TLC Weekly Update May 13, 2023


Another interesting week has passed with the US stock market continues to be trapped inside a tight range. Bulls believe we are going to see a new high soon because of whatever reason they can come up with. Bears insist that so far this is a dead cat bounce and reality will hammer the market back down. Maybe, it is something else all together – like we have reached an equilibrium for which the next major move has nothing to do with the current state of the market at all but some external events that will decide the outcome.

Of course people don’t like to see things this way because everyone wants their own predictions come true. Both sides have a chance to win. What matters most is that when they are wrong, can they survive for the next play?

A very interesting topic to me, “Is reality discrete or continuous?”, discussed by none other than Stephen Wolfram.

Here it is with Hugh Hendry again. This time he has a conversation with Russell Clark who has an opposite view of TLT from Hendry.

We don’t get a lot on YouTube with Doomberg as they are mainly active on Twitter only. Here is a great overview of what Doomberg thinks about various markets and the future.

Got to go.

Enjoy your weekend all!

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