TLC Weekly Update July 2, 2021


2021 2nd quarter finally ended. We just got our Canada Day on the first and this weekend July 4th for United States. It is a long weekend for people like me who work with the US stock markets. It is also my chance to take a break from my hectic schedule and hopefully get some rest.

Another young chess player just got his grandmaster title this week. His name is Abhimanyu Mishra from United States. He breaks the record of being the youngest grandmaster that held for 19 years. Here is a video of him talking about his experience.

Master Lock has outdone itself again with this combination lock – it is so bad you don’t need to pick the lock to have it opened. LockPickingLawyer has done it again!

I have learned something very fascinating about smell and how that affects animals. Dr. Huberman takes it a step further with interesting studies on how you breath and smell can affect your ability to learn and and remember things. For those of you like to learn more about this, check out his podcast #25.

For some mysterious reason the hardware problems that gave me so much headache is now gone. Everything has been working fine since Mercury retrograde ended. Could that be me and my team who finally fixed the technical problems or is that something unexplainable happened? I will let you decide.

I was told that this coming week or two are very significant because of the astrological setup in the sky. Well, so far this year nothing much really happened even though many people claiming more bad things should be happening. Hopefully these predictions will be proven wrong and that our lives can go back to normal soon.

Time for me to take a break this long weekend!

To my U.S readers, Happy Independence Day!

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