TLC Weekly Update April 22, 2023


Another option expiration week ended in absolute stalemate between the bulls and bears. Funny enough, it looks like everyone from the hedge fund industry told me they are forced to buy in the hope of a melt up from here … I don’t know what to say.

Here is a video on the stock market talking about the bullish scenario. I don’t agree with Jason Shapiro point of view but then what do I know since I am just a day trader.

My personal take on the current trading /investing environment has not changed. It is simply not about the financial news or what central banks do at all. The future hangs on the geopolitical landscape going forward and any development on that front will decide what goes up and what goes down.

Patrick Boyle posted this interesting video about the “finfluencers”. The very last part kills it. Enjoy!

Many of you know my take on Cathie Wood’s ability in investing. Here is a short video of Hugh Hendry dissecting the so called insight from her. The video started with some trippy effects and if you do not like that skip to 2:30 to watch his actual analysis.

For those of you who just started hearing about ChatGPT, here an article talking about people who are smart enough to use it to make more money for a long time already.

Out of the blue, I have all these new technical issues to resolve. I am not sure if it is because of Mercury retrograde that starts on April 21 and ends by May 14. Anyhow I know this will eat up all my time.

Have a great weekend all!

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