TLC Weekly Update July 1, 2023


Second quarter of 2023 ended with a bang printing another new year high for S&P500. How high can it go is the buzz all over this weekend.

Macro guys like Alf are bearish for a good reason. However, without better timing, many macro players are deep in red and can only hope the recession will eventually arrive.

Some others, like Prof. Hanke, raised an interesting point about the population issue.

As usual I don’t agree with many of these videos I link to but then being able to see what others are thinking can help me discover any blind spot that I have not thought about.

One of the biggest news in financial world this week was the flood of applications to create bitcoin ETFs by several big names. Well, all of them are rejected for now. But it does not mean that these firms will not try again after they improve their applications. This development will significantly impact the crypto space so if you trade or invest in cryptos, remember to stay on top of this.

Eurodollar university has a new video up on China’s yuan. It matters because China is the second biggest economy in the world. Any shock in Yuan’s value relative to other major currencies can create a ripple effect shocking all the major financial markets. This problem is still unfolding and can be a catalyst in forcing the US stock markets to correct suddenly.

This is first of the month. So it is chores time in addition to my normal workload. Back to work for me.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

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