My Experience with Palm Leaf Reading


As my new venture going from preparation stage to execution and production stage, I did what Chinese people usually do – go for a round of future reading hoping for good omen and a bright future for the venture. It was job not just for myself but also for my business partners. This time, however, out of the blue that I thought why not give Palm Leaf Reading a try since I have never done that.

Here is a short explanation about palm lead reading for those of you who don’t know what it is. Palm leaf reading is a form of astrology / psychic service that has to be done in India. There are more than 10 palm leaf libraries, each was passed down from different schools originated at least 2000 years ago. From these libraries, there are many pre-written manuscripts, each made specifically for one person, that, according to these libraries, who will come in the future to make the request for a reading. Once the specific bundle of palm leaves for that particular person is found, it will be presented to the person and be removed from the library forever.

Isn’t it interesting?

In order for someone to get a reading done, unlike regular astrology asking for your exact birth date and time, they ask for your thumb print. Based on the properties of your thumb print, they will search the library to locate some kind of index palm leaves. These index palm leaves contain the identifications of a number of people. The guru who can read from the ancient language written on the palm leaves will then read the identification out loud while a translator will translate that to English so that you can confirm whether the identification information is matching yours.

And here is the interesting part of the process. The identification information does not limit to your own personal information. For some people, it can include a current event that just happened to you. Like, you are in legal trouble. Or, you had a serious accident lately. It can also include specific information about your parents. For example, both of your parents are alive, or, your father’s name is XYZ. As you see, reading through all these identification facts takes time. In my case, during the first appointment, they could not find a match for me after going through two index bundles with probably identifications for some 50-60 people.

In my case, it is especially difficult because Chinese names can be pronounced in many ways. I see that it may lead to potential misunderstanding should I think a specific identification does not match based on, say, my mother’s name, but in fact it can be the right one. The nice lady who organize the reading, Vera, assures me that if there is a bundle for me, it will be found and I will not have any doubt that the bundle is in fact written for me. In the next session, eventually, we found one identification that matches all the personal information about me from my parents’ names to my own name and other intricate details.

Vera has done a good job to make sure the reader does not even know my name so that the search for my bundle is done “properly”. That is, without any hint of my personal information, the reader can only read what is written on the leaves and only when the right identification comes up, we would proceed to the presentation part.

For the actual presentation of the palm leaves about me, it is not as details as I hope for. To me it is quite general in nature. I guess it can be compared to reading a transit chart based on Western astrology to see what may happen to you every few years. I can say that with a good astrologer, no matter Western, Chinese or Indian school, will be able to provide similar guidance, if you are seeking for such information.

On the other hand, maybe the sage from the past who wrote my bundle knows I am just having fun with the process, he chose to not waste his time on me. It makes a lot of sense because I do not really have any doubt about my future and I do not worry about things I have no control of.

One good thing with palm leaf reading is that the reader does not need to “hold back” which happens in a lot of astrology reading sessions even with a very good astrologer. “Hold back” means that knowing something bad is going to happen to a client often made the astrologer hesitates to tell more details about that. For example, telling your client “a potential serious accident or illness is coming soon” can be very difficult to deal with. It is especially true when you also know the person’s personality quite well. Thus, many astrologers will skip that and focus on the happier things to avoid making the session awkward or difficult.

Since palm leaves are pre-written, the reader does not need to make judgement calls on what to read and what not to read. Hence one will get a more balanced information about the future. You can then choose to pay attention to the area you think matters most and act on that.

Overall I am happy with the experience. It is fun to go through the process. Vera has been very helpful throughout the process. I can recommend her service to anyone interested in getting their palm leaf reading done. This is her website,

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with her service and I do not profit from including the link here. I am just a satisfied customer.

And here is a nice short video about palm leaf reading made by Vera.

Since there are many libraries of palm leaf reading, one can keep going back to ask for another reading by letting the organizer know that which library was used in your past readings. I guess some people just want to know more about their own future to get some kind of assurance that everything will be fine.

And for those of you interested in knowing what is in store for my new venture – well, the palm leaf reading did call that I am going into a new venture and it will be a very successful one.

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