TLC Weekly Update January 20, 2024


US stock market finally made it to new all-time-high on Friday after multiple attempts at clearing the resistance zone. All those bears who thought we are going to get a major double top are now forced to give up. So how high will it go? I have no idea.

But remember this – the large financial institutions love to game the system by forcing a positive close for January so that they can claim that this year will go higher due to the “January Effect”. It is another example of lies told enough times will make people believe in them.

I find this video very interesting that all of us living in North America should be aware of. The power grid here being overloaded in deep winter and also in mid summer is a well known fact. Brownout happens all the time during those periods. If the analysis in the video is correct, then AI will “do us in” this year … I suggest everyone to get at least some kind of backup power handy. I hope that the expected blackout does not happen this winter because a lot of people will be killed.

Because of the official Chinese New Year is coming (Feb 10), all kinds of fortune telling videos are popping up. Chinese calendar system is a solar-lunar system. This year is one of those years for which the solar new year (Feb 4) happens before the lunar one (Feb 10). In Chinese traditional beliefs, this coming year of the dragon will be a blind year and can bring bad luck to many. But I think the more important astrological event is the transit of Pluto into Aquarius which dictates the themes of several major areas of our lives in the coming 20 years.

There are tons of videos on this Pluto transit that you can search online and watch as much as you want. Here is one with some detail explanation about the subject.

Interestingly, Chinese feng shui system also have a “shift of energy” into the 9th phase, the last phase, of its 180 years cycle. Since majority of these feng shui videos are done in Chinese, I am not going to link to them here. In short, the feng shui masters believe that in the 9th phase we will see a lot more natural disasters, wars and diseases. So it can be a very difficult time in coming years for humankind.

And for those who are financially minded, here is Brent Johnson’s take on what to expect from the markets in 2024.

My insane schedule is now slowly going back to normal but then I still have a huge pile up of tasks to complete. Better get back to work now.

Have a great weekend all!

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