TLC Weekly Update July 15, 2023


Another funny week of pushing the stock market indices higher. People rush in to explain why it is happening but all their explanations are after the fact kind of response. None of them can foretell what to expect before it happens.

Sometimes things are as simple as some squiggly lines I draw randomly on a chart.

Next week is option expiration week, so traders should be prepared to handle increased intraday volatility. No need to guess the direction. Just follow your trading strategy should do the job.

So many people on latest economic predictions are pretty much all the same on the bearish side – bearish on stocks, bearish on real estates, and bearish on economy. But if you listen to them carefully … they don’t really agree with each other. Obviously it is very confusing time for all these experts out there.

Personally I prefer the dry humor Patrick Boyle does with his video on East vs. West. Enjoy!

For those of you interested in astrology, an important astro cycle is coming to an end and a new beginning is starting this week. This cycle is the moon’s nodal cycle finally moving back into Aries / Libra after 18-19 years. In case you are wondering, Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, hence we call this the start of a new cycle.

Among so many videos posted on the subject, this is one of the earlier ones that was posted more than six months ago. The early posting of this video shows the content creator is a thoughtful person who understand that such useful information should be shared ahead of time so that people can better utilize the information.

Disclaimer: As usual, I may not agree with everything in videos I linked to.

More work to get done here.

Have a great weekend all!

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