TLC Weekly Update August 5, 2023


The first week of August was also the end of July 2023. What a week!

The extreme opposite reactions to the earnings of Apple and Amazon is a sight to behold. funny thing is, they kind of offset each other and leaving the stock market indices mostly going nowhere on Friday.

To understand better how we arrive at this dysfunctional world of stock market indices, check out Patrick Boyle’s latest video. His dry rumor helps. His example of Sun Microsystem from 1990s hits home. Back then I have to use their computers to do more advanced research.

Another bout of bull vs bear here.

First a bear who believes that there is easily a new high coming before a 50% crash. Since I do not agree with most of the technical analysis out there so it is not my view on what may unfold in the future.

Next is a bull who thinks new highs coming.

Notice that both bulls and bears are actually agreeing that a new high is coming … the bears are actually bulls in disguise.

I will repeat this again – the financial system worldwide is a fuckery of numbers at this point that completely behave like an American football game. Knowing who is in control of the tape at the moment will tell you where the particular market is heading. Few people understand this.

Such a dynamic system (or better called a chaos system) is very unstable. Anytime a critical event happens, the whole system will collapse.

One such concerning event is the flooding in China. It exposes how fragile it is with the modern technologies people all praising as the future. Cell phones, electric cars, etc. all render useless. The disaster hitting China is also the near future of US and the western countries as Earth changes continue to reshape the world. The financial impact of the flood in the world will be felt very soon. So embrace for the impact while you can.

I picked the story because it is posted by Reuters so not at risk of being removed suddenly.

Have a great weekend all!

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