline is in the card.

Just want to point out the obvious. Don’t get high on a new age of hope and dreams. Be prepared.

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