TLC Weekly Update March 30, 2024


Good Friday holiday turned last Thursday into end of month trading day. Of course, given the stock market being so bullish, it is hard for the indices to go lower much before the late bulls all jumping in while the frustrated bears forced to give up their shorts once again. It is not an unexpected outcome because lack of a bearish trigger event, bears can keep trying and they will continue to turn into fuel to push this higher.

However, if indeed an external shock happens in the near future, it is impossible for the stock market to find any support within the nearest 10-15%. What it means is that all the late bulls who are driven by greedy will be trapped and turn into fuel driving this dive down much more than just 10-15%. If you are long this market, taking profit up here and reduce exposure is a necessity to avoid serious damages.

Lately, the astrology communities all buzzing about this coming April being the most important month for this year and the coming years due to the high concentration of various astro setups in the sky all piling on within the month. What this means is that there are multiple longer term cycles that are entering their respective next cycle in April such that everyone will feel the changes in coming months as their impacts will be triggered at slightly different time this year.

Here is a good discussion on the subject.

Sam Harris had a conversation about meditation. I do not agree with everything Sam Harris said, in fact, he’s just another idiot who happened to learn meditative practices early in his life allowing him to ride on this new age craze. However, for majority of the people on Earth, his basic understand of meditation and the effort to promote meditation to more people can be a good thing.

Patrick Boyle jumped on board discussing the effect of Bank of Japan’s declaration of the end of negative interest rate. This topic is important because the negative rate era of Japan is the underlining reason why the major economies can keep printing more money. Although Japan’s interest rate is still near zero, the ability to print money at turbo speed is now dropped back down to normal speed. Would this be the catalyst of the coming financial crisis? Could be.

I took a break yesterday doing absolutely nothing and rested all day. Back to work today.

Have a great Easter weekend all!

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