TLC Weekly Update October 21, 2023


With so much uncertainty out there, S&P500 closed at the low of the week on Friday. That led to fierce debate on X among those gurus where the market will be heading next week. From what I see so far, bulls and bears are pretty much 50/50 split. This makes sense though because S&P is sitting at a key middle point here and until one side can dominate the tape, we really do not know which way it will go.

Tucker Carlson’s latest episode on X is a great summary of the f#@ked up world we are in. Those in power make up narratives that fit what they want and to benefit from the outcomes. Waking up from this is very hard for the younger generation because majority of them never really think deeply about the world as the education system has been modified to ensure they can’t think critically. I feel sad for humanity …

A video on Euclid’s Element from Veritasium documented how mathematicians inspired by the book discover things that Euclid could have never think of. Nice video to watch for geeks like me.

I know many of you worry about the near future due to the escalation of regional conflicts and wonder how that will affect the financial markets. Well, I have studied all the historical major conflicts on record and their respective outcomes during and after those conflicts. The conclusion is that there is no pattern at all. So there is nothing we can lean on using recent history as reference.

Given that being the case, if you don’t mind looking into alternative analysis like astrology, this video from Abhigya Anand should interest you.

I am kind of slow today due to serious stuffy nose problem. Whenever that happens, I know it is the autumn season is ending thanks to my allergy. Any how, so much work to get done I better keep pushing.

Have a great weekend all!

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