TLC Weekly Update August 27, 2021


Jackson-Hole Fed meeting started with Powell’s speech sending the stock markets printing yet another new all-time-high today. The so-called uncertainty about these Fed governors whether they would do anything to ruin the gravy train is obviously an outright lie. Why would they do that and be blamed for causing market crash or whatever economic disaster?

If you still believe that people in power would do the right thing or having any form of moral standard, you need to grow up.

I watched this video from Vice about the CIA’s involvement in drug dealing back in the 1980s. Very interesting video that shows why absolute power corrupts absolutely. Notice how major media always cover up and distort everything. Whatever and whoever they go against, are often the right side of the moral compass. Hence it is important to stop reading anything written in these media to keep your mind from contamination.

Here is an old video about the ancient computers predicting the future. Seriously, it is just a simple dynamic system that updates its equations one year at a time. It is nothing more than a toy. But it made it to the news back then almost 50 years ago and again back in 2018.  It shows how human loves to live by predictions of the future.

On a funny note, Patrick Boyle made a one minute video on Robinhood. Hope you get a laugh from it.

I am working hard to complete our next set of goals by this quarter end. We’ve started investigating various markets to see which ones are better fit with our trading objectives. So much work and so little time as always. I am not sure if I bought a lemon computer but the continuous high CPU load on that computer doing optimization and related tasks led to several BSOD already. May have to replace the computer soon.

Have a great weekend all!

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