TLC Weekly Update July 10, 2022


A busy week ended with me no internet access all day Friday thanks to the now world famous 2022 Rogers Communications outage. I have no cell phone and internet access for the whole day. Many others are still suffering though as service is not restored everywhere yet. It is a Canada wide outage that also led to many government services not accessible and retail stores not able to accept any kind of electronic payments.

Don’t know what to say about the mess they caused. I am glad that I finally get some internet access as of Saturday even though it is not stable.

A story about the q-tips from CNN. I don’t understand why many people and especially the so-called doctors telling everyone it is dangerous to use q-tips to clean their ears. I suspect it is probably the earliest form of wokeness b.s. that we see everywhere now.

For some mysterious reasons I was caught in an unnecessary discussion with some left leaning people who think communism is the solution to all the “wrongs” they see everywhere. After the discussion this new clip on communism just came up from Jordan Peterson. This is one of those subjects that if in depth history study is a requirement in school, the dumb idea of idolizing communism would never happen.

Well, there is no need to be so serious over the weekend. Here is a nice video on how hateful white men are.

Have a great weekend all!

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