TLC Weekly Update April 2, 2021


Today Easter Friday is the last day before another round of lockdown imposed on people living in Ontario here. I still do not understand why the government continues to act the way it is without paying any attention to solve the most important issue, namely, increasing the capacity of critical care. Seriously, China already demonstrated what can be done to create temporary critical care units. The whole province is being held hostage to this is beyond my limited understanding of problem solving …

Anyhow, I guess this could be the final fatal blow to many small businesses here. By the end of the second quarter of 2021, the real impact will be felt by those who are not directly affected by these lockdowns. It will be extremely difficult for small businesses to navigate this new era of lockdown happy world.

I bumped into this interesting article about a legendary fabric that no one knows how to produce any more. This lost of a well known technology reminds me of the Antikythera mechanism. Even now, we are still not sure how ancient civilization was able to produce such fine astronomy tool. Here is a link to a discussion about the mechanism.

Since this is a holiday long weekend, it is a good time to enjoy something funny. Chess Grand Master Hikaru did a video of him playing against other players with 7 queens. Enjoy!

So much more work I like to get done this week but thanks to the re-lockdown, many planned projects cannot proceed again, like hardware upgrade and test drive new real-time trading tools. I guess it is best to stick with things I can do by myself over the coming few weeks.

Have a fantastic weekend all!

p.s. there are indeed quite a number of bunnies living in the park nearby …

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