TLC Weekly Update September 12, 2022


Belated Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

I was away for better half of the week taking care of chores out town. Hence the delay to post until now, on this Monday evening.

I watched this very interesting video talking about Enron and the latest energy crisis. It provides a different perspective in looking at the current state of events affecting us all worldwide.

Many of my Asian friends sent me all sort of videos making forecast about the future of China, China-US relationship, etc. Quite a number of them are opinions from famous Chinese astrologers using their astrology readings as a means to “see into the future”. Seriously, do you really need astrologers telling you shit is going to hit the fan?

Here is a good discussion of what to expect this coming winter. Second half of the video focus on the implications of the situation on various markets.

One of the biggest financial events of the year is Ethereum merge. If you don’t know what that is, here is a video explaining of it is. It is going to happen in coming few days. What will that do to the prices of crypto currencies is unpredictable. But due to the high correlation of BTC and Nasdaq 100, I think it will affect the stock markets too.

Tomorrow CPI could be a non-event because so much hype about it was made by so many people from both the bull camp and the bear camp. Since CPI will not drop to 2% suddenly, the expected 0.75% rate hike is likely going to happen. The only surprise I can think of is CPI printing higher than before which will spark the fear of 1% hike instead of 0.75% …

Back to work now.

Have a great evening all!

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