TLC Weekly Update October 14, 2023


What a roller coaster ride this week for the stock market – leaning on the turnaround Friday last week, S&P pushed higher originally but then hammered back down on Friday. Of course, bulls see this as a little setback while the bears believe the sky is falling. I’ll say it is just another week similar to those with Friday being the 13th of the month.

Here is an interesting video from Patrick Boyle on Ireland. Learned something new from the video about the details of big techs using Ireland as a way to reduce their tax obligations.

Many of you know my take that EVs are not good for our future. And now we are seeing breakthrough in ammonia engines that bring the technology one big step closer to mass production.

Eurodollar University presented an alternative look at the current economy using what we know about the great depression period. The pointed raised is very important because given how broken the system is right now, there is no practical solution to fix it.

Today we have a solar eclipse. I have watched many videos on YouTube discussing the astrological implication of that on USA because it is mainly visible in the country. This particular solar eclipse is special because it has a stunning visual effect that, when the sun is fully covered, instead of the sky turning into total darkness, this one has a ring of light. If you are interested in what the astrologers say about this, just search online.

Have a great weekend all!

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