TLC Weekly Update October 9, 2020


This week the markets are all about deal or no deal on the US stimulus package. It reminded me of the old saying that “all politicians are failed actors and actresses”. How long do you think they will continue with these dramas?

A good read about the loss generation in Japan. These people are in their 40s to 50s now and are still struggling. If not for the polite / mild culture of Japan, this can turn into a very serious problem. Just look at civil unrest everywhere else you probably get what I mean. Are we really heading towards Japanification? As some people put it 10 years ago, thanks to the mistakes made by governments everywhere to print money with no idea what the unintended consequences are, the outcome can be the end of our civilization.

This article is a good example how China’s business people conduct their businesses. Many westerners made the mistake believing that the current China has anything to do with the ancient heritage on the same piece of land. Well, it does not. It is a completely different civilization created from scratch. Bits and pieces of the ancient traditions and values of China are passed down but I don’t think you will easily find that anymore.

Robert Greene came out with another video – a conversation between him and Ryan Holiday. It is a long video of about an hour of conversation. It raises some questions we should all ponder upon in this environment.

Lots of things to wrap up from last quarter while setting up shop for my new venture. I am hoping my time will free up a bit more later this month so that I can sit down and write something interesting outside of trading.

Have a great weekend all!

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