TLC Weekly Update September 26, 2022


This past weekend I took the plunge to move all the stuff I stored in my commercial storage back to my house. It took three movers, a 30-feet truck and 4 hours to move all the items. After that I spent many hours of back breaking labour to tidy up my place so that I can still walk around. This is just the start of the process – it will take me months going forward to sort out what to throw away and what to keep.

Funny thing though, is that I look up my email records on the first time I rented a storage space. And it is almost exactly ten years ago. No one can escape from our 10 year cycle including me.

Another fun video with Hugh Hendry. He bluntly pointed out the obvious that the Fed does not know what it is doing. Yet it has to.

Many people do not understand the scale of the financial troubles the world is in. Here is a video discussing how bad money are racing to the bottom.

Another good clip from Dr. Huberman on why reading more can help one to improve their ability to speak.

I warned that things will not go well for the world in the first survival article. I didn’t make good on my promise to write more on the subject. I will squeeze some time out to write more about it as I can see many people are not aware of the situation we are facing.

Have a great day all!

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