TLC Weekly Update June 24, 2023


Post option expiration week gave us a pullback in the stock markets. It is reasonable and expected. What changed however is the sudden turn of events with Russia over the weekend. Reports keep comin in and we can’t tell if this will turn into someone endangering everyone in the world.

On the surface it is only a matter affecting Russia. I am no political expert so I have no idea what the outcome would be. I could only wish this problem being resolved quickly.

Brent Johnson talking about his take on the future of US dollar. The video is almost an hour long so find the right time where you can sit down to watch the whole thing. What he said matters as this is pretty much the backdrop of the whole conflict between US (and its allies) against the rest of the world.

I find the pronunciation of the China “Yuan” by many people interesting. It looks like the Western journalists have somehow standardized their way to pronounce the term as “You-an” with two syllables. It should be pronounced simply as “Yu” ending with “n” sound, a single syllable.

Not that I am offended by the practice in anyway since I don’t speak Mandarin myself unless absolutely being forced to. I just can’t help to notice that the current generation of reporters and journalists are of lesser quality when in comes to seeking the truth. Case in point – they don’t care in the details like being correct with their pronunciation, why would they be interested in reporting the truth on more complex subjects?

Sorry for my rant on this subject.

Let’s look at a new story from Bloomberg on the dark side of Huawei. I am not pointing this out as if Huawei is the only big corporations that plays dirty. If I were one of the investigators, I would be scared to death too.

We’ve learnt from non-MSM reporting of firms like Microsoft, Google and Amazon were doing something similar to each other to secure their US Department of Defense contracts. But obviously Bloomberg is not interested to report how dirty they are …

So it all comes down to China being a threat. Specifically, the governing party of China is feared like the governing power of Russia.

And here is another video of spy espionage by a Chinese spy trying to steal technologies from US companies.

All these ongoing wars behind the scene reminds me of US itself of what it did to the Western world when it first started out, way back when. I am not the only one who noticed. Here is a piece on the subject from 2019.

Could we call this karma? Or is it just the repeat of the cycle of superpowers, as Ray Dalio puts it.

For me, I hope somehow the world can stay peaceful in coming decades. The fight among superpowers only hurt the general public and benefits a small group of people.

Too much overthinking this weekend. I should concentrate on my projects.

Have a great weekend all!

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