TLC Weekly Update November 11, 2023


Another week of positive gain for the stock market. Bulls are now having their victory dance while Moody waited until after the stock markets closed to announce its downgrade of USA. Would that do anything to the US stock market by Monday? I have no idea.

Patrick Boyle’s latest video on Peace Dividend is a must watch for the current generations of investors and traders. As long as this new multipolar world order continues, there is no easy way out.

Patrick has another video on Ray Dalio – it is not really a surprise because all famous and “successful” people love to re-write their history in their own narratives. I do not agree everything said in the video, as usual, but it is not because I believe in what Dalio does at his firm makes sense. In fact, I don’t.

For those interested in astrology, I find this astrologer’s videos quite interesting with this particular one applicable to us all now.

I have a lot to take care of this weekend, better get back to work now.

Have a great weekend all!

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