TLC Weekly Update September 4, 2022


This Non-Farm Payroll week gave us a roller coaster ride all week. Traders are now guessing what the Fed will do and what Powell will say next week. The mess for sure will continue as we have so many Fed governors speaking this coming week!

I love this video of Joe Rogan talking about the White House press secretaries. Second part is so funny. Skynews has been killing it lately with their jabs on these f#@ked up politicians and their goons.

From Skynews, a short interview of Dr. Jordan Peterson as he is going to tour in Australia in late 2022. He just reminded us all that the Western civilization is going down the drain and end of the world is coming soon. I added that last part myself.

For those of you who are into conspiracy theories, here is a video of Harald Kautz-Vella talking about super natural stuff. This video is in German so you need to use YouTube’s into translate into English if you don’t understand German. If it were not in German, I guess the video would have been removed already.

Thanks to the long weekend for both Canada and US, I have a bit more time to catch up with my work. I have cleaned my inbox this week. If you sent me an email that I have not replied yet, it means I have missed your email somehow so please resend your message.

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