TLC Weekly Update September 17, 2022


Quarterly option expiration Friday produced no fireworks all day and settled pretty much within the day’s range. Some people suggested that we would see a major rally from open while others speculated that we would get a panic crash day. Sometimes too much conviction in a narrative would blind you from seeing the reality …

Talks by Robert Greene always catch my attention. This one is no exception.

CNBC gives a basic overview of BRICS. Not the best analysis due to bias in their understanding of non-Western cultures … it is still good for anyone who has no idea what it is.

On the brighter side, check out this video from Joe Rogan’s podcast on aliens.

Martin Armstrong did a good piece on Putin. If more people really spend more time on history, I think our world will be a much better place.

Rest of my weekend will be tons of paperwork processing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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