TLC Weekly Update March 19, 2021


Another hectic week is over with Dow hitting 33200 for the first time in history. For investors and active traders, where the stock markets are heading from here can be tricky. Multiple factors from inflation to no more stimulus can disrupt this gravy train suddenly. It will be very interesting to see where the stock market will be in a few weeks.

I watched this interesting video about a fiverr freelancer who grow her business to making more than $300,000 a year over a few years time. It is definitely an inspiration to anyone who want to do better financially. It is another example of hard work and persistency that pays off.

For Jordan Peterson’s fans, it looks like he is recovering and this podcast from Bret Weinstein with Peterson is delightful to watch. It is rare these days we get intelligent discussions these days let alone open discussions among experts.

It is fascinating to see what cells actually look like. And it is nothing like what I imagined. I didn’t know the technology has been there for sometime already. This busy schedule I am keeping seriously affected my ability to keep up with the latest development in medical science.

More work to be done this week including some hardware upgrade I have planned late last year. The whole project was on hold due to shipment delay from pretty much everywhere in the world. Once this is taken care of I can happily cross it from my “must-do” list.

Have a great weekend all!

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