TLC Weekly Update July 22, 2023


Option expiration Friday for the month ended up printing another year high for major indices. Many people keep crying that the market is very over valued and a crash is coming. But what they have been preaching for months now has not happened.

I am not saying that the bears are wrong and the bulls are right. I am saying both sides are wrong as their fundamental understanding of financial markets like the stock markets is wrong. Otherwise why would people looking at the same thing arriving at exact opposite views?

Here is a bull looking for new record high while this bear sees the risk of a steep correction coming soon.

I prefer checking out video like this to learn something I don’t know. This gives me a reason to look forward to go to Spain again to try out this delicacy.

Or that watching a podcast of Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray to tell myself this world still has normal people who have common sense.

There is really no need to overthink about the financial markets at this stage of the financial system. Take it one day at a time will make life much easier.

I had been spending many hours reviewing resume and talking to candidates to fill my company’s important positions. However, I am quite disappointed so far. Maybe I have not been able to state the hiring criteria more precisely. Maybe I have set my expectations too high. This is something that has to be taken care of so my near future will continue to be consumed by this task …

Outside of that, of course, is my forever growing list of projects to take care of. That’s the life of a CEO, to solve the problems that your team can’t.

Enjoy this weekend all!

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