TLC Weekly Update April 15, 2022


This is Easter Friday so stock markets are closed. This particular Easter Friday is special though as it is also the option expiration Friday. Hence, the stock markets have to complete the option expiration process on Thursday instead. As expected, hard swing back down all day such that the indices are forced back to near the midpoint since the last option expiration. But MSM will continue to make you believe something otherwise …

An interesting read of MacKenzie Scott and her charity work since her divorce from Jeff Bezos. Her approach to charity is very different from those billionaires we’ve come to known over the past two decades. I wish her work will make a difference for this world.

For those of you keep putting off your plan to exercise more, here is a video to motivate you to get started today. This video explains the difference between slow and fast twitch muscle fibers and how you can train them properly. Be warned though the video shows actual real human corpse.

Along this same fitness theme, if you are interested in training your body effectively, check out Dr. Huberman’s podcast with Dr. Andy Galpin on how to build strength, muscle size and endurance.

I am taking a break today as I rarely get a long weekend where I can sit down and relax a bit.

I will resume working on my projects tomorrow.

Have a great Easter long weekend all!

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