TLC Weekly Update November 19, 2023


Third week of more gain for the stock market makes the bears angry. Well, can’t blame them. The 5-stages of grief take time to complete. In the mean time, the bulls are so excited that I see on youtube and X that many of them are bragging non-stop already. What’s the point to brag? In the not too long history of the stock market indices, having a 8-12% correction was the norm every year.

I find this video talking about the future of finance very interesting. The level of b.s. is off the chart. And David Lin was not able to ask any intelligent questions or getting any meaningful answers from the guest. This tells me a lot about this so-called “future” is highly questionable.

On the other hand, this video has a lot more useful information for everyone. Just the story of the guest jumping from being a successful lawyer to a successful entrepreneur is worth the time.

Lately I started to see a lot more pessimistic videos from those feng shui masters talking about a difficult future due to the “9th era” which is the last 20 years of a 180-year cycle. And that will start by early February 2024. I still recall a few years back many of these  so-called masters keep saying this coming “9th era” will be good fortune for owning real estates because this next era is represented by the fire element and in the Chinese astrology system fire element can create / assistance the earth element, blah blah blah … and now they all changed their views.

This is the reason why these esoteric knowledge are rarely useful in real life – it is way better to focus on one self, inward, to see what can be done to improve one’s life.

This speech from Jordan Peterson is way more useful to everyone.

I couldn’t do any writing yesterday due to all day hard labor working on getting our server room ready for doubling the capacity. Yes my team has a big plan for next year and we can doing everything we can to get things done not just on schedule but ahead of it. That’s focus on what can be done today so that one can better the potential outcomes in the future.

Have a great weekend all!

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