TLC Weekly Update January 28, 2023


This week even some of the biggest bearish analysts from major financial firms finally admit the stock market can keep going higher. Is that a sign of too fast too much? We will see how things unfold in coming week as January will end by middle of the week and then FOMC decision on February 1st. It will be very interesting how the world will react on that day.

For those of you who think the economy will do fine, maybe you need to watch this video. From Theresia Gouw’s perspective, it will be tough going forward over the coming few years. Her perspective is very unique as a venture capitalist.

Interesting video about foam rolling (Warning: it use real dead people’s body parts) that makes me think. Maybe majority of the exercise tools or fitness products are not really useful after all.

I love watching videos of opposite opinions on the financial markets. Here is one with bullish view and another with bearish view.

Who will eventually be proven right? I have no idea. The only thing I like to point out is that no one talks about the biggest elephant in the room – geopolitical risk.

Thanks all of you who expressed interest in my proprietary trading venture lately. It has been two years of hard work and things are looking very good now. I should have written more about it in my article series on automated trading but my schedule is very hectic for a long time. I may not have answered all your messages and in case your have not received my response, please remind me again.

Back to work.

Have a great weekend!

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