TLC Weekly Update March 23, 2024


Post-FOMC rally sent the stock markets to another new all-time-high before pulling back into Friday close. Bears are crying and bulls are celebrating while the retail investors are going all-in at the highest level ever recorded in history.

A short clip on Douglas Murray commented on what Yuval Harari said. I agree with Murray on this one for sure. Harari is now a proven spoke person for those who want to fuck up the human world. So whatever he tries to put into the minds of the mass public must be a propaganda of some kind …

Jeff Gundlach posted his thoughts on FOMC announcement on Wed.

And for those of you who are interested in astrology, here is a surreal talk of the coming eclipses and the apocalypse. Not that I believe in the prophecies that this world is going to end soon, but it is important to keep track of these things because those in power behind the scene maybe using manmade events similar to what the prophecies said to advance their agenda.

I posted this later than usual thanks to a sudden all night snowfall that requires removal. Shoveling snow is a back breaking task that took time. I better get back to my backlog of work now.

Have a great weekend all!

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